AVB – (Lloris) right or wrong


Firstly, let me say on behalf of everyone how pleased we all are that Hugo Lloris is ok.

As many of you know, i criticise AVB quite a bit when i think criticism is due, but you will also know that I will stand up for him if I think he is right.

As for the ‘incident’ with Hugo Lloris on Sunday, I think the media are being very unfair on AVB. He was put in a very difficult position at a very difficult moment in the match and a decision had to be made. And for the FIFA’s so called top medical officer having a go at him is the icing on the cake from a group of ‘out of date’ people.

It is obvious that Lloris wanted to continue, and i am absolutely sure that had our medical team been 100% certain that he could’nt, they would have told AVB and he would have made the substitution. I know Brad was ready to come on, and although initially Lloris looked a little groggy, it was no more than other players look when they clash heads.

I could comment on AVB’s team selection, but I wont at this time as the main reason for this article is the Lloris affair. As I said, thankfully Hugo seems ok, and will be back in the squad for the Newcastle game next Sunday. There is no-way he will be playing on Thursday night against FC Sheriff.

In this Lloris case, AVB has my full backing, I believe what he did was right.


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  1. Situations as arose with Loris should er on the side of caution .

    AVB and the( Everton booing Loris?fans )did not see the contact on replay tv.

    People react differently to contact but the guidelines regarding concussion should be made clear for all those in sport, the media shooting match aimed at AVB is wrong and ad we all know intended to undermine and add pressure, bear in mind Avb made a media point ‘re moyes at man u. Has not received the media frenzy regarding results so the media dont like criticism,,,,,, two faced journalism is nothing to be proud of

  2. I think there has been a MAJOR overreaction as far the incident on Sunday is concerned. And too be honest, I think that is partly because our medical team were so thorough in doing their checks, and partly because the player (not AVB) VISIBLY appeared to overrule the doctors.

    I know AVB has the final say on subs, but his decision to leave Lloris on the field of play was AFTER the Frenchman felt OK to continue. Lets be honest here, Hugo is NOT a young kid making his debut, who as a result, may be desperate to stay on the field and finish the match. We are talking about a a seasoned International- a fully grown man, who has played HUNDREDS of games, and who SHOULD be capable of making a sporting choice, regarding his health, without the illusion, that is emotion.

    Another reason this has been blown out of all proportion is because it was the GK that got injured, and without making the substitution, the match had to come to a stand still, therefore highlighting the incident more!

    I mean were the PFA piping up when Andros Townsend return to the pitch against Hull after spending 10mins receiving treatment for a wrist injury AND mild-concussion? Or were FIFA getting involved when Lukaku was 'knocked out' moments after scoring a recent goal against West Ham, leaving the field of play, only to come back on moment later?
    What about when John Terry got kicked in his face, inside the penalty box at Wembley and was left motionless in a crumpled heap. Did anyone batter an eyelash when he continued with the match?

    Well if they did, I certainly DON'T remember…

    The thing about bandwagons though, is that there all too EASY to get on!

    ps. What a Goalkeeper we have. Out of all the signings we have made in the last 2/3 windows, NONE have been BETTER than Lloris. Truly World-Class.

  3. AVB should have shown some authority and taken him off. The fact that he stayed on shows he has no control over that group. If your a boss you can't be one of the boys as well

    Poor management AVB. A truly weak leader. We need someone who has played the game and not overawed by international star players. I can't but help look at AVB and think imposter a bit like a con man that found his way into an inner circle he shouldn't be in.

    Let's get a proper manager this bloke is a nervous wreck always touching his face and moving his shoulder when he speaks is a body language fact of someone with no confidence. Fergie.Mourinho etc never act like nervous wrecks and what they say goes not what the players say

    As each week passes AVB is doing more damage

  4. AVB has no authority over that team. For a player to say no I'm staying on says it all. We need a manager who has played the game and not overawed by star international players.

    He's a nervous man always touching his face and walking up and down and it's a body language fact that you move your shoulder when you have no confidence in what your saying and he does it in every interview. Fergie and Mourinho wouldn't put up with that from players.

    He will be gone by the end of the year no doubt about it. Let's get our club back to the original passing team that is Tottenham. We have too many middle class supporters with season tickets that probably can't even kick a ball. A bit like the manager

  5. AVB has no authority over that team. For a player to say no I'm staying on says it all. We need a manager who has played the game and not overawed by star international players.


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