AVB, what have you done?


Over the last few days I have seen myself questioning AVB’s general decision making and now I’m concerned that he has impacted and/or put doubts in Soldado’s mind and form.

The striker has yet to score from open play, which couldn’t be helping his mental attitude towards games. If strikers don’t score quickly at a new club, it is an unknown amount of time before the player will score.
Soldado has got another 3 games in my opinion; he has to score from open play in our next three matches (Villa (A), Hull (H), Everton (A)) or he risks going into a drought.

He has been a very prolific goal scorer over the last two years with 30 goals last year and 27 the year before. So there is no doubt that Soldado can score, and shouldn’t be doubted.

Which brings me to AVB; I honestly don’t know why you started Defoe over Soldado, especially based on who the opposition has been, and how poor Defoe generally was in my opinion. He lacked that burst that he has against the teams in the Europa League and I believe it is because he has become predictable and playable.

Defoe hasn’t really adapted his game. Also pairing him with Eriksen was a clear miss match and turned out to be key to how little impact we had on that game. Poor performance from Tottenham and poor decision from AVB.

Hopefully for our sake you haven’t caused Soldado to doubt himself.

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    • This Article is spot on!Nailed on true,AVB POOR team selection.Why a nackered Dembele with Sandro fit?
      Holtby should have played whole 2nd half.Soldado should have played from start.Sort it AVB.

  1. Saldado = no pace ,not enough strength , if he doesnt have the ball in the wright areas he wont score simple . You could pick holes in all of AVBs approach , two deep sitting midfielders at home , not enough width , Dawson had a mare Sun , Naughton not good enough , Walker no sense of postion , no urgencie, not pressing the ball quick enough , not moving it quick enough , not enough clear cut chances produced in many games, not enough ideas , blah blah blah

    • And playing Thursday in the backward state in cold Russia wont help you could see West Ham where a yard quicker to the ball and it went 5 yards after the break. What you have to do is look at West Ham what in the dressing room can do that tea half of Orange or what i no is being swallowed energy drugs. This is something you need you decide for yourselves was Kolo Toure a loner or one of many. I fully expected them to run a lot because there is three players from a team i no got reported for Ephedrine supplied by someone from the backroom medical staff.. I knew West Ham would be first to the the ball and they would press us like rabid dogs and so i was not wrong the only part shocked me was the final score 3-0 .This is a wake up call just like Utd got and City twice but if Avb keeps using our first team pool in Cups he must expect shocks because i no they will be more till Fa Ukad tackle this abuse

    • First of all, we didn't have "two deep sitting midfielders"…we had NONE. That was a significant problem, exposed in the second half. Both Paulinho and Dembele were marching forward with no sense of positional perspective. In other words, both would go forward, rather than play "one-up-one-down". That left the centre backs completely exposed. Naughton's deficiencies at left back are well-known and we missed a trick, here. Walker was complaining of soreness BEFORE kick-off and that manifested itself in his inability to get up and back as freely as usual. We might have been better off naming Naughton in his natural position of right back and fielding Chiriches or Fryers at left back. As it was, it became apparent to Sam Allardyce that West ham could attack either wing with relative ease. Also, a pattern of understanding seems to be developing between Holtby and Defoe and between Eriksen and Soldado – so deciding to start with Defoe should have sent a signal to AVB that Holtby should have been given the nod over Eriksen. Then, if things were not working out, a double substitution of Eriksen for Holtby and Soldado for Defoe might have made more sense. We won't, however, sustain a leading position without the production of more goals. It's all very well scoring for fun in the Europa Leage and the League Cup – but not much chop if your side is sitting in sixth place in the league with an aggregate of only 6 goals scored after 7 games…

  2. Playing Defoe was a mistake in hindsight but perfectly logical. He earned a chance, wasted it and now he will return to the bench. Changing the strikers want the reason we lost the match anyway, too many players were lazy. Vertonghen, Paulinho and Eriksen never turned up seemingly thinking they didn’t need to be at their best to beat West Ham. We were wide open down the middle all game, they cut through us far too easily. If we’d bothered to work hard we could easily have kept the clean sheet and bucked a win, the shocking thing is that West Ham didn’t have to do anything special to score 3 goals at WHL. That’s totally unacceptable and we won’t see it again for a long time.

    • Defoe did not earn a chance. He didn't do anything different from what he always does: score in cups. In my opinion, Soldado should start league games, but Defoe should come on earlier and earlier until either Soldado finds his feet (literally) or Defoe starts scoring as sub, and THAT earns him a place – not cup form. The mistake is that AVB wanted to keep the same team, but try it with Defoe. The moment you put in Defoe, you may as well change the whole attack around, because it was never going to work unless West Ham were timid. They weren't.

  3. Defoe on last seasons record was a bad selection. Soldado went six games without scoring but Defoe only scored once in 18 games last season and fails to link up play.. Siggie or Holtby should have played in midfield instead of Dembele who had played in the previous matches and a rest would have been beneficial to him. Lambela on the wide position switching with Townsend during the game. Walker was limping in the Europa game and should have been taken off as a precaution. But generally it was a superior mental attitude that was the problem, the attitude that we just turn up and win.

