Although our midfield lacks quality at times, the two areas of the football pitch that really does need some attention this summer is the the defence and the attack. Little time has been spent on these two areas of the pitch in recent years. £26m last year spent on one striker, and £8.5m spent on one defender. Compare that to the £73.5m that was spent on five midfielders last summer, you will start to see where I am coming from.

Starting with the defence, we conceded 51 goals last season and made way to many errors at the back. We could have conceded many more if it weren’t for the fantastic saves from Hugo Lloris in the Tottenham goal. Some of our defence is ( I will put it this way) experienced. Younes Kaboul and Michael Dawson are both experienced players and have spent a long time in the top flight playing in defence. Is it time for them to step down and move on for Spurs? My answer to that is yes. For a side that is aiming for top four next season, we need to have more quality In the defence than Kaboul and Dawson! Kaboul’s contract runs out this summer, and Dawson has been linked with a few clubs already, we would have no trouble getting rid of them two.

In my view, Jan Vertonghen needs to get his brain in gear! He has not been at the races recently, especially towards the end of last season. Whether that was something to do with the knowledge that Tim Sherwood was very likely to get sacked at the end of the season, only the man himself will ever know. Hopefully Pochettino can change his attitude and he can become a fan favourite again.

For me the right back position is fine but maybe needs somebody to come through from the youth team to provide extra support to Walker as I do not think that Naughton is the right man for the job. As for the left back position, I do not think that Danny Rose is good enough. He makes way too many mistakes at the back. We need a new left back.

Now onto the attack. Roberto Soldado has been less than disappointing in his first season at White Hart Lane, only managing a meagre 6 goals in the Premier League last season. To make matters a lot worse, 4 if his six goals came from the spot, with only 2 from open play. Adebayor has been good since being bought back into the first team, bagging 11 goals. Whether he is the right man to take us forward for the next few years. Remember that he is 30 now.

Spurs have had problems finding a striker that scores a majority of their goals over the last few seasons. And last season was no exception. We scored 55 goals in the Premier League last season. 19 of those 55 goals came from the strikers. That meant that 36 goals last season came from the midfield of the defence. That subsequently means that Spurs need a new striker.

In conclusion to all of that, I think that the defence should be our priority in this transfer window. That is because the outcome of a match is mostly decided of the defence. What I mean by that is for example, if our team keeps a clean sheet, we will only need to score one goal to win the match. Another example of that is if we concede three goals, we will need to score four goals to win the match, and so on and so forth. Along with that and the mistakes in the defence and the 51 goals conceded last season, I think that the defence should be Tottenham’s priority over the coming summer transfer window.

But what do you think: Which Should Be Our Priority a This Summer, Defence Or Attack?