10 Transfer Targets for Spurs Next Season

Gareth Bale
Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Let’s face it, Spurs need to make some big purchases for next season. They’ve struggled in this season’s campaign and have also lost some key players. Will Mourinho get the money he wants for the right players? Will he even be in charge for all of next season? The answer to these questions remains to be seen.

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Spurs have been reluctant to spend too much money over the last few seasons, partly because of spending a lot on their impressive new stadium. However, it’s probably become time to spend big and the club has really only seen big players leave rather than join recently. Who do you think they might purchase? Let’s have a look at a few options Mourinho or any other manager might want for Spurs next season…

Dwight McNeill

McNeill has a lot of skills that Mourinho might quite like. He’s fast, strong and good at crossing. While not one of the biggest names in the league, he’s actually been one of the best this season while not getting as many plaudits as many others. He’s been a big part of Burnley’s good form this season. And he might also be available for a bit less than some of the other players on this list.

James Maddison

Spurs could do with some creativity in midfield. The only problem with Maddison, who has been one of the best players in the league this season, is that he might be too expensive. He might also want to move to a bigger club than Spurs.

Gareth Bale

People have been talking about Bale coming back to Spurs for some time now. One problem could be his wages, which are some of the highest in the world. But he isn’t really enjoying himself in Madrid, and might want to move back to the team where he made a name for himself.

Ashley Barnes

This might seem like an outside choice, but Barnes has been fantastic for Burnley when healthy and is the sort of player Mourinho might like. He was also linked with Chelsea not long ago.

Marouane Fellaini

Another outside choice, but also another Mourinho-type player. Could Fellaini move back to the EPL in the next transfer window?

Abdoulaye Doucoure

Doucoure has been a real physical presence for Watford this season. He’s recently been playing further forward to good effect for Watford under new boss Nigel Pearson, but he could be even better for Spurs as he is so versatile and is also very proficient in a deeper midfield role.

Chris Basham

Sheffield United have been one of the surprise teams in the league this season. And Basham has probably been one of their best players. He’s gone under the radar a bit, so this full-back might be cheaper than you might think.

Dean Henderson

With Lloris struggling for form and also struggling to stay in shape, Spurs might be looking for a new keeper. Henderson could be the man for the job.

John McGinn

John McGinn has probably been Aston Villa’s second best players this season, after Jack Grealish. Grealish might end up being too expensive for Spurs, but McGinn could still do a job for them. He might be looking for a move if Villa do get relegated this season, and Spurs could be the club for him.

Pascal Gross

Another player who might want to move if his side, Brighton, get relegated is Pascal Gross. He’s been pulling the strings in Brighton’s attack for a couple of seasons now, and most believe is Brighton’s best player. A move to Spurs could be appropriate.


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