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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The most recent result came as a complete shock to me as I really expected us to be up and about for this game, not as laid back as we were. I felt that Paulinho, Sigurdsson, Chiriches and Vertonghen (At times) were ineffective or just plain lazy in the first half. Except Vertonghen who started reasonably well during the first 20 minutes of the game but began to fade in the latter stages. The other three really struggled I feel, Paulinho didn’t look comfortable on or off the ball and it led to the Rémy goal. Chiriches couldn’t cope with the pace and precision passes and was rightfully subbed at half time. And I honestly don’t think I saw Sigurdsson touch the ball in the first 20 minutes.

Going 1-0 down at half time wasn’t optimal but I think I speak for most Spurs fans when I say, I didn’t think we would lose. I thought we would at least draw or hopefully win. Sadly we were un able to beat an outstanding Tim Krul who played one of the best games of his career. Yet I’d just like to look at a certain substitute sitting on our bench. I personally believe Lamela deserved a start in this fixture and possible could’ve been the spark we needed. Bringing Defoe on instead of him really annoyed me as I feel AVB is just ignoring the left flank, which I believe should be Townsend. He should be out on the left in a similar free roam position as Bale. And Lamela could’ve dominated the right. I believe we are too dependent on Townsend and Walker linking up and constantly look to the right as we have no true winger on the left. Yet we have a perfectly good Winger who played exceptionally well during the week and he sits on the bench. Wrong decision in my opinion AVB

Lastly Rémy, I would honestly just like to express my utter disappointment that we couldn’t get him in some deal with either Tom Carroll or BAE, Huge loss I believe as he proved yet again today. Rémy has the ability to read the play so well and could’ve covered our now apparent left wing issues, yet we didn’t get him. Would’ve loved him in a Tottenham shirt even for the season.

Sad day for Spurs fans, Let’s hope we can bounce back at the Etihad.

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  1. Chiriches was subbed because of a broken nose, thought he was ok when he was on apart from that pass to paulinho, who really should dealt with it better. too many sub par displays today, no one out there to tell them either, thats a big problem, the total lack of leadership on the pitch.

    • Interesting but I think you are all missing the point.
      What we are missing is Ade. If we are going to play one up front, the only person who can make it work
      Is Are. Soldado and Defoe will be players reborn with two up front. As for the rest of the team they will click once we start scoring goals.

  2. To put it mildly. If Lloris was ok to continue last week, he should've been ok to start today. I can understand Capoue missing this as he only played 57 mins in midweek but how can you leave Sandro out against their midfield? I'd've started BOTH Sandro/Capoue if poss. Our attack is slow and boring. Yet again we dominate in possession, had lots of shots, but a lot are not even half-chances, hence the conversion rate. Is it a coincidence that so many 'keepers have their 'best day ever' against us at the lane? I'm not in your 'most fans' bracket. This game was always a banana-skin. We look shit at home against even crap teams from outa-space. Why the fuck have we bought Soldado? £26m on a white Defoe. No disrespect meant but Defoe wouldn't be your first choice striker if you're looking to play {n}one up-front. Un ber fucking leaveable.

  3. Master tactician or muppet? Playing one striker at home, we don't even dare never mind do. No Lennon, no pace, no tempo – double up against Townsend and AVB's master plan flounders. What manager hasn't worked that out?

  4. Spurs are boring. Supported them since 1950, went to Villa Park recently and was bored stiff, went to Stoke end of last season and against 10 men, yes boring. It is as if AVB has suffocated the players flair in his system, whatever that is, it certainly is not moving forward and challenging defences. There has to be a dramatic change otherwise this will be a very poor season, Even in 1958/9, when it looked like relegation, until Dave Mckay ,they had some flair, directiveness and invention. Now well …….. 9 goals in 11 matches, I am a placid fellow but in midweek against Sherriff I was shouting at the screen, so laboured and frustrating were they.

  5. For over an hour it looked as if we just didn't give toss. So slow, careless and predictable. Lone striker gets suffocated, no flair or inventiveness or support play in the box and yet again we're f'd by an "inferior" team.

    Well at least we can watch the other spurs team whip a few foreigners in the Europa cup until we play the proper teams.

    Very disappointed.

