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“I compliment the boys for what they did – great work rate. Not only that but we played away from home. We didn’t have the support that we should have had in a game that we needed a win,” AVB told Sky Sports.

3 wins in just over a week, 3 clean sheets and 3 points off the top. Despite this impressive record over the last 8 days, our man in charge has to come out and say this. In my opinion he is utterly justified in doing so.

A game lasts 90 minutes and when we are playing at home we need to be that 12th man and urge every attack into the back of the net, not shift our frustrations and anxiety onto the shoulders of whatever 11 may be on the field. There is understandably some post-traumatic stress after losing to such a poor West Ham team but this was merely a blip in what has been a pretty decent start. In fact it is our best start to a Premier League season, with as many clean sheets already as we achieved last year and a number of players still bedding into the squad and returning from injury.

I hope that AVB has made some of our fickle fans realize the negative impact they have when they vent like this and don’t support the team as they should. Patience is required when playing inferior opposition that set up to frustrate. I have seen the negativity too often at the Lane in these situations and it’s one of the reasons the vicious cycle of anxiety and out of character losses occurs. The home game against Fulham last year for example.

A change of attitude and determination to bring the same vocal and passionate support to these games that we do when play the bigger clubs is needed. There are so many reasons to be positive right now. The squad and AVB are capable of achieving great things; look at where they are now at such an early time in their development. Players are picked on form, not reputation and good performances are rewarded with more starts. Something that I wish Redknapp had done more of. The attacking is not as free flowing but the set up and organization is so much better. Just look at the clean sheet stat again. 12 from 15 games.

As Spurs fans we are used to disappointment and we pay more than most supporters to enjoy the privilege of being disappointed but how can we help the team achieve and prevent that disappointment? Let’s start by listening to AVB. Get behind the boys for 90 minutes and be that support we are when we play away and in the big games at the Lane. In AVB I trust, do you?

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  1. I agree.
    But, as someone elsewhere suggested, it was also the first home game after the club conducted its poll on the usage on the term 'Yid'. Perhaps this contributed to the atmosphere.

  2. Normally, I'm all for the "back the team and the manager and be the 12th man" line of thinking, but I honestly can't fault anyone who was there and feeling less than comfortable with the way the team was lining up today. There was lots of running, but no plan to deal with a defensively minded opponent yet again. I was watching at home and said after the first 20 minutes that any of the tennis score predictions I'd seen predicted online were going to be well off the mark. And in the end, we blatantly stole a win through ref intervention, so I hardly think some anxiety was uncalled for.

    • I agree with you Lars Nielsen but do not forget that smaller teams like this head to the lane with only one thing in mind (DEFEND) and sometimes it can be very hard for top teams to break these defenses cos its parked.i think this guys deserve our support 100% all d way to the end of every game. i mean they have done brilliantly so far . Well as far as i am concerned we'er getting d points and that's what matters.

  3. Taking away the possession superiority, it is really difficult to tell which team is supposed to be the top 4 team over the last few Spurs games. There is hardly any attacking fluency. The goal difference is bad compared to the other top teams. On this form without any improvement to the offensive end, there is no chance of a top 4 finish.

  4. Backed AVB from the outset and felt that he should have kept this opinion unspoken. The great stats do not tell the whole story – surely the coaching staff have seen the flaws in our set up and play even in the matches that we have won – it's been glaringly obvious to many of the supporters! Just hope that this is not the beginning of his end!

  5. Clean sheets are one thing.. but scoring goals from freeplay seems a real problem for us.. Lack of balls into the box, sloppy passes at times. We were lucky today.blatent!.. play two strikers for a start. .

  6. Pretty much two sides of the stadium make no noise at all (apologies if you are the honourable exception). The "I'll only sing if I like the football on display" attitude is bollocks, it's not Xfactor live and you're deciding whether to tip a waitress. Support your team.

  7. you make me sick. YOU LIVE IN THE USA. What cheek to be talking about people going to games like this paying to watch boring away tactics at the lane.

    • its an opinion. i moved to the states and have had a mate using my season ticket since 2006. doesn't make his opinion any less relevant. and seeing that crap on tv, there does need to be a debate. bill nick would be ashamed.

