You’re the Boss: Pick your Spurs team vs Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

We all remember the 6-0 thrashing we suffered at the Ethiad earlier this season, Spurs fans will be looking Tim Sherwood and co to put things right when Manchester City come to White Hart Lane on Wednesday.

Yes we won at Old Trafford against an indifferent Manchester United side, but Wednesday night’s game arguably represents Sherwood’s first real tough test as Tottenham boss.

City have been firing on all cylinders with a strike force that boasts Alvaro Negredo, Edin Dzeko and a fit gain Sergio Aguero who really have been banging in the goals at every opportunity this campaign.

The performance at City was dire and lets face it, it hurt to see our team put in a toothless performance.  Sherwood really shouldn’t have to motivate his plaers much for this one.

Now, onto the team selection.  If you were Sherwood, what would your Tottenham starting XI be?  Here’s what we have come up with:-


Walker Vertonghen Kaboul Rose

Lennon Dembele Sandro Eriksen Sigurdsson


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  1. Sandro said he probably won't be ready, so with that in mind:

    Walker Dawson Chiriches Rose
    Paulinho Bentaleb Dembele
    Lennon Adebayor Eriksen

  2. Kaboul and Vertonghen are not 100% fit and therefore both can't be played together from the start.
    It will be the same against Swansea…but he may go for someone more bulky to go up against Toure and Fernandinho, well he should anyway if he doesn't want to spend the match on the floor
    Lloris – Walker Chiriches Dawson Rose
    Lennon Sandro (change with Bentileb after 60) Eriksen Dembele Sigs

  3. ………………………..lloris………………………….

  4. ————–Lloris—————

  5. Lloris
    Walker verts chiriches rose
    Lennon dembele sandro paulinho eriksen

    Friedel Dawson soldado townsend bentaleb siggy

  6. I would line up different 3,5,2
    chriches vertongen kaboul
    walker dembele pauliniho eriksen lennon
    saldado adebayor

    we need to go and try to win the game the Above team is to restrictive and Eriksen and Sigurdson should not play together
    Not sure about rose so be brave and give Saldado a chance. for me Man city do not get great width consistently so we should narrow up and put numbers where they have numbers in the middle of the park

  7. Didn't Kaboul play in that 6-0 drubbing? And not played in new managers unbeaten run? I wouldn't play him.

    Walker Vertongen Chiriches Rose (sad there's still no one to replace Rose)
    Lennon Sandro Paulinho Dembele Eriksen

  8. Lloris
    Naughton, Dawson, Chiriches, Rose
    Capoue, Bentaleb
    Walker, Dembele, Eriksen

    Dawson and Chiriches because Verts and Kaboul likely won't be match fit. Capoue instead of Sandro for the same reason plus he's also better at playing balls over the top of midfield. Naughton RB because defensively he's better than Walker and won't give idiotic fouls away in the worst possible places. Bentaleb because why drop the player who just never loses possession against the team with the most midfield threat? Walker RW because he showed he's just as capable playing there and isn't as scared to go for goal as Lennon and will make that right hand side our own both defensively and offensively. Dembele just behind Ade where his running with the ball will have more effect, provide strength and height, and to prevent us becoming leggy too far back when he's in his usual position. The left side kinda picks itself without any other viable choices.

    • nice arguments, but i think walker is still the better option on RB, because he often compensates his lacking defenisve abilities, with his high pace. Lennon would be the best option for RW, as he and Walker are playing really great football together

  9. you see knee jerk reactions ,if you was up there you would realise for 20mins we was in the game and after hugo balls up we hit the post ,the last 20mins was crap fell apart not only DAWS kabaul and vertongon
    Again jumping the gun Kabaul not fully fit ,cant trust him head not right AVB had to play him,
    Wednesday we don't ,but he must play Sandro no Bentalab although played well he will get caned like he did against arse and instead Paulinho as well as demebele
    lloris walks daws vertonghen rose lennon dembele sandro paulinho erikson ady but he may play chiri-ches

  10. No way we can keep city out. Why not go for it. Team as above except Eriksen on left instead of Siggy and Lamela behind Ade in a 4:4:1:1.
    Townsend , Bentaleb , Vlad , Soldado , Chadli , Naughton ,Brad on bench.

  11. Well he wont pick Vertoghen or Kaboul. They are just returning from long injury lay offs. Kaboul is a definite non starter because Sherwood is worried of a relapse if he is rushed back as has happened before.

    It's likely Sandro and Vertoghan will be on the bench.

  12. Lloris
    Walker, Chiriches, Vertonghen, Rose
    Lennon, Paulinho, Eriksen, Dembele, Townsend

    We've got nothing to lose, nice attacking team with plenty of balls in for Ade to get on the end of. COYS!!!!

