Woolwich on a Saturday lunchtime

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Schaden Steffen Freunde

There’s not been much good news come out of N5 in the last ten days or so –

Bewitched by Barcelona, rubbished by Rashford and then sucker punched by Swansea.

And Shane Long may it continue of course.

AVB’s downward spiral?

Add to this comedy set of results a definite injury to the ‘Ox’ (has a footballer ever been given a more inapt nickname?), apparent ones to Koscielny and Cech, public abuse of his players by Whinger, public abuse of his colleagues by Sanchez, public abuse of the whole, creepy, false, plastic, slimy corporate organisation by just about everyone with an opinion, including their own ‘fans’, and this looks the perfect time for a White Hart Lane, North London Derby.

Complacency as well Cech ruled out

Despite the shambles they’re apparently in, they are only three points behind us and in Sanchez and Walcott (pace), Ozil (shinning stuff), Giroud and even Mertesacker (from corners and hoofs and the like) have people who can hurt us. It wouldn’t be a total surprise if they played Coquelin and Flamini (or Elneny) and came at us hard early doors, trying to get something they could cling on to, and then sat back ready to use Sanchez and Walcott’s speed on the break. The losses of Koscielny and Cech, if neither plays, are big blows however we’ll need to get back to our best to get a good result. We’ll have to earn it.

Bloody but unbowed

As for us, West Ham was a disappointing result but we’ll have to pick ourselves off and dust ourselves down and just get on with it. The full backs will be rotated again, Chadli will probably go back on the bench probably for Alli. Son may come back in for Lamela though personally I think it’d be wiser to keep the latter in for the early stages at least. Dembélé is the big one. A fully fit Belgian dumper truck in the middle alongside Dier would make everyone feel better about the world. Dembélé missed Newcastle, Leicester at home and Upton Park and you don’t have to think about it long to get the common thread between those games.

It’s an ill wind…

I didn’t see Wednesday’s game but it sounded like, for the first and hopefully only time this season, we were outplayed and got what we deserved. We appear to have been tactically out thought as well. The damage, thanks to results elsewhere, wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it could’ve been. The wins for the Hamsters and Man United mean that only us and Leicester are actually still looking at what’s going on at the top, the Goons and Citeh can suddenly hear the sound of thundering hooves behind them. This is probably all temporary mind, there are still thirty points to play for. Ten games. Many of us will need to find a TV near an A&E for the last few I suspect but isn’t it fun? It’s great.

Come on – let’s do the f*ckers!

White Hart Lane will be rocking tomorrow, it could be one of the great ones.

Michael Oliver is the referee.



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