Alli not fazed by constant criticism


Dele Alli insists he numb to the public criticism he gets on a daily basis and says his role at Tottenham is changing as opponents become “more concerned” with him.

Alli’s hasn’t netted as many this season as the two previous campaigns, he’s scored six times, though he has made more assists (nine) than he did in the entire 2016/17 campaign (seven).

He explained to Sky Sports that when analysing his performances, he is seeing positives, and says he has developed a thick skin in the game.

“There are a lot of opinions, people say a lot in the media and online, but I’m numb to it now,”:said Alli. “Growing up, you have to fight every day, coming into the Premier League you have to fight for your place in the team, and same as an international.

He added: “Every player is different [in dealing with criticism], I think it’s all about your focus, what your focus is. Some people might focus a lot on what people are saying about them, which can take the focus away from the football. It can impact you.But for me, I’ve never worried too much about what people think. If you have confidence in yourself, you know yourself, better than anyone, when you have that, what other people say, automatically you are numb to it.”

Alli also says opponents are becoming tougher with him, but he sees the positive side of the increased focus.

“I don’t think I’ve changed. The game is always changing, every game is unpredictable,”:said Alli. “The way people deal with me in games is different; there are a lot more tackles. I found myself in a lot of space last year, and now when I get in the box I feel people are a lot more concerned about me, and marking me.

The 21 year-old adds: “It’s a good thing, but when I run off the ball now, running in behind, whereas last year they may not have followed me as much they follow me a lot more now.I think it’s good, it gives other players the space. We have a great team, so to make space for other players is a good thing.”

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