Should AVB be wary of the squads’ depth?


As the Capital One Cup match vs Hull City approaches tomorrow, we are having lots of positive news about the return of some key players such as Younes Kaboul and Etienne Capoue and it could be a good chance for them to make their returns along with Emmanuel Adebayor.

With our squad having arguably the biggest depth in quality and quantity to each position in the Premier League, should Andre Villas-Boas be wary of how to balance it out and should we take trophies like the Capital One Cup seriously or should he focus on more supposed higher quality competitions?

So far for AVB he has done well with rotating the squad and the team does not look fatigued or heavy legged in their recent matches including Aston Villa away and Hull City at home but it will be interesting to see how he takes on his starting line-up choice in Wednesday’s match vs Hull in the Capital One Cup.

The first name on the team sheet is the goalkeeper and Hugo Lloris is a vital part in Tottenham’s tactics of a high defensive line and he plays the “Sweeper Keeper” role and helps the defence massively so a decision he will have to make is will Hugo keep his place and add that extra security to the defence or will he give Brad Friedel the chance to play for Tottenham as he hasn’t yet featured in any major competitions this season (Premier League and Europa League).

Since his time at Spurs I think it is fair to say Andre Villas-Boas just wants to win a trophy so one would assume with the depth of the squad he has that he would take any competition we are in very seriously and try and win it so I think we can expect a strong starting line up with a few changes but time will tell how the Portuguese tactician will approach the match.

There is no doubt that we will be able to tell how seriously Andre Villas-Boas will be taking this competition with his starting line up tomorrow but I want to know what you Spurs fans think of the Capital One Cup and do we see it as a trophy to be won or a distraction and a cause for tired legs?

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  1. I would take the competition seriously, we have the squad to do so, I would play players such as adebayor and Gomes, really good players who never play! Another great article from Harry as well!

  2. With al this "depth", we still seem to be missing the vital ingredient to success and that is a big physical striker who can compete in the middle of a packed defense. Until we have a striker who can take on the thugs that inhabit the middle of every EPL defense, we are always going to struggle for goals. Last season we scored more goals from outside the box than anyone else and the solution this season is to just not score any goals. We lost our real strength from outside the box (bale) so now we cannot score outside the box and still cannot score inside the box. Everyone talks about Paulinho as the next midfielder to be a in the box scorer but until he learns to embrace the physical aspect of the EPL he will not succeed

  3. "With our squad having arguably the biggest depth in quality and quantity to each position in the Premier League"… That's just your opinion. Man City has the best Strikers in the League Aguero, Negredo, Jovetic and Dzeko. Man United has a way better Attacking trio than Spuds Rooney, Hernandez and Van Persie. Chelsea's Midfield is way classier than yours. Fact!

  4. I would suggest to play siggurdson as a '10', because that is his position. he is no winger.

    my starting line-up for this game:

    capoue and kaboul should play if he is ready to do so
    and maybe adebayor in the second half

  5. 3-5-2

    Lamela – Holtby – Capoue – Eriksen – Chadli
    Adeby – Defoe

    or even a 3-2-3-2 with holtby dropping back into middle with Capoue, I'm sure Ade would play well surrounded by silky footballers, gung ho haha hehehee


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