It seems pretty clear that we are fighting for 4th place with Liverpool and Everton.
United have somewhat predictably shot themselves in the foot. I say predictably because the United owners have completely failed to bring in decent players to replace the aging stars of the recent era. Players like Young, Nani, Anderson, Smalling, Rafael, Fabio, Evans, and Fellini are not good enough and poor old Moyes inherited a club in major decline and to compound it Moyes was working with a brand new Chief Executive. It would have made more sense for David Gill to stay for one more year to oversee the upheaval ! Ha Ha Ha… belly laugh ! Well, we have all been jealous of United’s success for so long, that they deserve it ! So that leaves Spurs, Liverpool and Everton fighting for fourth With 13 games left the opposition is critical. Especially the games involving teams at the top – Southampton upwards.
Spurs have arguably the best schedule with 5 games against decent opposition : 2 at the Lane against Arse & Southampton; 3 away at  Liverpool, Chelsea & Newcastle.
Liverpool have 6 hard games : 4 at home against Newcastle, City , Spurs & Chelsea; 2 away at United & Southampton.
Everton have 6 hard games : 3 at home against Man City, Arse & United;  3 away at Chelsea, Southampton  & Newcastle.
All of our last 6 games are against “lesser” opposition. Everton have 4 hard games in their last 6 and Liverpool have 3 hard games in their last 6. So what is the key ? Our next 7 games contain 5 hard fixtures starting on Wednesday (12/2) against Newcastle in geordieland ….. and then March will be the month that we need to stake our claim, with the Arse and Southampton at the Lane, Chelsea and Liverpool away.
Realistically Spurs have been terrible this season against the rest of the top 8 especially at the Lane picking up 5 points from a possible 18, and on our travels getting 7 from 15. The other factor is that teams in London are playing a derby every third week, with 6 teams from London in the top flight. This is a disadvantage for all of the London teams. We have 4 London derbies left, Fulham and Arse at the Lane and West Ham and Chelsea away. Liverpool have one “derby” game left against United ( an old hatred based on success) and Everton have none.
I fancy our chances but a lot of that is “Spurs Optimism” the one ingredient that is in the DNA of all Spurs supporters until the moment when we kick off, then it is all doom and gloom !  An awful lot will ride on our game at Anfield – traditionally a bad ground for us – Tim, that really is a cup final for us!