A bit too safe than sorry

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I’ve been backing the team and AVB since day one of this season hoping for strong, competitive performances. They’ve failed me for most of these 12 game weeks and I am more than just disappointed.

For starters, I was quite satisfied by the team put in on Sunday but everything just went so wrong that it didn’t even matter anymore. The fact that we conceded 14 seconds into the game is no excuse for making more mistakes. In fact, after the first goal I expected us to take the lead because we had players on the pitch capable of doing that but just didn’t turn up!

Throughout this season, I have noticed we have been playing it safe and not taking risks. This isn’t helping us. If you looked at City, they were all over the pitch, something we used to ace for the last couple of years. Now, the tactical play is slowing down our counters, no free movement for players and that limits their capabilities.

Another thing to point out is that we have lost our fighting spirit. Whenever we have conceded this season, we’ve slowed down the game, kept possession and waited for the final whistle. The fact that we haven’t been able to find the back of the net clearly indicates why we’ve been doing that. We don’t have Bale any more who can convert the brilliant last minute winners. Instead, we have at least 8 players on the pitch who can find the back of the net if they are at their top form. We need to fight back!

I’d say we change back to our previous style of a free play. Even if we concede, we could get back into the game that way. It only means for the better.

The fans expectations have gone up over the last 5 years. If someone told me 5 years ago that within the next 5 we could be competing for the title, I wouldn’t believe them. This is happening people! Let it happen slow. Give it time and it will happen.


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