Daniel Levy – He’s not all that bad

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Well quite recently, a lot of the fans are going against our Chairman, Mr. Daniel Levy. After thinking about his contribution to the club, I couldn’t help but defend him.

Yes, he has sold some of our best players, has never succeeded in keeping a manager long-term nor has he made us win the league. But in his defence, we are not a consistent top four team and considering that, it’s almost impossible to get all that done.

The sole reason I see him being in charge of majority of the transfers is because he is a businessman and most of our managers (previous and current) have been inexperienced at the top flight. He tried to take the risk a couple of times, but most of his major signings set to fail, atleast as of now (Bentley, Lamela and Soldado). On the contrary, most of his bargain signings have been the best! (Eriksen, Vertonghen, Bale). I can see him handling the transfers as long as don’t get a top manager and hopefully that’ll be Louis Van Gaal next season.

Another reason Levy has been blamed for has been the constant sacking over the last couple of years. I do agree it doesn’t allow a manager to build his own team and the decision has been quite harsh on them, but, the timing of his sackings has been spot on. Each manager was sacked at a time when the club seemed to be slipping away and each new manager had something interesting to bring in. Ofcourse, the firing of AVB was a huge risk but the luck that Tim has been able to bring in might as well provide us with the top four spot this season. AVB’s management style didn’t suit the Tottenham style and that’s a truth (to all you AVB fans). When I watch us play, I always expect a good open play, counter attacking football game. To be fair, that was only seen till when we had Bale in our squad. I’m pretty sure Levy didn’t like the extreme tactical approach played by AVB and thus, led to his sacking.

Profit. Yes, Levy has sold some of our key players but he has been able to replace them with some great talent over the years and that why you don’t see us slipping from the top five! Most of his sales are done at times when he feels that the player(s) do not have much to offer anymore and he can gain the maximum amount out of them. For instance, if we kept half of our players…..Fulham (figure it out). Although he hasn’t be able to replace some players like Bale, Modric and VDV, I think he has done a fine job otherwise. We wouldn’t be ranked 15th in terms of finance if it weren’t for Levy! Rather, I could see us in alot of debt and that’s the last thing we’d want.

I think Levy is a really REALLY good Chairman. I don’t want us to turn into a club with just money (Manchester City, PSG) because that’s not us. He understands the fans and tries his best to make it up to them (The summer signings with Bale’s money) and I think he does learn from most of him mistakes. Levy will back down interfering with most transfers once we get a top class manager and he will keep him long term, no doubt about that! He’s a great bald headed business man. Let’s back him rather than go against him!

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    • Tim Sherwood is a lovely guy, who has given a lot to the Club, but, given a choice, and assuming availability, think Van Gael or Michael Laudrup have that little bit extra to offer, in terms of ability and management experience, to move us onwards and upwards to the next level. Laudrup has done well for Swansea City, with limited resources, but has suffered this season due to injuries to key players. Think he is a perfect fit for Spurs and, given the opportunity, he would excel at White Hart Lane working with the talented squad of players at his disposal. Please talk to him Daniel.

  1. I totally agree. I love the guy and hate to see him disappointed. He has invested a lot into Spurs and I just hope we as one big family can enjoy it some day soon.

  2. I fully agree with you pal. All these people who wants him out doesn't have a clue how to run a football club. We gave definately improved since he took over. I remember when we couldn't beat Liverpool to save our life. Yes, he has got some things wrong but he has done many more good things and all these clowns needs to lay off him. He keeps us competitive without the sugar daddys and that's how I like it.
    And let's be honest, we should be happy that we are competing for the top four every year and have a decent squad. It's all down to Levy but I guess some people just can't see the reality and always moan.

  3. The points you make in your last paragraph, about hiring the right manager and not interfering are absolutely key in my view. Our revenue and resources mean we can't always compete with the 'rich man's plaything' clubs, like City and Chelski, but managerial stability would be the best way to maximise our potential on the pitch. Levy has done good with the financial stability we enjoy, he just needs to make good when it comes to the football side. I'm afraid I don't have a lot of confidence he knows how to do that, but I'm a Spurs fan, so I'm used to living in hope! Also: Laudrup – no ta!

  4. Disagree. When Alan Sugar sold up we needed an owner that would put some resources into the club and develop the stadium to our top six opponents standard (at the very least) and get us into a CL spot on a regular basis. That's what the fans wanted. We got ENIC. Forget the chairman, we are owned by an investment company, focused on the sports and media. They are an investment company and want CL football (first & foremost), but not because our nice (Spurs supporter) chairman wants us to do well, it's because he wants to sell the naming rights of the proposed new stadium so he can borrow the money to build the stadium. Then he will be sitting on a real asset which will be subject to interest from investors. That's what ENIC are trying to achieve.
    People who write about our nice chairman need to realise that he's an investor 'first and foremost' and a Spurs supporter second. He and Joe Lewis would sell the club to the highest bidder in a heartbeat if he got the right money. The reason he keeps changing manager is that ENIC's requirement for CL football is not being achieved and therefore the sponsorship level isn't yet possible. It's no way to run a football club. When H Redknapp was fired, the chairman should have looked at getting a proven successful manager. He got AVB because he was cheap and there was a possibility he was a genius. It was a huge gamble and it didn't pay off, but the thing to look at here is, should the custodian of THFC be taking such gambles selecting a manager. No he shouldn't. He took no gamble with Redknapp and the club progressed, so why didn't he learn. Because finance came before prudent thinking and a rookie was appointed. Levy will never put the club in front of profit and as long as ENIC are the owners, we will be a 'breeding club' for the big European clubs. I would like to see a new investor come in who would just get on with the stadium and develop the first team to top four status. It will never happen in Daniel Levy's watch.

