‘Beast’: a fictional character, a superhero, that appears in comic books, published by Marvel Comics, first appearing in September 1963.

The Beast is a human/mutant who produces ape-like, superhuman physical strength and agility and oversized hands and feet.

He was Born In The USA.

His alter-ego is, Henry Philip ‘Hank’ McCoy.

Throughout his history, he undergoes progressive transformations to his physiognomy, these include blue fur.

His abilities: animal-like physiology, superhuman – strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, senses and dexterity.

‘Beast’: a non-fictional character, a superhero, who appears on the football fields of the Universe, first appearing in this country, in September 2010, playing for Tottenham Hotspur.

Beast is human with mutant tendencies. He produces ape-like, superhuman performances, his physical strength and agility are features of his personality.

Throughout this history, he has undergone progressive transformations to his physiognomy, these include blue fur and a clean shaven head.

His abilities: animal-like physiology, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, durability, senses and dexterity.

His alter-ego: Sandro Raniere Guimaraes Cordeiro.

He was born in Riachinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on 15 March 1989.

‘Beast’ is the nickname given to him by Tottenham (‘Spurs’) supporters, and came about as a result of his impressive performances for the team, appearing to cover every blade of grass, breaking-up play and restoring possession to his teammates.

His performance on Sunday, in his first full game since January, against the Villa, was typical of those produced, that led to the nickname. He was very impressive! Welcome back, ‘Beast’.


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    • Look Again JCC At What I Wrote Youness Kaboul Played R/B Last 3 Game 2009/10 One Game Was Against
      Man City Who We Pipped To 4th Place !!! I am Never Wrong Supported Spurs Since1946 Ran a Boys Club For
      12yrs,Youngest Son Was A Pro,Played Against Spurs in 1980`s Marked Glenn Hoddle !!!!!

  1. The "Beast" Gives Our Mid-field The Perfect Balance,Paulino,Dembele,Similar to The Famous 1960`s Team !!!
    Just Hope He Stays Fit,Younes Kaboul is Another Player If Fit Should Play At R/Back,M.O.T.M.a Few Seasons
    Back Which Took "Spurs" Into The "Champions League",Remember ?????

      • Yes Jamie I do go through the blogs. So what's wrong with that? I always state my opinion of things. For example, I don't get carried away by the team's performance of one game. Although even last Sunday – as one blog quite rightly said – Spurs are a BORING team. And I agree with that. Don't tell me that Sunday's win was overwhelming. For a start one of the goals was lucky. And most Spurs fans start to fantasize again.
        What bugs me with most fans is that they have a short memory. They quickly forgot the WH debacle.
        When commenting on the team, one must look at the whole picture – the season-long performance of the team. And there's nothing to write home about, I tell you. What we have is a great lack of goals (1 per game!!). Wins came only against weak opposition. Against the top teams such as Arsenal and Chelsea we were found quite wanting.
        What I am mad about AVB is that I don't understand the guy. He(??) goes and makes all those important signings and here we are almost in a position where only ONE can be regarded as having a regular spot in first 11 !!?? He just doesn't know how to handle the talent that was bought during the summer. Apart from his colossal mistake in treating the EL as important as the PL. I tell you, that what cost us Champions League place last season. And I reckon it will do the same this time. He keeps fielding important players in EL, risking injuries all the time.

        So there you are. What I don't like is making a statement AFTER things do happen.

  2. The Beast is back – and long may it continue. He should be at the centre of the team for as long as it takes to get Capoue back fully fit and able to fill in for him as and when required. Capoue is, however, only Beast Mark II not the real thing. We have not concede a goal when the Beast plays this season. He wasn´t fully fit against Arsenal but should have played – if only for the second half – against Chelsea and then for the whole match against West Ham. It may have been enough to win both games – instead we dropped five points.


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