Well, I would like to start with Kyle Walker. I don’t think Kyle Walker is a massive problem for us he has all the good attributes of a modern day full back. He’s quick, strong, has a great shot every so often proved that against Arsenal and he is a also pretty decent in the air. My concern with Kyle Walker is the diagonal ball over the top, he always looks like he can not anticipate this for some reason and we have conceded a few goals because of this I do feel Walker is improving though as he used to be a striker until he was 17/ 18 and has only really been a right-back for 4 to 5 years. I would stick with Walker with Naughton on as cover is not a bad problem to have if Naughton is happy to be a squad player.


Now, I thought last year one of the big mistakes AVB made was sending BAE to QPR.  We all know that you will not get on with everybody at your work place and AVB didn’t realise this. He showed this at Chelski as we’ll with trying to get rid of Terry and Lampard but BAE in my opinion has been the most consistent lb I have seen at spurs and I have had a season ticket since 1998 and have seen some as Paolo Tramezzani, Mauricio Tarrico, Lee Young-yo the right footed LB which let’s face it never works out and the Brazillian with his socks down he’s ankles Gilberto I think BAE is a good left back he may not be the long term solution but for a year or two I don’t think we could go wrong he’s decent in the air great left foot ok makes the odd mistake but who doesn’t but he loves the club and the big matches we have one he was usually playing.

Danny Rose, I think this lad is a good tackler but I don’t think he has the concentration levels needed I would sell him as he a decent player for a Sunderland or hull but not Spurs I like how Danny tackles but doesn’t do much else good runner but very poor delivery and doesn’t look like he really wants to get back and defend in any hurry so I would use BAE for a season or two and purchase Swansea’s Ben Davis as to be honest he is in our price range and has potential and could learn of BAE and we can’t afford the £20mil needed to spend on a left back.


Lamela is the one for me to be honest and he will come good remember our guy bale didn’t win a game for 25 then he exploded helped us beat Arsenalol and Chelsea in 3 days and into the champions league then another great 3 years then by bye for £86 million I feel Lamela could be our new hero down the Lane he has had an unlucky first season with injury and form but think the POCH will use him correctly and get him into form. Lennon seems happy to pick up he’s wages as have a good game one in ten we know what Lennon can do but it’s becoming more and more rarer if we could get £10 million for him I would take it and use Andros as cover for the LM and RM as he is just a poor mans Robben and very predictable from what I saw last season but does show heart but I fear has been found out I hope he proves me wrong and I would give him a season to prove me that


Now we used a lot of players in this position last year Eriksen who in my eye is world class and POCH will him with he’s tracking and defensive duties but he should be in the middle and and we should build our team around him. we use Gylfi Sigurdsson who a decent squad player but looks to be going to the Swans then Chadli who has small glimpses maybe should be given another season But my choice would be Yevhen Konoplyanka I have seen him play about four times now and he looks dangerous terrorising whoever is in his path and I think would hook up well with BAE

So, the team I would like to see next year would be and get these flanks firing again like we did with Harry would be:-


Walker  Caulker Vertonghen BAE

Dembele   Sandro

Lamela   Eriksen     Konoplyanka