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AVB attacks Spurs fans’ , ‘Villas-Boas turns on Tottenham fans’ and ‘AVB faces a backlash from Spurs fans’  were just a few of the headlines littering the sports news feeds in the aftermath of our win against a very resolute Hull team. I wonder if the Hull City coach driver got a bonus for being able to manoeuvre the team bus onto the pitch.

Now I would like to think that we Spurs fans are vastly more intelligent than the average Gooner and can see through the tabloid campaign of causing unrest at the Lane because negativity sells papers.  Ian Holloway has gone already and Moyes was given annual leave this week after beating Stoke so it’s no surprise to me they’ve latched onto this non story. AVB has just asked for a bit more patience from the home fans when trying to break down teams who have settled for a point from the first minute and he’s perfectly justified in doing so.

Now if we analyse the Spurs team at the moment, AVB has laid the foundations that every team needs to achieve success in the most competitive league in the world. We now keep clean sheets and we now win games away from home consistently which is a new concept to us.  It’s easy to forget that we played our best football this season in the first 50 minutes of the Chelsea game and that was at the Lane so I don’t think we have a major problem just a little fine tuning here and there.  Our problem is creating chances against teams who are happy to sit in front of their 18 yard box and hit on the counter every now and then.

A few suggestions that may help us to counter this problem:

Change in formation:

Teams coming to the lane know we will play 4-2-3-1 so they can plan the whole week to play against this and how to deny us space so maybe AVB chould throw them a curved ball and play  4-4-2 with Soldado and Defoe upfront from the start. If they are happy to let us have the ball then being outnumbered in the middle shouldn’t be a problem and if this does become a problem then Defoe can occupy their deepest holding midfielder when we haven’t got the ball.


Regardless of formation, our build up for me in the last third is too slow, we really need to speed it up and play the ball into our forwards quicker. Soldado has shown he can link play with his assists on the edge of the box but he as with most strikers are no real use to anyone without service. Playing the ball side to side is safe and keeps possession but doesn’t hurt the opposition in fact it helps them get set again in their already rigid formation.


When playing against lower opposition I do feel Dembele must play at the expense of Sandro because we do need players who are comfortable on the ball and can drive the game from midfield especially when space in the midfield is tight. Vertonghen, Chiriches and Kaboul are all happy to bring the ball out and go into midfield which forces the opposition to step out so I would start any of those three at Centre back to push our midfield higher up the pitch. Kyle Walker could also do with taking a page out of Danny Rose’s book and being positive in the last third because he tends to get into promising positions and then always play the ball backwards which is very frustrating especially when he has options in front of him.

We’re 4th in the table, 3 points of the top with lots of reasons for optimism so let’s start by out singing the Hull fans on Wednesday night. COYS!!

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  1. This time last season AVB was a fake – we finished with record points for the club in the EPL and record points for a team not finishing in the top 4.
    This season we have our best ever start to an EPL season and we get this!

    Spurs fans who say they pay their money and are entitled to voice their opinion are correct. The problem is that their opinions seem to be based on shallow concepts, voiced too quickly and could well have a detrimental affect on the team (and, surely, the opposite of what the complainers intend) – at which point, surely, those fans who don't want negative opinions being unreasonable, and far too rapidly, aimed at the team, have a right to voice their opinions, too…don't they?

    My opinion is, this is an essentially new team, stripped of another star performer, and yet we have a record points total for this stage in the season. Yes, some of the football is rather turgid. But firstly, are any of the moaners the same moaners who were moaning last season – moaning about the slow start, moaning about the inclusion of Lloris, moaning about where AVB was playing Bale? Learn a lesson, much! Secondly, is it another case of seeing the past through rose-tinted glasses? Because I can absolutely assure everyone that under 'exciting' Redknapp. we faced the same 'park-the-bus' tactics from the same type of teams, and even with established performers (i.e. not an essentially new squad), like Modric, VDV and Bale, we still turned in plenty of turgid performances – just as often lost/drawn as won. Yeah, I remember that – so, frankly, if, at this stage, we are 'only' winning these games and keeping clean-sheets, I can just about live with that. And I say that as someone who can remember seeing Liverpool and then United grind out title winning seasons on the back of a host of games like that one against Hull on Sunday!

    • S_P totally agree mate!! Winning games when you're not at your best and grinding out results is what the best teams in the land do. We either want to be put in that bracket or we can be mid table team who wins one week then loses the next!!

  2. … Seriously Man U fans are cheering for their team even in the worst of times… Meanwhile we're dull for winning games?… Not fashionably and many times it was undeserved but a win is still a win…

    The excuse of bad performance is not a good excuse for the negative atmosphere. Its like having a kid trying to get a good grade at school. The kid's trying his best, but he consistently gets a bad grade. You have a choice as a parent, you can take the high road and still cheer on for your child and love him for trying his best, or you can take the jerk road of scolding the kid of being too stupid. It could very well be that the teacher's a bad teacher, but in the end, you shouldn't say your kid's dumb as long as he's showing that he's willing to put the effort to get better.

    The negative atmosphere has to go. It doesn't help manager/players/club/ but more importantly this is detrimental to the fans because we'll end up with a demoralized group of players with no fans to support them…

    Only way for the negative atmosphere to be allowed is if the players are being really lazy in the game and not trying their best and I'd doubt that any spurs fan would say they were.

    … On top of all this, its only 9 games into the season… Arsenal had 15 points by this time last year and we know how that turned out…

  3. could not agree more. 3 seasons ago we were the loudest supporters home and away now there’s no support at quiet hart lane. our away supporters give there best and sing all through the away games but when its at home there’s no support at all. if you all stop moaning and get behind the team from the start. and i mean the whole stadium, not just the shelf and park lane singing to each other. our moto is (to dare is to do) so why don’t you all get behind the team and make WHL loud again. like it was when we were in cl ffs stop bitching and get behind the team. also leave lamela alone he will come good modric didn’t start playing good for 6 months while adapting so give the lad a chance. well we will see how you lot act come wednesday v hull in the cup will you sing your hearts out or will you prove AVB right COYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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