AVB leaps to the defence of Tottenham defender


Andre Villas-Boas has leapt to the defence of Jan Vertonghen after Jose Mourinho blasted the Tottenham defender over the Fernando Torres clash.

The Spanish striker was giving a second yellow by referee Mike Dean last weekend during the 1-1 draw at White Hart Lane. After the match the Chelsea boss launched a scathing attack on Vertonghen (which you can watch below).

AVB, like any good manager has defended his player and has praised both his performances and values as a person. There’s no doubt that Vertonghen is one of the best defenders we have seen in a Tottenham shirt in many a year.

AVB told Sky: “Well I think the incident is pretty clear and people must draw their own conclusions from what they saw.

“What we have with Jan, he is only in his second year and he has become the captain of Spurs as well. He is one of our captains elected by myself and by the club because he has been that type of leader and that type of person for his last years with the national team and with Ajax. So he is a person that we hold high in the team.

“I’m extremely happy that most of the media saw the incident, knows about Jan’s values and have decided to draw positive conclusions about him and about his character.

“So that’s the end of the matter for us. We believe in the player a lot and we believe he is more than a great player and a great person.”

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  1. Torres – is that Spanish for I'm a little girl? And that Chelsea manger – what a di*k – no wonder that he was "not loved" at Madrid – the bloke is just getting more weird.


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