    • People's lives are not all the same. The fact that the writer still supports Spurs after moving to the the USA should tell you you all you need to know about the passion for Spurs. I live in the USA now (previously UK) and I love watching Spurs on NBC. It does not mean that the writer or I do not feel the same passion as those who spend their hard earned money going to the Lane and we have the same right to express our opinions about the team we love.

  8. This is just a stupid editorial. The team sucked today. The fans had a right to be listless. AVB will get more support saying that he put an ineffective lineup on the field. They responded poorly.

  9. Another fantastic performance by spurs today! NOT! No movement, no running off the balk, square passes, no pace or imagination! Whats happened to our football? Wheres the swash bucketing counter attacks gobe? Why no support for Soldado? Remind me again are Lennon and Townsend wingers? Really not happy with out general play, its too slow and pragmatic! AVB has no plan B or C! Change the system and play with 2 strikers? We seem to defend well but hardly create any changes and never score like we used too!

    • But we are having our best start ever to a premiership season, coming off our highest points tally last season and we just beat Hull at the lane for the first time after four tries, not that bad really it’s it

    • get behind the team, they would swash buckle if they felt the crowd had their backs when it doenst work out.

      I was very sceptical today, and accept AVBs comments as fair considering how negative ive been about our play recently.

      it is slow because they dont know each other yet. they have to mull over everything for a second bfore making a decision.

      If they were roared on they would just attack, but we are mulling over everything ourselves and not feeding the team.

  10. I do live in the USA now and cant go to the Lane anymore like I did week in and week out in my first 30 years. I am very envious of those that do and acknowledge those that are paying the money now have every right to feel frustrated. For all our attacking flare though over those years I did get there I was never confident of us winning anything and have been guilty too of doing what fans did today. I honestly believe though that we are on the cusp of something great. I get to see every one of our games live on TV here and yes it's not perfect but we are getting results… COYS TTID

  11. The negativity really is scary – so fickle. Almost all of our midfield / attacking players are new to our first team – it will take time to gel and it is difficult to break down a team who is parking the bus at the best of times. I am convinced the football will improve and if we start taking some early chances we'll see it happen more quickly as it'll force the opposition to open up. Next week against Everton will be very interesting and it'll be a completely different game – hopefully our players will enjoy the extra space and start to show how we will play once they all bed in.

    P.S. One thing I'm not a huge fan of is inverted wingers – works with Bale; other than that I'm not convinced. Andros on the left, Lennon on the right please!

  12. I'm a Spurs fan since 1956 but unlike the writer I live in Australia not the USA.
    It's very easy from 1000's of miles away to say what the fans should do. But they are the one's shelling out £50 or more to watch this AVB-inspired slow, negative crap. They have a right to be entertained for that money.
    They are not getting it.
    Clean sheets are fine…. we have the second best defence in the PL, albeit having had a soft draw so far . But 9 goals in 9 games, with 3 from the spot, isn't.
    Too slow, too compressed – and THAT is the problem.
    I'm wondering, if we had two centrebacks with the pace of Walker, say, would AVB have our high line defence up near the opposition pen box?

  13. That AVB is a clue less at the moment is evident to everyone, but this is a desperate comment to fill the time he had with the interviewer. What spurs did in the 2nd half with Chelsea, all game with West Ham, 1st half at Villa and whole game today, does not leave much forAVB to speak about so he speaks rubbish ….like Spurs tactics.

  14. it will take time, players dont know each other yet,

    Teams are built up on defence so I appreciate that AVB got on that first.

    we need to encourage them to attack more, support them and clap their effort not gasp in mistakes or when it breaks down (i cant stop gasping yet myself)

    I've been to plenty games when people wont get up and sing even when we are 3 nil up….get up ffs.

    12th man is important.

    Big thumbs up for AVB for trying to protect his new young players.

    • Completely agree, my friend. At least not ALL Spurs 'supporters' are so fickle. Moyes at Utd would give his right hand to have the start we have enjoyed so far this season. The team will only properly gel in the new year once the new members fully grasp what is required of them (in regards to the level of opposition and the rigours of the fixture list)

      AVB MUST play Dembele instead of the inconsistent Paulinho though if he is to restore a sense of BALANCE to the side. Sandro and Dembele were EXCELLENT last season, as a pair, and BOTH understand what is required of them.

