Bitter United fans call for Vertonghen punishment


Bruised Manchester United fans have called for Jan Vertonghen to face retrospective action.

The terrific Belgian was involved in an off-camera clash with Ander Herrera during our 2-0 win Wembley with him being accused of ‘grabbing’ Herrera’s throat in an incident that was apparently missed by referee Andre Marriner – and the BT Sport commentators.

However grainy footage has now emerged on social media, and fans have asked for a reaction from the FA, reports the Manchester Evening News.

United’s Ashley Young was retrospectively banned earlier this season for an elbow on Southampton’s Dusan Tadic that was missed at the time, and he was subsequently suspended for matches against Everton, Derby and Stoke.And United supporters believe Vertonghen warrants a similar punishment, taking to social media to make their point to football’s governing body.

Between the Kane “offside” complaint and now this they are a bitter bunch up at Old Trafford. There are endless files containing United player indiscretions from over the years that we could reel off. But we’re not bitter…. right

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  1. United fans are always sore losers, especially when they not only lose but are humiliated by a faster, tougher and more skillful team. Yes they are used to their players cheating, bullying and abusing the ref when they don’t get a decision, and throwing an elbow that could break a nose or jaw, even damage someones sight. But when our player tries to keep a donkey off his back, it’s whinge whinge whinge. How much did Rooney get away with during his time in red? We even scored from he half way line, ball a yard over the line and got cheated out of a goal, but that was OK?

  2. I was at the match and saw what had been some kind of fleeting incident in which Herrera was threatening someone, it must have been Vertonghen if any of this complaint is true, and Herrera continued to threaten as he ran off and had his arm out doing that ‘I’ll see you later’-style threatening. Very soon after, as play moved across mid-pitch Herrera tackled or clashed with someone and that led to the referee warning Herrera about his behaviour or attitude. For whatever reason, Herrera seemed bad-tempered, annoyed or frustrated by something or someone. What I recall of Vertonghen’s general performance in the match, he was strong and purposeful, indeed it was his 70 yard pass from defence that led to the first Spurs goal after a few seconds.


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