    • If Dembele wasn't going to play, Sandro should have taken his place rather than Siggie or Holtby, as they are more attacking-minded players.
      Although Defoe's record in the second part of the season wasn't great by any standards (massive understatement), letting him play instead of Soldado was probably necessary to put some pressure on him. The fact that Soldado only scored 2 goals in his first 10 games before becoming the clinical one-touch striker we all know only highlights his positive attitude to pressure and more importantly his ability to cope.

      • Ok with that selection better than Dembele for this game Two games in three days for Sandro might be too much so an early sub in the last game would have been good planning..

  4. A wing back system might have been a good solution to playing a team playing with no clear striker who jam up the middle. Walker was below par and not making his usual wide runs. Must be able to find the personnel from the best part of 100 mill worth of talent.

  5. Blimey, one bad result and we're in total disarray! Ok, it was a disaster on Sunday and we've had to bare the brunt of the east end gypos glee for the last few days. Still, I can't believe the complete loss of faith by some fans – it was only 3 points!

    Lets not forget the good work that's gone before. We've only conceded in 3 games this season which is a solid foundation to build a team. Lest we forget, this is a new team. It will take time to gel, especially going forward where the dynamic has completely changed. When we do gel, I think we'll be a very good team. Just my opinion though.

    Keep the faith in AVB and the lads. Stay proud and deal with the banter from the spammers. All part of the game. And don't forget, we've got the chance of revenge later in the season. Sunday was a freak scoreline – it won't happen again.


  6. Soldado has been key to a lot of our goals this season so far. Little lay offs and touches in around the box. Great with his back to goal, Erikson & Siggy both feed off of him. Defoe has always been a fast track bully and always will be. Same old Tottenham I'm afraid teams get 11 men behind the ball and suffocate us. We don't have Bale to bail us out this time. Dembele frustrates me and has done for a while now. The beast needs to back and add some real steel to our starting 11.

  7. This is actually getting crazy! We have had one bad result and fans are actually trying to question the manager who gave us our most ever amount of points in a season? Seriously??

    If you recall- last season it was Defoe- yess- Defoe who scored an amazing goal to put us ahead in this fixture last season! Every time Defoe has started he has scored so AVB rewarded that with a start against his former club which was also an extra incentive to try and score, things didn’t work out for Defoe but AVB did the same with Townsend- rewarded him with starts in the league which has now got him into the England squad. It was a poor game with a poor performance but it actually shows how good we have become that West Ham have to play 4-6-0 to have any chance against us- and I think it was the first time that we were treated with the same respect given to United, City, Chelsea etc and it’s going to take some getting used to from a fan perspective but also a player and coaching perspective. We will not become the team we are aiming to be over night but these losses are good for us to learn from and become a better team- we all make mistakes it’s about how you react to these mistakes that determine how good of a team you are! Arsenal lost to Bradford…I mean come on…yet if doesn’t make Bradford the better team does it? Look at their reaction to loosing to us in the league- they bloody went in to win every game…that is what top teams do. AVB is still trying to get his team right- Lennons injury has not helped seeing as he is such an integral part of Spurs and Kyle Walkers game who without Lennon does not tend to be at his best- their partnership is that strong. Sandro and Capoue are not match fit and it’s about trying to find balance whilst keeping everyone happy- managing a top club is such a hard job that AVB needs our support not insults from his own fans…saying all this -we are 3 points off top and above the current champions- with the way some fans are talking- you would think we have 2 points from 8 games….COYS!!!

  8. Quite simple really – we have never really replaced Van and Modric! Erikson is good but we need two of him which is why we were going for Willian as well.
    Visiting teams know exactly what they have to do – sit deep and flood the midfield. If we score early and open them up then all is well, if not then we are going to suffer. I am confident that AVB will sort it but dropping Soldado for Defoe was a big mistake!

  9. I think this article is spot on, I am not doubting Defoe can score a good goal now and then, but he is not good enough to be starting at spurs in premier league games, especially upfront on his own. Rarely do you see him scoring in big games… That is because the defenders know his game and he is too lightweight, either that or he is always off side… He has no brain to link up with the likes of Erikson and Siggy. AVB needs to get his arm around Soldado and remind him is the main man, now go and show us.

  10. where's our decent wing play gone?? no lennon, no bale… townsend and sigurdsson now!
    we do look really strong but there's no desire and now we have proof looking at the arsenal and west ham games…. they wanted it more!
    If a team is going to slice us open with counter attacking football, direct running and long balls then lets get back to 2 strikers FFS!
    at least with redknapp we enjoyed watching spurs!!!

  11. AVB has had 15 months and he's changed us into a 1 dimensional obvious team. AVB out before he destroys us. I have never had faith in AVB and will continue to do so

  12. In 15 months AVB has made us boring and one dimensional. When you get out thought by relegation fodder there's problems. I have never had faith in AVB and will continue not to do so


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