    • we would all like a new investor to come in and make our fantasies come true but its just that ….a fantasy. I agree with you ENIC are trying to make us as attractive as possible with the new training ground, global sponsorship's and partnerships etc only to then sell us on for a profit. But its not the end of the world is it. At least we should then get sold to a half decent owner with the business acumen of lewis and levy. Plus we will only get sold to some rich ba$tard who can then take us on. We have to be careful what we which for and be grateful for what we have. Look at Man united and how financially fcked they now are. We dont want to end up like them ….or even leeds for that matter!

      • I agree, ENIC selling up would have it's risks. With the new 'screening of owners' that's in play however, we would stand a better chance of not getting a 'Carson Yeung' type. We could get a 'monied' owner who would build the stadium and keep our best players. Mind you the last sentence is just me dreaming.

  5. For all you saying we don't want a huge money owner like Manchester City or Chelsea are lying to yourself. So we don't want Top 4 every year contending for titles scoring bundles of goals with some of the best players in the world. If we had a big money owner maybe we wouldn't be a damn feeder club for Real Madrid.

    • I wouldn't want to be a supporter of a club that gets through ONLY because of huge investments every year. ATM we are not less than Chelsea, we have great talent on the bench which we are wasting and that's not right either. There should be a great balance and use of squad rotation as well. We are a club more passionate than the money spenders (atleast for me)


  6. to fornenced – does it matter why Enic and the chairman want to build the new stadium?. It can only improve us going forward. Whatever
    motives enic and dl use it can only be to our advantage. with a 60,000 stadium this is our only realistic chance of competing with the
    big four mc chel arse and mu. Realistically us and everton are punching above our weight in income terms so we are always going
    to be at a disadvantage. What we have achieved over the past 6 years is remarkable considering our total revenue so dont knock it.

  7. My only gripe with Levy is that we never seem to build on a good team , with Bale , VDV and Modric we had a quality midfield , I just think had we loosened the purse strings a bit more and purchased players of their quality in defence and up front , who knows where we'd be , just seem to have gone backwards since Harry left !!

    • I honestly think he has tried for more strength in the midfield this time around. Probably still experimenting while he can haha


  8. He's not all that good either. We are the only team in the top nine with a minus goal difference, did we need a striker in January? of course we did, but one never came. If we don't make the top four you can only blame the powers that be Mr Levy & Baldini.

    • "They can bring them in, but they won’t play. Unless we’re all in agreement, they don’t bring them in – there’s no point, as they won’t play" – Tim Sherwood when asked if we were going to sign someone in the January window. I don't blame Levy at all for it, he asked Tim!

      – Khaled

  9. When will you 'In Levy we trust' merchants wake up?

    He understands the fans, does he? The only thing he and his fellow investors understand is how to extract the maximum amount of money out of blindly loyal fans.

    StubHub, the Stratford debacle, failure to hire or keep good managers, selling our best players, second highest ticket prices, not supporting loyal fans in the "Yid" fiasco, one League Cup in 13 years etc. etc…….

    It's time for new owners.

    • 1. We are a club from London, one of the most expensive cities in the world
      2. The latter part of your post does say "good business and not one for the fans" and I agree. But as long as it's getting us more money in, I'm not complaining
      3. We CAN'T get good managers since we don't have a good record to offer. Great managers only tend to join clubs with ALOT of money or a consistency in a CL position
      4. Similar goes for players. We can't keep most of our best players because we don't have a great managers. If we did have great managers, we'd have players willing to be loyal to the club rather their individual targets (Eg. Manchester United with SAF)

      I'm supporting him just because I think he is one of the cleverest owners in English football and most of him decisions come around to be good

  10. How are we better under Sherwood. when AVB got sacked we were 6th in League 3 points off 3rd place, syill in League Cup and europa cup and waiting for FA cup to start.
    We are still 6th in league but 9 points behind 3rd place out of both league and Fa Cup and awaiting the resumptionn of Europa League.
    I think AVB's only failure was not trying Adebayor when we were struggling to score

    • I think AVB changed our style of play which effected alot of players and their confidence. That being said the top four spot is very much open. Let's just hope a consistency in our form so that we can make it!

      – Khaled

  11. If, and it is by no means necessarily true, Levy and ENIC are inspired by profit then what does it matter? The outcome is good for Spurs.

    We had our best season in the Premiership last year in terms of points amassed and we're two points ahead of our total at the same stage last year. The long term graph of progress and squad value is steadily rising. We have a training ground that is the envy of Europe and are moving closer to securing a brand new stadium. Levy has to take credit for that.

    Look at the squad Levy inherited from Sugar and look at us now. We're consistently 4th or 5th every season and are regularly in Europe. I suggest you go back and look at the tables and remind yourselves where we were when Levy took over. The problem is that the next step is a big one and not as easy as some naively think. It's tough – but he's doing a remarkable job.

  12. Of course the bigger failing could be between Baldini and the manager. Did we need all the players brought in in the summer?

    I agree with Paulinho, Erikson and Soldado …. and even Lamela who could be great on the left given time. But did we need Capoue and Chadli aswell – for me i would have rather seen a world class left back brought in. Contrao for instance and perhaps another striker. We had been after Damiao for ages and then just let it go. Chriches was due to injuries so was a must at the time.

    • I think considering the fact we sold Bale, fans would've been frustrated if we didn't spend most of the money. By the time we received the Bale money, most of the big transfers were made and we went for quantity over quality. That being said, I do think we needed Soldado, Lamela, Capoue, Chiriches and Eriksen, not the rest.



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