  13. Well he wont pick Vertoghen or Kaboul. They are just returning from long injury lay offs. Kaboul is a definite non starter because Sherwood is worried of a relapse if he is rushed back as has happened before.

  14. i think the way to beat city is too attack them with pace with lennon and andros if hes fit. I dont think we should sit of them otherwise i fear they could pick us of. Its a tough team selection but i think i would go for these players against city.

    walker, chirches, vert, rose
    lennon, sandro, dembele, townsend
    erikse,, ade,

    However, i do think soldado will be hungry to play and paulinho deserves to be there. its a tough one!

  15. 433






  16. Lloris
    Walker Dawson chiriches rose
    Lennon dembele Sandro sigurdsson

    Keep the team pretty much the same as they have been playing pretty well and are settled. Bring in the beast to add some steal to the midfield

  17. Lloris

    Walker,Vald,Verts(if fit), rose

    Lennon,Paulie(if fit)Dembelle, Erickson
    If Verts and Paulie, are not fit, then the team that beat the Swans.

  18. Herewith my Spurs team for Wednesday against Man City –





  19. Lloris

    This would be my starting XI –
    It may be harsh on 1 or 2 others who have been playing well recently, but if super Jan, Beast & Paulie are fit and sharp I would start em all!

    Eriksen to cut in from the left and support Ade, so one of Paulie/Dembele to assist in covering Rose dependent upon which one hasnt gone forward.

    Perhaps look at bringing off one of Dembele/Paulie and pop Eriksen in the No10 slot to give Andros 30 mins down the left! –

  20. In an ideal world that would be our team, but realistically Sandro and Kaboul will not start and Jan is 50/50.






  21. I wouldn't play with Kaboul. He's been out for far too long, and will be rusty. Vertongen and Chirices are a better option in my opinion.

    Walker – Chirices – Vertongen – Rose

    Lennon – Paulinho – Dembele – Chadli

  22. Lloris
    Walker Dawson Vlad Rose
    Lennon Dembele Paulinho Nabil Bentaleb Erisken
    Think it too quick to throw Vertoghen back in there. However if he is ready to go throw him in for Vlad. Paulinho or Sandro is needed in the mid-field to take care of toure silva and Fernandinho. I pick Paulinho, Dembele, and Nabil because they have good control of the ball, can tackle, and Nabil has been putting in good performances as of late. Erisken out wide because something about him can always pop up in the box when the defense leafs expect it. Class player and showed in previous game that he can play in that position and make a solid contribution.

  23. Lloris
    Walker Vertonghen Chiriches Rose
    Dembele Paulinho Eriksen
    Lennon Ade Siggy

    I would play Sandro, but not sure he is 100% Match fit yet if he only played 45 in the friendly. What I do not want to see is Eriksen play out left. Not a good idea. Put Christian in the hole behind the striker and play Siggy out wide. Better defensive cover and might have a goal in him. I would be nervous with Paulinho and Demebele both getting caught forward but that would be a beast of a central midfield. I would love to put townsend out wide left if he was fit.

  24. Ll
    Walks, Daws, VeTon , Rosey
    Lens, Dema, Paulo, Lamela thw wonder kid
    Big Bad Ade


    Take away the Man City midfield, can not put in to manny players returning to full fitness.

  25. I will be shocked if either Vertonghen or Kaboul feature at all in this game. Why would Sherwood play them as their first full game back against Man City? If it was a bottom 10 team he might have taken a chance with one of them.

    The back five will be as it was last game.


    Walker – Dawson – Chiriches – Rose

    The same applies in midfield with Sandro and Paulinho. First game back in such a crucial game. I just don’t think Sherwood is going to take that gamble and will stick with the proven fitness of the rest of the squad. However, he might sneak in Townsend to offer an attacking outlet with pace and take a chance on his fitness with options to replace in Sigurdsson or Naughton (switch with Walker into midfield).

    Lennon – Bentaleb – Dembele – Townsend

    Up front I think after Eriksen’s impressive game against Swansea having a more free role in the hole, creating and assisting he will remain there.

    And of course the big man Adebayor up front (with maybe a point to prove against Man City).

    The onus will be on us here not Man City. We are the home team and to be considered a genuine top 4 team you have to surely put on a performance and compete in your home games against any team in the league. My only worry is lack of a tackler/physical presence in midfield with Sandro and Paulinho lacking match fitness, Capoue joining Napoli it leaves it light, which is why I think pace, attack and go for it.

    Can’t be worse than 6-0 surely!


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