Club legend believes Madrid still want Kane

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
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Spainsh legend Michel Salgado believes Harry Kane is Real Madrid’s second transfer target this summer after Neymar.

Kane finished last season with 30 Premier League goals and  striker has helped lead his country to the World Cup semi-finals with six in Russia.

His form was never likely to go unnoticed and, despite signing a bumper deal with Spurs prior to the tournament, Salgado believes Los Blancos would be a perfect fit for the striker.

“The first target I think is going to be Neymar for sure,” he told talkSPORT.“And then I don’t think we will have enough money to get Harry Kane.But obviously he is the kind of No.9 we are looking for, for sure.

Salgado added: “That number nine, we miss a little bit sometimes because [Karim] Benzema is another kind of player.

He can play in behind the striker, he can play in any position because he likes to come deep and get more involved in the game.

He went on to say: “So it doesn’t mean Harry Kane is coming that Benzema is to go.So let’s see what happens but I think the fans would like him to come to Real Madrid but [Daniel] Levy won’t like it.”

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  1. The British media lackeys cant help themselves where THFC are concerned, always asking those associated with Real Madrid if Kane is a target for their club. Do you expect Michel Salgado or anyone else connected with Real Madrid to deny that there’s interest in Kane? The fact that the player only recently signed a new improved contract with the club and his commitment to Spurs is totally ignored and overlooked. Citing Daniel Levy as the main obstacle to any transfer. They also know full well that Kane will not push for a transfer unlike Modric and Bale before him whom they coveted and wooed. Week in week out we hear of Real Madrid’s wish list and Kane’s name is always at the top of that list, now dethroned by Naymar. It’s a pity that various blogs like this one, carry this nonsense on a regular basis. Next week the regurgitated bull will resume. Kane will be joined by Alli, Lloris and Pochettino to Real Madrid. Eriksen to Barcelona, Wanyama and Son to Liverpool, Alderwiereld and Rose to Manure, Dembele and Lamela to Inter and Roma respectively. Because of Trippiers outstanding performances in this years World Cup, he’ll automatically become a target to rejoin Manchester City where he started his career, to play alongside Walker as he does for England. He’s also from that neck of the woods. The crap will continue right up to kick off of the new season.

  2. One slight fly in the ointment for RealMad; they are financially challenged (broke). In order to buy they have to sell and sell big time. This is why in the 1st half of the year there were all the rumours about Bale, Modric and Benzema for Kane – they needed to trade. They have had to shelve plans for a new training ground I believe. And what makes this all the sweeter is the fact that they have bought their success by paying the sort of stupid salaries that PSG, Man C & U & Chelsea have paid. Now they can’t get rid of these players because other clubs cannot/will not pay that sort of money in salaries, let alone transfer fees. I’m laughing all the way to their bank. The days of snapping fingers and the Spanish banks cough up soft loans underwritten by the ECB are over – for now at any rate. {Notice I did not include Barcelona in this – their problems are to do with the way that Madrid is bullying Catalunya].

  3. Harry Hotspur July 10, 2018 at 9:05 am
    Sterling is junk.
    He’s Arron Lennon without the Prozac.
    No end product for a footballer is the killer.
    Game Over.
    Like getting into bed with a supermodel and discovering there’s nothing to stick it in.

    Yet Pep Guardiola & Gareth Southgate continue to pick him. Harry Hotspur is as thick as two short planks as are his sycophantic followers who post on his blog.

  4. Of course they would want him, might be easier to name 1 side that wouldnt want him,
    However what they want & what they get are 2 different things LOL.

  5. I actually agree with HH on that one. Sterling must be very hard to mark – great turns, tricky movement, but his end product really has been garbage. WC euphoria aside, I’ve thought that myself every game – what if he’d only slotted that home or found a killer pass. He really hasn’t done those things… At the same time Harry Hotspur appears to be some bizarre internet sociopath whose life seems to revolve around spouting verbose negative drivel. His blog and the congo line of saddos who seem to spend their lives hanging around there are one of life’s great mysteries.


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