AVB praises Tottenham fans – 1882 Movement take a bow


Andre Villas-Boas saluted Tottenham’s fans after they cheered their team on to a nail-biting penalty shoot-out win over Hull in the Capital One Cup.

There is no doubt that the fact that the 1882 Movement’s presence in Block J of the East Stand greatly improved the atmosphere at the Lane last night and is a presence which needs to be at every home game.

“It was a great, entertaining game and the supporters were absolutely fantastic,” AVB told the press after the game.

“To see their response after we suffered a setback was very pleasant, they can make that difference for us. It was a great atmosphere and it was great for the team to feel that empathy with the supporters.”


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  1. patronising git, if we had a real manager, we would be seeing great football from the team, and deserved support from fans, this man is not a football manager, hes a jose wannabe, without the skills, chelsea saw through this con man, when will my fellow spurs fans, backing this fraud.

    • your the fucking git. fucking idiots like you are what we don't need in our fledgling life as a top team. so shut the fuck up are support the team! that's our job! so let the player and manager do theirs

  2. The singing section is amusing, but their contributions are often incongruous sometimes even a little distracting. We want a passionate, intense atmosphere, responding to the action on the pitch, not jokes about taking your shoes off. The lack of atmosphere isn't all our team's fault – I am beginning to think the Premier League could be trimmed by about four teams to avoid the boredom of watching Championship standard footballers standing in their own penalty area for 90 minutes (or being taken easily for four or five goals by *rs*n*l and Liverpool). What's the point of Hull and Palace in the 'Premier' League? However, it should be clear that AVB is aiming for match control and we ought to give him time to get the new players settled and clicking more effectively. The first half performance against Chelsea gave us a glimpse of what can happen when it works. The West Ham debacle showed us what can happen when it goes horribly wrong. Newish manager, new team, new stadium on the way – we're a 'project' in development. It's not thrilling at the moment but give it some time.

  3. Who truthfully thought we were playing fantastic football against hull last night, in the first half we had one shot at goal, and that was a great goal, but that was it, gradually got a little better 2nd half, and then extra time, bloodey hell guys we were playing grafters hull city, we should not have needed extra time, we should have been 5-0 up, they like west ham, are grafters working like mad , parking the bus, and then catching teams on the break, we let hull score 2 goals, so the defensive record isnt that great is it, 3 against west ham , and now 2 against hull, avb was being criticised by fans on sunday, not the players as he said, he was being heckled by the fans, and knew if he did not deflect the fans wrath, he might be looking at headlines like spurs fans boo avb, and then they would get bolder with their stories, unrest in spurs camp, avb feeling the pressure etc etc, you know how it goes, and then our chairman will have to react, which i really hope he does and soon, avb is a fraud, he cant organise players into a functioning well drilled team, he has no rappore with players, and fails to inspire the players into their best football, he has no charisma, is boring like his football tactics, he is a jose wannabe, he is not a manager, there are managers out there in the lower leagues, who know more about football, than this fraud, he is being paid a fortune by us, and it has to stop, chelsea saw through him, and we will too eventually, but it may just be too late for top 4 regretfully.

    • you complete tit. 'AVB feeling the pressure' ya the would have been the headline alright…. NOT!! The headlines would be 'Unrealistic retard spurs fans need to look at the bigger picture' best start to a premier league season ever!!!!! GET BEHIND THE TEAM AND STOP MOANING! YOU FUCKING SHIT FOR BRAINS.

  4. as a life long spurs fan born and bred what is wrong with people i go to matches to support my team win lose or draw.AVB is spot on people need to man up ,get behind the team all the time every time and make the lane an intimidating place to play .as the song goes "you only sing when were winning"


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