It is a sad fact that most of today’s Spurs fans/supporters have never seen their team play in their true colours. I speak, of course, about the curse of advertising money that has seen our team along with the rest of the sporting world sell their heritage.

In my dreams of managing/owning Tottenham my very first step would be to remove all advertising from the playing strip.

I want every single player to be impressed with the fact that they are playing for Tottenham & it’s loyal supporters – not some beer, banking or finance company. YOU ARE PLAYING FOR TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR.

Maybe, just maybe the club & in particular the players have lost sight loyalty & pride. This is reflected in our players supposedly playing in Tottenham’s colours looking for all the world like some upper marketing sandwich board of logos. The money received for selling your soul is simply not worth it & that is what our management/accountants have done. Bring back the traditional ‘Lilleywhites’ & stick with it, not multicolour advertising logos  that change every season. I am convinced that the home ground Spurs roar would be truly reignited & inturn instil a greater sense within the players that they are playing for great club with a long history.

I have no idea how much THFC earns from the denigration of it’s playing strip nor of course whether the players care less & I guess that’s whole point. Do the players care less about not playing in Tottenham’s true colours  ( are they even aware of them ) or is now just a job with any club & any advertiser !!!

Bring back the Pride & the Passion when the players pull on the real Spurs strip & come onto the ground as a great team – Tottenham Hotspur F.C.