      The reason Mousa was able to EFFECTIVELY replace Modric last term is because he filled the void, left by the Croatian, of being a ball- carrying CM, who is equally as comfortable on the ball and is capable of driving the team forward. All well and good playing Holtby as a no10, but the German needs to CONSISTENTLY be able to receive the ball in the areas of the pitch where he can do the most damage.


  15. well…. teams lik Liverspool & arsenal hv better goal diff than us.. this MIT decide who wil make top 4- we hv 2 score 4m open plays no excuses-

  16. if we play with 1 holding midfielder & a box 2 box midfielder den no 10 has to do the job perfectly wic eriksen & holtby s not able to do- nobody s creating chances 4 soldado…

  17. Some of u need to stop living in the past. Get over the fact Bill Nicholson is not alive and in charge, also back when he was the competition between teams in the top division was nowhere near what it is now. Yes

    comes, then we can call for free flowing “Spurs” football

  18. I am not going to challenge the managers tactics and the way he sets his stall out on match day. That is his job. That's what he gets paid for. He hasn't done anything grossly wrong, but I don't think that he has got it 100% right yet. The stats tell the story. However, as a die hard Spurs fan, I get this uneasy feeling whenever we hit the pitch on match day. Something is amiss. I am not comfortable with the way we playing and the outcomes of our matches.

  19. The crowd were tense but not negative. There was no booing no negative chants no audible groaning. The noise level wasnt great today but there has to be something to cheer and another dodgy win against an inferior team hardly sets the blood racing. It was a mistake for AVB to criticise the fans without balancing that with an acknowledgement that we arent playing fluid effective attacking football. Something like “Our fans were a bit subdued today and that does get to the players but ee also recognise that the team isnt firing on all cylinders yet which we are detrrmined to put right” Less provocative and divisive.

    • You cheer/support, NOT because you NEED outside influences to inspire you to do so. You cheer because you FEEL proud, passionate and protective of your club!

      AVB HAS acknowledged that the team aren't playing at their 'fluid best.I would suggest you LISTEN to his comments before you feed into the media propaganda!!! '

  20. Don't know who AVB thinks he is was there yesterday and the atmosphere was quiet but the team did inspire you too cheer no idea how too break teams down just slow passes in midfield going nowhere then pass too the defense who pass it too the Lloris who kicks it upfield spent over 100 million on an average central defender Caulker is better another defensive midfielder a wingers who are no better than what we already have a striker who needs decent service and yet No replacement for Modric what is what we needed the most Eriksen is the only decent signing think it's time for AVB too go had enough of his negative tactics

  21. Great article. One of the best I've read on this site, or any other, for that matter.

    AVB WASN'T slagging the fans off, as many of the buffoons on this forum have implied. He was simply stating that the teams chances of winning/playing well would GREATLY improve if the so-called 'supporters' provided an environment that is based on PATIENCE, UNDERSTANDING and ENCOURAGEMENT.

    Unfortunately, for the team and AVB, Spurs supporters are NOT the most knowledgeable bunch when it comes to understanding the game of football , and therefore don't tend to see anything beyond the length of their own nose!
    I mean it's not rocket science is it! I was at WHL for the West Ham game and there was a KID (no older than 12) sat behind me, who throughout the match jeered, sighed and voiced his disapproval at EVERY misplaced pass, yet NEVER once sang/cheered in support of his team.
    Yes he clapped with the rest of us, when Spurs won a tackle of something, but my point is that he was FAR quicker to boo (in effect) than he was to do what he was there, SUPPOSEDLY, to do, which I imagine is show his support for the team/club.

    So, of course that kind of attitude is going to have an adverse effect on the team, as opposing teams/managers know that if they come and frustrate Spurs for long spells of a match, then the home 'support' will be QUICK to turn and create a negative atmosphere for their own players to perform in!

    I know yesterdays performance left a LOT to be desired, and AVB's team selection DIDN'T necessarily help, but we aren't always going to play well. This is when the TEAM (which we ARE part of) needs our SUPPORT the most!!!

    It's EASY to sing/support Spurs when the side are winning, but it's when things aren't going so well that our own COMMITMENT to the cause is put to the test.

    My commitment to the club, like many of you, is UNCONDITIONAL. So how about we start to SHOW it!!!


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