Should we be cheering Arsenal on Saturday?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Arsenal meet Liverpool at Anfield on Saturday in what could be a crucial encounter for the title race and the top four. But should Spurs fans be cheering on Arsenal to help our top four aspirations?

Is it time to stop wanting them to lose all the time and concentrate on ourselves?

Let’s be honest, we are obsessed by the former South London club. Just listen how long it takes the home support down the Lane to start signing ‘stand up if you hate Arsenal’ during a game. Listen to the cheer when they go one nil down and the score rolls across Jumbotron screen. Remember the North London Barcelona supporters club before the Champions League final in 2006? Barca, Barca cheered the White Hart Lane faithful. Belletti was a hero of mine with that winning goal until he tarnished his reputation by joining Chelsea in 2007.

But do we need an Arsenal win to help us get into the top four? I believe you can never want your team to lose. In my case that’s Tottenham Hotspur, although that was a struggle during the last game of the season in 1999 when we played Manchester United who were battling with Arsenal for the title. Obviously I didn’t want Arsenal to win the title but I did cheer when Les Ferdinand put us one up. Thankfully Manchester United in those days was made of sterner stuff than presently and came back to win 2-1 with goals from David Beckham and Andrew Cole to lift the title by one point from Arsenal.

I also believe as a Tottenham Hotspur fan you can never want Arsenal to win or draw to be honest. I want them to lose every game and I am convinced at times I’ve had more joy at some of their lost games than I have with some of Spurs wins. But I do think that in recent years we have become too obsessed with them losing. The closer we get the more obsessed we get. Let’s be honest with ourselves for once whatever we do they do better. We win double in ‘61; they do it 3 times. We beat them in ’91 FA Cup semi-finals, they beat us in ’93 and 2001. We think Pat Jennings is finished and let him go he plays 8 seasons there. They get George Graham the trophy collector; we get George Graham and his long coat. They get Arsene Wenger and we get Christian Gross. We take Rohan Ricketts and they take Sol Campbell. Let’s leave that one there shall we.

I am convinced that Spurs will win the Champions League one day but unfortunately somehow Arsenal will win The World Cup. Writing all of that has made my hatred go to new levels. But its time I got some perspective in my football life. I want Arsenal to beat Liverpool on Saturday. There you go, I’ve said it, and now I feel guilty and dirty saying it. We need top four and Champions League football.

Actually I take that all back, the guilt is too much. As you and I know if we finish fourth Arsenal will win the title and Manchester United will have a miracle Champions League win. Winning against Real Madrid on penalties, with Bale and Modric missing there penalties. Sod Champions League football, come on Liverpool, come on Manchester United and come on Bayer Munich. Stand up if you hate Arsenal. I am standing tall and proud. Are you?

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  1. Come on you Spurs and specially mr Sigurdsson.. I hope you will get into Europe we need our little brother to do well, from an Arsenal supporter in Iceland

  2. As a Liverpool fan, I always cheer you when you play Arsenal, Chelsea etc – so it would be no different for you lot. You have to be selfish when it comes to supporting the enemy for 90 minutes.

    When the final whistle goes, then resume the hatred! ;)

  3. Come on you lily whites, look at the whole picture, we know we constantly get raped by our far superior neighbours and have become a laughing stock, but its time to forget and cheer the Arse on. Coys

  4. Maybe Im a new breed (Ia m 30 this year, so not young) or maybe just different. I really do not give 1 flying f**k about arsenal one way or the other. I get wound up by Spurs fans caring so much about them and also their fans getting on at us,.. Obviously rivalry is great in sport and I enjoy the NLD a hell of a lot! (Kind of, it can of course be a real kick in the balls as well as stressful leading up to it)
    But, when all is said and done,. Of ocurse I want arsenal to beat liverpool! – I have written goons off as better than us this year and I want my team to come 4th, so I am rooting for whoever will take points of everton liverpoool and man u.

    • Im 72 today and have supported Spurs for about 60 or so years,but I dont hate Arsenal,I dont ever want them to win or do well but I dont hate,in fact like you their there ,so get on with it.

  5. This might sound weird but would Arsenal going through against Bayern Munich in the Champions League be a good thing? It could harm thier league campaign with the extra games and therefore reduce their chances of winning the league. On the downside IF they knocked out Bayern Munich (unlikely), they would never shut up about it and we would always be the first to know about it. But if they did get knocked out then it could be a bad thing because they could focus more on the league (and the FA Cup). Tough call.