  6. It’s time to drop dembele n Townsend, Townsend is too greedy n is a one trick pony, u just can run past against pacy defenders n passing to a team mate shud be the first option not as a last resort. Townsend must have had abt 100 shots on goal dis season with one flukey goal to his name. It’s time to start lamela, he was the man of the match on Thursday n his reward was the bench while sigurdson had a poor game gets rewarded with a start. What Alan pardew said was right abt the Europa league. Just got feeling avb will be sacked at the end of the season the guy is too arrogant. His way of playing is to try n not lose the game

  7. Last seasons on another site I criticised AVB’s style of play, but also stated I was willing to give him a chance, because it wasn’t his team, so they couldn’t play in the way he wanted.

    This season, he’s basically got what I would call his team, and I think we all agree, what a great team, at least on paper.

    My gut feeling has always been that at this stage of his career, despite what he’s achived, he’s out of his depth, and will be for another 2-3 seasons, at least.

    We have a choice, we either stick with him, and see what happens, or my gut feeling has always been, find a new man by the end of the season.

    As I say, I got shouted down for this on another crap site, but I bet I’m right.

    • You are spot on! It transpires that Bale saved AVB last year. AVB failed to get us to the CL last year with Bale, how the hell is he going to do it without him?! Ok, so results have meant that we are reasonably high up the premiership… But so are Southampton. Arsenal are top and let's face it, they shouldn't be. This year is an anomaly and with the money we spent and the continuity of manager we should be top of the league and at least 3 points clear. Watching AVB on the touch line he looks like an anxious mother powerless to stop her toddler from stumbling over when attempting their first steps. He doesn't know what to do. Plan A is awful. It has been Sussex out by all and sundry. Plan b is….. Oh wait, there is no plan b. he is utterly blinded by faith in plan a that he has underestimated every other prem manager. I fear results are only going to get worse from here. I can honestly see him getting sacked this season. We have no leader on the pitch, sorry Daws but you ain't up to it son. We need a big strong leader up front too.

    • Here here!! AVB is completely out of his depth. It seems to be his way or the highway!!! As for Paulinho – every time he gets the ball he passes it to the opposition – I see him as a player with a big ego and nothing else to offer! AVB has not achieved anything to demand our support. Last season, his "settling in" season he achieved no more that Harry did the year before. He is not cutting it this year. I have been a Spurs supporter all my life having lived in Africa most of my 62 years. But when I did live in England I was a season ticket holder etc. I have never disliked a head coach more than AVB!

    • Mickey, I fear you maywell be right about AVB. I love Spurs and will follow them to my grave but I don't enjoy watching them at the moment. They lack flair and are way too predictable. AVB seems fixed in his ways and is wasting the obvious talent we have at our disposal.

      Mr Levy backed AVB with a massive spending spree in the summer, and may well bring in a couple of new faces in January (please let one of them be a top left footed left back!!). He will not be too impressed if we end up having a mediocre season.

      If AVB did leave who would you want? I personally like the look of Laudrup, he's got Swansea playing some nice football with a very ordinary squad.

  8. (1) We have bought several good new players: give them a chance, which means letting them play.

    (2) I agree with the criticisms of "inverted wingers". Play left footed Lamela, Chadli, Fryers etc, on the left, and right footed Lennon etc on the right.

    (3) the midfielders seem unable to support Soldado. Query give Soldado help by playing a second forward (Eriksen?) and have consistent choice in midfield to support them.

    (4) There is no "leader of men" to rally them. Frequently they look lost.

    The above problems have resulted in the one thing of which even an Arsenal supporter could not accuse Spurs: they are boring.

    We should not give up on the team, and not criticize individual players. Rather we should urge the manager to THINK and ORGANIZE them.

  9. Again another disappointing game where to be honest dispite going 1 down early we should have beaten them! First of I believe avb is the right man for the spurs job!! let’s not forget the talent he can attract and is highly respected internationally… Evidently we need to bring in more talent!!!!! But the problem is he has bought like for like players which means competition is high and also I think that creates selfish players i.e Townsend !! Who would rather go for the glory and shoot rather then feed the team a create for saldado just trying to secure his spot rather then care about the team I couldn’t give a toss whether he plays for England this guy is not better then lamela who I think is technically better in the last third of the pitch and I just can’t understand why he doesn’t play!!! £30million !! In order for him to settle he has to play the games, just as he gave paulhino the games he should of done so for eriksen and lamela from the start as I believe when they gel this will be spurs great threat!! Siggy is not good enough!! People screaming for Defoe ! I don’t think so we need to strengthen in jan for sure !! The way this going we won’t get top four, coz our players are more concerned with getting in the team then playing as one! Take out Townsend and his selfish big head and play lamela and Lennon on the wings with eriksen in the middle behind saldado !!!


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