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Dom Le Roy

Another trashing from the possibly the strongest side this season. But it was all to blame on us. We put fairly a very weak and safe side and Tim clearly went for a draw last night. With most of our first team players returning from injury, we could’ve and should’ve taken the risk in playing atleast one or two of them as it would impact alot. We started off giving them too much room, let them gain possession and come at us and whenever we had the ball, we were too sloppy to gain anything from it. Did we deserve something? NO! Because tactically we were far off from City and only a handful of players performed well.

Firstly, Tim needs to lose his pride and think about the team. Bentaleb is a really good player, but we have better and more experienced players in our squad. What still bothers me is that Eriksen wasn’t having a great game but his set pieces were creating chances all the time. Yet, he subbed him out and brought in Holtby and it should’ve been the other way around.

Another thing, yesterday was possibly the first time Tim played in a tactical approach and he failed at it. I think we should’ve put more pressure on them and if we did, it could’ve resulted with them making mistakes.

To sum it up, too much room, too much space and too easy on them which resulted in too many goals.

That being said, I just want to ask a simple, yet complicated question. Are we ready? Are we honestly ready to be a Top 4 team? Are we Champions League quality?

The answer is clearly no. Well at least for now. We have conceded 21 goals against teams who are competing for the top 4 positions and scored only six! Even removing the trashing we received from Manchester City, its 10 to 5, which for me is quite terrible. We conceded five against Liverpool, who are fighting for the same spot as us!

As of now, we don’t have the winning mentality of a top four side. All our managers have either little or no knowledge about being in the Champions League regularly. That’s not good enough because we will never be consistent. We need a long term manager, well experienced in this and who is willing to play our style.  Louis Van Gaal is the perfect fit for this and if Levy let’s go of this opportunity, it’s a guaranteed regret. Tim is good, not good enough.

Also, comparing the City side from when they invested the gazillions into their team. They made sure their main players stayed although it took them almost 2-3 years to start staying at the top four position. We need to do that too! We can’t let go of key players like Lloris and Jan, who for me are two of our best buys over the last few years. Even the other players, who may not be regular starters but we have a great squad of 20 players. Losing anyone of them right now could be decisive.

The only positions we need to concentrate on now is a striker. A top class striker will make the difference for us because we lack the killer factor which all the other top teams have at the moment. We should be spending on quality this time over quantity!

I do believe we need the change by the end of the season, even if we manage to gain a top four position because I don’t want this happening every year to a side which is capable yet underachieving!

Let’s hope for the best. To dare is to do! COME ON YOU SPURS!

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  1. A back up Goal keeper required!. If Lloris is injured Brad Friedel might be exposed as no longer good enough at 42.5 years and to big a gamble to take!

  2. The ONLY position we need to concentrate is a striker? How about a whole new back four! Dawson needs to hang his boots up an the sooner he does the better. He is far too slow for the premier league an this season he has been a complete shambles. We desperately need to replace our fullbacks aswell. Rose is no good full stop an walker is just as bad IMO. We need a right back to give walker a kick up the back side!! Every games he has that smug look as if he is the bee nees. Hes way to over rated if you ask me. He should be running bin the Olympics not playing football. That’s why we concede too many goals. For lloris to make some quality saves an still manage to let in 5 goals you have to start questioning our defence. I have not seen it this bad for a very long time and I’m preying for Tim to drop Dawson when vertonghen gets back to full fitness.

  3. we wasted about £70m of the £107m we spent.
    How we blew £30m on a 'potentially' good player is beyond me.
    Erikssen and Paulinho are good. The rest, absolute waste.
    Soldado has to be the worst signing in recent memory. 1 goal in half a season is a joke. we wouldn't get £10m for him right now.

    • Chiriches is excellent also – almost Vertonghen quality. And I'm sure Lamela will make us proud in the future, if we don't drive him out with all the bitching! Capoue was bought as cover for Sandro and seems capable of doing the job. Chadli hasn't impressed so far and I agree that Soldado has to be considered a serious flop, based on what we've seen so far. He's great at penalties, which is nice, but what at first looked like clinical finishing ability seems to have deserted him and he is looking far too much like Defoe right now, and worse than HR's missus! How much of this is due to pressure and people getting on his back I don't know, but somewhere down the line he's going to have to produce the goods for us – perhaps the EL will be his salvation.

  4. Bentelab should never have started, Tim was very naive to start the boy in a game like that.
    Our squad needs a shuffle around, we need to sacrifice Sig maybe Holtby and buy a top class left sided midfielder.
    Dawson is a great guy but a loan for Lescott would help us and is a cheap option, even buy him, he’s got experience and would fit nicely with Vertognen.
    We obviously need a striker, think we will have to wipe our nose and take the hit on Soldado, some players just don’t work out in the PL.
    His stock is still high in Europe so let’s barter another striker and use him to gain another.

    Would love Coentroa from Madrid at left back but Timothy seems hellbent on our youth development which is no bad thing, but Rose needs someone to push him on.

    We struggle without Verts Paulhinio and Sandro, with them back things will be different, we just need a few more attacking quality players, no major overhaul.

    Btw thought Ade run his socks off last night.

  5. What I can't understand is how every one of our managers fail to coach the basics of defending to players. It was embarrassing to see Walker go sliding on his back as Dzeko side-stepped his sliding lunge. Walker had just sprinted back yet again, having found himself out of position. Good full-backs, rarely have to sprint at full speed. Walker was not the only player guilty of ball watching, and being drawn to the ball like bees to honey, allowing one pass to beat three players. Sherwood emphasises that football is simply a case of passing the ball to team mates. Obviously Man City can do that, so defending has to be addressed

  6. Why do you think we are conceding so many goals ??? Easy our back line is crap. To slow and too inexperienced. Danny Rose is a winger/midfielder at best. Dawson is too slow every goal that has got passed him is due to him being half a yard or more behind. Walker is pretty good but switches off. Need a proper left back and a proper left back debutant.

  7. Spurs didn’t press from the front and midfield and their passing, especially in the first 30 minutes, was awful. They just couldn’t get hold of the ball and when they did they quickly lost it due to sloppy passing. They need to copy Southampton. They press and pass well. They don’t get thrashed either.

    I can see Spurs making a bid for the Southampton manager in the Summer. It must be good Charlie for Sherwood.


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