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Danny Rose may have apologised on the timing (a few days before the start of the season) and the manner (via the back pages of The S**) of his statements regarding his thoughts on our transfer policy and his bank account but it’s all a bit too late. His comments are out there and he can’t take them back – not that he tried to.

A man with a modicum of self-awareness and the time to reflect from his hospital bed that he’s said he has had, would be conscious that to express dissatisfaction and frustrations in this way was never going to be a good thing. Who is going to feel sorry for a millionaire being paid to play sport?

Was he trying to embarrass Levy into upping his wages? Good luck with that. Or for the club to suddenly risk its future by paying filthy money for players perhaps – checking first that Danny had heard of them of course? Or was it to force a transfer? No-one believes that tapping up doesn’t go on, there are many subtler ways of making Man United or Chelsea aware that you’d listen to offers than go to a Murdoch rag and let them wind you up.

Why not a grow a pair and hand in a request? Oh, that’s right.

As even Poch pointed out today, no-one forced any of the players to sign their new contracts.

How many other left backs in the country are liable to be better paid than him? Mendy obviously and Alonso probably. Monreal? Shaw? Milner? Hm.

If he wants to prove his worth and more importantly win trophies then it’s blindly obvious what he needs to do and it starts with him getting fit enough to give Ben Davies something to think about, which isn’t going to be any time soon from the sounds of it.

I’ve no doubt he misses his mum & family, I’m sure they’re not at all embarrassed by him feeling hard done by on £65,000 a week.

Poch has been, superficially at least, conciliatory and has left the door open. It’s not the manager’s way though as a rule as everyone who has rocked the boat from Dani Osvaldo to Kaboul to Adebayor to Walker will testify. If Rose is allowed back in the fold he can, and he should, consider himself a very lucky boy.

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