Audere est Facere

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Never has a club Moto been more apt. To Dare is to Do.

As a club we have always been firsts. We dared to be unique or revolutionary. Success is relative and personal. Who am I kidding I love winning. We all want trophies. But just give heade to other passion arousing instigators. Being the first and breaking new grounds is inspiring and told for years to come.

Ask Sir Alex Ferguson who he says were the greatest team ever…….the 61′ Spurs. They set new grounds, broke all rules, overcame prejudice or myths of “not a chance”. They went where no team had gone before. To this day the legacy stands. And to be the first means… are always the first.

Records are there to be broken. Trophies are there to accumulate. But the first is always the first. It’s the benchmark the right to say “We are special. We are Daring”…….

How did the motto creator know that we were to be such a club?

The first and only amateur FA cup winners, the first European trophy winners, the first World cup winning imports..inventors of the modern game (push and run)…the inspiration behind the famous Hungarians of Puskas and co….the first in North London…and on and on…

So let’s put that into today’s money, and the future. What new firsts will we create? Well for me it’s not a first as described above….but a first that as a club we will enjoy….sustained success. Oh and I see a future Spurs 11 all Academy graduates…now that would be quite a first!

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