Less than convincing 2-0 victory


That was how I ended my last article and so it turned out to be.

But the most important thing was that it was a victory and an acceptable one with all the “fringe” players getting a good run out. I do love using that word to refer to the likes of Kaboul, Chiriches, Sandro, Holtby, Lamela, Chadli and Defoe. These are hardly “fringe” players, At virtually any other Premiership club they would be regular starters – yet they are now desperately trying to force their way into the main weekend starting line up. Did they do enough last night? Regrettably, not really.

Dembele, one of only two outfield players to retain his place from Saturday, ran the show and is at last beginning to show the form that he had at Fulham and persuaded us to buy him in the first place. He was able to hold the ball up well and was always available in support of other players. I have for weeks been campaigning for Dembele to be dropped from the weekend line up and replaced by Sandro – on yesterday´s performances I might be wrong. Sandro, unusually, was caught in possession and had too many wayward passes. Against stronger opposition he may have been punished.

Then there was Lewis Holtby, here, there and everywhere as usual. He had a major role in both goals, teeing up Defoe superbly and then laying the ball through to Walker for his low cross met by Chadli. If Dembele was the heartbeat of the team, Holtby was its brain. The problem is how to fit them – and the likes of Eriksen and Siggy – into the starting line up on a regular basis.

With Lamela failing to produce anything like the form he should be capable of – he has shown glimpses of skill but nothing more – he is not ready for the Premiership just yet. Can we afford to drop Townsend who hasn´t really done anything wrong – apart from trying to score every time he gets within 30 yards of goal, although he did actually temper that trait last weekend.

Of the others, perhaps only Chiriches is showing us what he is capable of and with Kaboul still struggling to shrug off his injury problems he may well be in line for a Premiership start alongside Vertonghen very soon.

Taking the team that started against Chelski, who could/should be dropped and who could/should replace them against WetSpam?

Chiriches in for Dawson? Rose (if fit) in for Naughton? Holtby in for Townsend? Defoe in for Soldado?

The first two are definites – if Rose is fit. Eventually Holtby will take his place but this weekend? At least Defoe is scoring goals but will he get the nod over Soldado? I don´t think so.

We all know what WetSpam will present us with this Sunday. They will run around a lot, give 100% and try to play good football. I would be very surprised if they parked the coach but they may have no option as our high pressing game will force them back.

My prediction for this week. A hard fought but entertaining encounter, nailbiting almost to the end as we cling onto a 1-0 lead only to score two late goals and secure a famous 3-0 win.

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  1. I hope you're right about the wet spam result, I will be up there for my first lge game this year so a 3-0 win would be very nice indeed! :)

    I would assum we will go with the below:



    Just re-reading that,.. and what a bench!!!!!!!

    Perhaps it could be argues that Townsend should make way, but,.. AVB is dead right to make someone force him out of the team! – So far, he has been ok to good,. and he is learning and improving as he goes, so give the kid a chance to see if he can keep improving,.

    If its not going his way, its fair to say we have a fair few other options for the wing these days! – Lennon and Capoue to come back too. Absolutely mental. C.O.Y.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Can’t read too much into that game with the state of that pitch. We travelled a great distance and got the job done professionally and without fuss. Move on.

  3. I'm afraid I'll have to disagree. Spurs were completely untroubled throughout the entire match. It may not have been a rout, but it was a very comfortable, very convincing vitctory.

    The defence was solid, all the midfielders did their jobs well and Defoe did what Defoe always does. However, the idea that Chirches is ready to replace Dawson or that Holtby should be played ahead of Eriksen is just wrong. Defoe in for Soldado is more of a judgement call, but even though Defoe is on form I'd say Soldado deserves to keep getting chances – his quality is undoubtable and he just needs to find the net a few times.

  4. Well put blog. Out of our magnificent 7 Players we bought only a few have shown there You Tube form Paulinho Erickson and Chiriches but he has not played in the hectic Premiership. The lad Lamela seems look the part when he recives the ball but when a player approaches him he panics and loses the ball is passing is very good to wasteful but its is dribbling that is a worry its slow and void of confidants. I can see he has the ingrediants to be a top player but he needs a bit of a pep talk from Ozzy the lad Coutino took a bit of time and now he is exciting Liverpool fans ever game but he cost 8 m Lamela has a big price tag that says he should be exciting us from the off time will tell if Ozzy right. The lad Chadli is 6ft2 a big unit who can help at corners but we bought him to run the channels and provide the ammunition for Saldado a predator with no ball he has also shown glimpses of is talent needs to show more. Our Biggest star is Erickson who has hit the ground running but the form of Holtby means latly AVB is knocking is confidants a bit by subbing him at a time when good players score goals or make them. The main one who excites me is Townsend a raw talent who i believes if he bulked up like Bale did-23-24 he will be a more powerful sensationbut still excites me. I want Lennon Back with Townsend on the Left swapping like him and Bale did Holtby and Erickson in the team. Lloris Walker Daws Vert Townsend Lennon Paulinho Erickson Dembele Holtby Defoe (Soldado)

  5. Like yourself I am a Spurs Fan for many years. Indeed I am a Season Ticket Holder so get to watch them regularly both home and away.

    Being such a fanatic as I am, I will read just about anything related to Spurs, even if it were simply a kids sticker collection!!

    I cannot help but get frustrated though when I read unnecessary negative material about Spurs (If it came from none Spurs Fan, OK, I get it, we are rarely going to compliment each other … But a Spurs Fan????).

    Unless you are truly among the best teams in the World (eg. Barcelona; Bayern or Real etc) you simply are not going to travel 1000's of miles and play beautiful football all the time. So not wishing to be rude .. But get used to it, and find something more meaningful to write about our beloved club!!

    What's more .. It was still a win!! 3 more points towards a possible trophy at the end of the season, and a clear sheet. And some players who have not featured regularly so far this season, got a good competitive run out. ALL POSITIVES, and no need for the some what negative take in your article.


  6. We didnt need to try dickhead…thet were shit…..Obviously….like trying to fuck a fat bird …u dont really care about it too much.. Capiche??

  7. Haven't seen the action yet, but I have recorded it…. Defoe often does well against the Hammers, so tactically it could be argued…. But NO. Soldado all day…. Look. We are the 8th worst scorers as a team in the EPL. But we are joint 2nd in the league. Not scoring many is only a problem if you are not earning points. Ultimately Townsend will lose out to Lamela, Lennon or Holtby at some point. For all what he brings, there still isn't much at the end. But for now, stick with him until we slow down… Chirches will take a lot longer to be worth a start in EPL. Cup games only for now…

  8. …lets say Soldado scores a header vs West Ham…. That would be 3 goals in 7 games. Not a bad record by anyone's standards – and a goal from open play.


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