      • must be so painful for tottenham supporters I couldn’t begin to imagine. If we had beaten a great barcelona team in paris with your freebie of an ex captain (who incidently was worth 15-20m at the time) scoring the winner you may as well have liquidated your club and started cleaning up the streets of the ass end of London to try and push your property prices beyond the £50000 mark

  6. For me it is too early in the season to be actively rooting for your biggest rival. A gruggingly admitted “yeah “pool could deal with a loss here” would be ok but you still have a long way to go. If it was april and the race for 4th was still close then by all means yes chant away for the arse (like I do always) but right now have faith that your squad is good enough earn CL football on its own merits. After all this was supposed to be the year you finally finished above arsenal *cough* league leaders *cough*.

  7. I remember that 99 game against united and was disgusted when the fans booed when we went one nil up. well we paid for that big time, 14 years of humiliation against united. I think other teams saw us as lacking integrity and treated us with contempt. that is why we could never keep those 2 and 3 goal leads. you are not supporting spurs if you put down another team. fact is that is as long as I can remember arsenal have played far superior football to us. I think we can get fourth though but need to make Vert captain and pair him with Chiriches.

  8. remember that united game and was disgusted when fans booed when we went a goal up. well we paid for it for 14 years after with humiliation after humiliation against united. even when we were 2 and 3 goals up in games teams would come back. I think we were viewed with contempt having a lack of integrity. it is not supporting your club to run down another club. as long as I can remember arsenal have played superior football to us. still think we can finish 4th but need to make Vert captain and pair him with Chiriches, with Kaboul and Capoue or Fryers as backup at centre back

  9. Normal tribalism aside,Tottenham getting 4th will depend entirely on their ability to come together as a team and start taking crucial points from mid and lower table teams. Losing to City and the Arsenal, as well as dropping points against the other top 4 teams will not determine your season. As well, the Arsenal dropping points against Liverpool will not really help you much, but it will help City and Chelsea. It is obvious that Liverpool will have a hard run-in like WHL will have and it will ultimately be decided by who wins the most crucial points over the next 14 games between the two of you. .. also don’t forget about Everton, they are the dark horses this season. You can likely forget about United and with Golum still at the helm, it will be a miracle if they can mount a top 4 challenge this season.

  10. Of course we have to shout for Arsenal this weekend, just as long as we beat Everton!! My missus is a Liverpool fan and she even agrees spurs fans have to want the Arse to win. She also wants us to beat the toffees, so it will be fun and games in my house this weekend. If us and Arsenal both win, sex will be OFF the menu, but I will crack open a wonderful bottle of Johnny Walker BLUE, that will more than make up for HER disappointments!!!!!

  11. It's the age old debate of do we love Spurs more than we hate Arsenal or vice-versa? If a genie came out of a lamp and offered you 4th place right now (guarenteed Champions League football, no repeat of what happened with Chelsea) but it meant Arsenal would win the league would you take it? I probably would although it would mean arrogant Gooners would never shut up about it.

  12. Well said that man, about time someone on here made some sense.

    I’m a Pakenham Fc supporter and have been for atleast 30 maybe 40 hours now & our biggest rivalry is wibbly bottom pub who I hate so I know all about rivalry more than any one in the village trust me.

    So if they were playing a team to keep Pakenham from making it into the world famous bikini beach cup then i’d say come on wibbly bottoms you can do it!!

    Hope this makes sense, I’m off to buy a Russian bride now so Moscow!!!

  13. I hate arsenal more than anything, no way will we finish in top 4 this season in my opinion, take away sandro, vertonghen & lloris we are v poor! So I will be cheering on Liverpool!

  14. Jeeezzzz. You poor neurotic fellow. Take it easy, will you. (0(
    Concentrate on your own results and if THE ARSENAL winning means a better chance for you to go ahead of some immediate rivals around you , well then don’t be stupid and cheer the GUNS on. I haven’t considered you our fiercest rivals in our twenty years . Go on. Get yourselves an identity and projecting nonsensical hatred. Does not become you.
    I’ll pull for you lot to beat Everton. Ok. See how easy that was. Go on. Show me what you got. good luck then….

  15. Well said. Too many people spend more time commenting on their rivals woes, than their own teams successes. I’d always want the best result for my club, rather than the worst result for a rival. Schadenfreude!


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