You’re the Boas: Pick your Tottenham team to face Hull City


Tonight sees Tottenham City take on Hull City for the second time in the space of a few days, however tonight is a cup match.

AVB is expected to ring the changes for tonight’s game at the Lane, with one eye on Sunday’s Premier League trip to Everton.

If you were AVB, what would your Tottenham team be to face Hull City? Here’s what we have come up with-


Naughton Chiriches Kaboul Rose

Lennon Dembele Holtby Lamela



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  1. I would just go all out and try to defstroy them:

    Naughton Fryers Kaboul Rose
    Sigurdsson Holtby Lamela
    Adebayor Defoe

  2. Friedel


  3. Nice line-up, but i would like to see lamela on the left and chadli on the right.

    And if capoue is fit, i would replace him with dembele.

    I dont think ade will get a starting spot after so much time…but i would like to See him play

  4. Kaboul and Rose are still doubtful and I wouldn't risk them for a cup match, would rather they had an extra few days rest to recover.

    Naughton Chiriches Dawson Vertonghen
    Sandro Dembele
    Lennon Holtby Lamela

    The team above is the one I would go with to see us through to the next round and still have a good team rested for the weekend clash with Everton. I've chosen Lennon and Lamela on their favoured feet to stretch the Hull defense as they will be parking a bus.

  5. Personally I think he will start with Defoe with Ade on the bench. Vertonghen could possibly be at left back and rose on the bench if fit enough.But I think we could see something like:
    Chiriches – Dawson – Kaboul – Fryers
    Dembele – Holtby
    Sigurdsson – Erikesen – Lamela

  6. Friedel
    Naughton Chriches Dawson Vertgh'n

    Lamela Dembele Sandro Siggurdson

    Adebayor Defo

    We are at HOME! time to start playing 4-42!!!

  7. You know what for once I’m not picking a team or arguing who’s going to play, I'm leaving it to the manager, don't want to think who should or shouldn’t be playing, just want to get behind and support the team that’s been picked the best I can coys

  8. I would play a 3-5-2 formation and play as high up the pitch as possible.

    If Hull set themselves up like they did Sunday to frustrate and turn the crowd and hope to nick a goal.

    Up top I would like Adebayor if fit a change as he will pose a different threat than Soldado/Defoe with either playing alongside him

    Central; Midfield would be Sandro who has been immense this year with the creativity of Erikson and Dembele. On the flanks would be Lennon to get his match fitness and touch back. On the other flank I would try and get Lamela to play with the confidence, flair and license to thrill like we all know he has.

    My back three would be Walker because of his pace, Dawson as he leads by example and Verthongan for his ability in bring the ball out of defence.

    Friedal will play for game time and he is a brilliant 2nd choice keeper.


  9. I can’t see success with Naughton on the left -Either switch him to the right and rest Walker or drop him. Question then is who to play left back – how about Holtby???
    my team would be Friedel
    naughton/walker Chiriches Dawson HOLTBY
    Lamela Eriksen Chadli
    Defoe and Ade or Kane

  10. Soldado needs goals from open play but I know he won't play him. However I agree with Daryl and go 4-4-2 with Soldado and Ade up front and Defoe on if it looked crap. Sandro is a must to defend the back 4 and Lamela needs game time. Otherwise Lennon needs time on the pitch and Fryers can play left back.

  11. friedel,naughton,chriches,vertoghen,sigurdsson,holtby,sandro,lamela,defoe,lennon,adebayor, we need to get lamela playing with confidence,also adebayor and defoe upfront will score goals which we are not getting alot from open play at the moment

  12. would love to see Erickson and holtby playand see lamella play 90min. with lennon on the right coupoue to hold ade and solado up front 3 at the back of freyes walker vertoghen and destroy tem what ye think coys


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