Canaries on song as Spurs play dead

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Woeful from start to finish. Given up this season it looks like. Norwich weren’t great but I can’t think of a negative word that does justice to our inept performance. Couldn’t even be bothered to run about. If I was giving out player ratings, the total for the spurs side would not be much higher than 3, and I can’t really justify giving out 3 points to the entire side.

Is there no shame with these players. Wages aside, how can they be classed as professionals. They didn’t ‘work’ this afternoon.

I watched the Liverpool v Swansea game and they at least cared whether they won or lost. We should officially withdraw from the Champions League place race and accept 10th. That would be fair.

It shouldn’t be the case that I feel anger after a loss. I support my team but my team are not supporting the club. I could perhaps single out some underperformers but this is just the squad sheet for the game.

I would question the one up front tactic used today. Is it that Soldado is really not good enough to play, or we were hoping to play out a 0-0 bore draw and then use the post match comments to talk about ‘dominating possession’ regardless of purpose.

Unfortunately, first half reminded us of what Adebayor looks like without effort, and as the sole striker, this looked frighteningly passive.

Next up Cardiff at home. Prediction: Spurs 0 Cardiff 8. That’s how I feel right now anyway.

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  1. If I was the Spurs manager I would apologize to all Spurs fans for a unbelievably poor excuse for a premiership football team. There was no energy no passion no belief. Sherwood said we had fresh legs before the kick off. But for the life of me I can't understand how the likes of Dawson and Rose can be playing in such a league, neither can tackle they don't know how to get goal side and both are a liability every time they play. Soldado I'm sorry to say has been a complete waste of money no excuses for him now he looks out of his depth. Dembele looked sluggish no support from other midfielders who ever they were? We were out played out classed and out of going for the top four. This is two games on the trot has Sherwood's honeymoon period run out. Same old Spurs fizzle out when it counts.

  2. Shocking performance – Only Lloris, Lennon and Adebayor came out with any credit. Bentaleb, Dawson, Rose and Dembele were extremely poor – Vertonghen looked as though he couldn't care – of the rest Naughton tried hard but that isn't good enough. Why oh why is Eriksen left on the bench. He or Townsend could have come on instead of Chadli!!

  3. Sir B – you are 100% correct. At least chickens can run with their heads cut off. It was like watching us play in the Europa league on Thursday – fawkin miserable. I have to pick some players out (sorry!) – Chadli – inept finishing; Paulinho – the most lazy performance this season from a Spurs player (is he a Spurs player or just taking wages from us ?); Townsend – nothing ! He was nothing !; Dawson must go, sorry, he is too slow… no no far far far too slow. Why don't we have more than one full back at the club but 14 midfielders ? Stupid stupid stupid ! What is the point of Franco Baldinni ? Is it to bring in midfielders ? The only defender he brought in, Vlad Chiriches, is too small to be a defender !

  4. I though Adebayor did put a shift in – more than any other player. We looked as flat as a pancake with no idea what to do with the ball – it reminded me of nearly all home performances in the last 14 months – totally clueless.
    Rose, Lennon, Paulinho ( our very own invisible man ) & Soldado were useless – Dembele slows the game down so much it is untrue.
    A pathetic performance, but unfortunately I was not surprised.
    We should put all our efforts into the Europa league as our Premier campaign is over in February.

  5. Pathetic. Why to play the reserves in Europa. Season after season we miss out on CL because players exhausted after away trip. Naughton out of his depth. Why not keep Ekotto? Why no back up for Walker? Wtf was Baldini doing in the summer he has pissed the Bale money up the wall. Most depressing Spurs performance of the season!

  6. This was the 2nd bad performance in less that a week . Have to agree with above comments but someone has forgot to mention the poor display also from Bentelab , he was responsible for loosing the ball in midfield which led to there goal. When i saw the team selection we had 7 players that played in midweek. Dawson why o why does he continue to play , gets exposed everyweek and keeps hoofing the ball up the park . Rose supposed to be a left back and playing so far up the park whenever the opposition team attacks he leaves the team exposed at the back..This was the worst performance that i have seen so far this year ( yes even after Hull away). I really hope that Lewis has been onto Levy and told him what he thought of getting outclassed by NORWICH CITY and another record broken today as first time we have ever lost at Carrow Road . Time to sell up ENIC

  7. This was as shocking a performance as I can remember, we didn't even start playing at all. Too many players were clueless in possession, there was no pattern to the play and no awareness of what ball to play, and everything was so slow! I will exempt only Adebayor and Lloris from this rant, the rest were pathetic.

  8. Paulinho is brilliant at disappearing on a football pitch. You watch the whole game and wonder if he was really playing.

    Why does he keep getting picked? It is like Jermaine Jenas, who used to do one good thing every six games, which persuaded managers to stick with him, in case he did something good again.

  9. Well, AVB didn't want 5 out of the seven that we bought. Where was Kaboul? If he is injured again, afraid he is a crock – just like Sandro. Hopefully we can beat Cardiff and the Saints in March. Can't see much joy from Liverpool, Chelski and the Goons. Yet again we have lost after travelling away on a Thursday. Same for a lot of clubs though. Europa again at best folks.


  10. We are absolute shit, Sherwood is a clueless twat and the sooner this joke if a club continues to be run by levy we will win nothing, we never win anything, why do I waste my time supporting a team that wins nothing, we are absolute crap and no better than Norwich in all honesty, this season will officially finish on Thursday when Europa is gone……Sherwood out, levy out, Lewis out, ENIC please just sell us up to a rich Arab or Russian so we can have a chance, otherwise we may as well not bother next year, sell the players off, get relegated and then and only then will we have a chance of ever coming to close to winning any fucking thing at all in the next decade…..’to do is to dare’?!?! Just fuck off and tear the signs down as that is from an age were competency visited us on a more frequent basis than now when its just when the opposition turns up!!!! Useless embarrassing crap!!!

    • I think you forget that not all teams can win everything ! Before today only Chelski had won more points in the last 10 games. Yes today and Thursday were embarrassingly bad but no need to throw the towel in ! You must not have been around when we were relegated to the second division – you must not have been there when we won the FA Cup against City or the UEFA Cup against Wolves or the League Cup against Leicester – get a grip !

  11. Thanks you Philip! Some perspective at last! We just need to stick to a starting 11, rather than try to be too clever with formations and too technical with our set up. I think it just needs 4-2-3-1, with a pair of midfielders, one to can play from deep, a la Modric, Sandro, then two wide men (Lamela/Townsend and Lennon) playing as orthadox wingers rather than inverting them and Eriksen at number 10. Keep that as the starting 11 and have a consistent selection policy and try to create a team within a system which best suits what we have already!


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