Chumps not Champs

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Chumps – no i haven’t spelt it wrong.

I have just left the match after watching the humiliation of seeing my team thrashed by a side who did’nt even get into third gear.

Before anyone suggests I am jumping on the bandwagon, just remember that I started the bandwagon rolling. In my articles earlier this season i said we would probably not even be in the top 6 – let alone the top 4 – at the end of the season. Certain people who left comments on here (no names mentioned) said things like “you prick cheeky, we are third at the moment, what are you talking about”, and ” we are third or fourth in the table Cheeky, you have’nt got a clue what your saying” etc etc. Well, there is still a long way to go, but i still say we wont be in the top 6. In fact, i’ll go so far as to say that unless we Win the Europa League, we will not even be in Europe next year. Then there will be the possibility that we wont have any top players as everyone will leave as they wont want to play for the club.

So lets look at where things are going wrong – however, where do you start ?

Everybody keep going on about how ‘impressive’ our defence has been this season. Yes the ‘stats’ back that up, but in reality, Lloris has played exceptionally well and made some terrific saves that have kept us in games this year. Had it not been for him, we would not have had such a good record. But the Facts are that all the teams have made numerous chances, they just had’nt scored. But when you look at the past at arsenal or man utd etc they have had good defences but teams did’nt make that many chances. So in reality, we have been lucky this year. Man City today showed our weakness that has been there all season but other teams have not taken advantage.

Then we have AVB. I was critical when we appointed him (and people criticised me), i said later we should give him a bit more time, but he has continued to disappoint and i think the time has come for him to ‘Go’. He still goes with this One up front – which simply does not work, he leaves out our player of the season so far – Townsend – because he’s tired after playing two England games and he continues to leave a proven goalscorer on the bench. He has no idea about Tactics or Style of play. He also has the audacity a few weeks ago to criticise the supporters. That was the last straw for me. AVB simply doesn’t have a clue. Perhaps all those who had a go at me before will now agree with me.

Then today, we are 1-0 after 14 seconds. We play the ball directly back from the kick off to a goalkeeper – who to be honest is a top class goalkeeper – but who ‘everyone’ knows is absolutely useless at kicking the ball. So why pass to someone who cant kick when we are not under pressure. It would have been just as easy to go forward than to pass it back to Lloris.

I then watched closely Kyle Walker for the rest of the match. He must be the laziest player in our team. There were a number of occasions where he didn’t run back to help out his team, in once instance he was just standing watching City attack. He simply needs to be dropped for his own good. The supporters will not tolerate such individuals.

So lets not paper over the cracks. As I said in my last article, Tottenham Hotsupr could be the laughing stock of football, and today we certainly are.

Something needs to be done – and Quick. We can’t carry on with what we have seen so far, we need a new manager, and, we need a lot more too.

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  1. Completely agree Cheeky. There was so much content in your Article it's had to take every bit of it in, but agree about Lloris, Walker and AVB.

    Also dont think we will make top six to be honest, and worried sick that the lot down the road will do well this year. We had a chance, but as always looks like we've blown it already.


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