Harry Clone?

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Who would you save first?

If you’ve never given the Fighting Cock podcast a listen then as long as you don’t mind a touch of sweary laddishness with your praise for Pochettino and your Lloris love-ins then I thoroughly recommend it.

In the latest episode they discuss a question – ‘Which of Levy, Pochettino or Kane is the most important to the club?’. There’s a case to be made for each of them and people will have different opinions but surely in the short term the answer would have to be Kane?

One man doesn’t make a team but…

I have two major fears for our season: tiredness (the team’s, not my own) and an injury to Harry. The former is a known issue and is hopefully being mitigated against with fitness monitoring, rotation and bringing youngsters through, the second one though…..

About once every couple of games games Harry gets a whack or goes down awkwardly and the sound that goes round the ground is the same every time, a collective “Oh ****” that emerges as a low rumble, like a collective White Hart Lane bowel loosening. It’s everyone’s fear, not just mine.

If Kane were to limp or be carried off, our season would go with him. This is why, in the short term, he’s the most important of the above trio. It’s absolutely crucial for us that he’s allowed to rest and stay fit for the league whilst the club, in a season where we feel like we can beat anyone, is still maximising the opportunities to progress in the cups. If he continues to play every game, especially given the busy summer he had, then even if he makes it through without serious injury, we’re still probably screwed as he’ll be completely knackered.

So what can be done?

Well, buy someone in the transfer window of course!

If only it was that easy.

What are the boxes that a prospective signing would need to tick?

  • A goal scorer
  • Experience of English football
  • Fit and ready to play
  • Happy to buy into the Poch work ethic
  • Happy to play in the cups (the early rounds anyway) but come off the bench in the league
  • Not be cup tied
  • Not be worried about how any of the above will affect their Euro 2016 chances
  • Be available at a good price and want to come

We’re not going to get anyone like that are we?

How much is that Saido in the window?

We were Kaneless against Monaco and N’Jie, Alli, Son and Lamela did exceedingly well of course scoring four goals and giving confidence that the side can manage without Harry occasionally; but now Alli is fast approaching the same needs-to-be-protected status that Kane currently holds whilst N’Jie is out for a few months and appears to have taken Son’s first touch with him.

We’ll buy someone surely? It’s illogical not to but whoever he is, he isn’t going to be exactly what we need ie a Harry Kane clone. Currently, he’s the only one of our own.

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  1. Kane certainly seems to be running on empty at the moment,especially as he had no summer break to speak of.Agreed if he should be injured we are struggling so a striker is essential in this window.I can't believe we're not connected to Charlie Austin.In my opinion he would tick just about every box you show and of course he would not be expensive.I think he would be a great foil for Harry.


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