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Spurs defender Danny Rose has apologised for his ‘ill-judged’ comments that were released yesterday by The Sun in an exclusive and unauthorised interview with the 27 year old.

On Thursday morning, The Sun quoted the left-back as saying “I am worth more than I am getting” in regards to the limited wage structure in place at Spurs and that he’d have “no qualms” about considering a move away from Tottenham if the right club came in for him.

These comments, on the eve of the opening Premier League fixtures, caused chaos in the Spurs camp with fans and pundits alike voicing their concerns during an eruption on Twitter, while popular media outlets continued to target Tottenham for negative press.

This morning however, according to BBCSport, the Englishman’s representatives released a short statement, in which Rose offered an apology for the ‘timing’ and the ‘manner’ of his comments. His statement said:

“Having had time to consider my actions, I acknowledge now that the timing and manner of what I said was ill-judged.”

“My words were not mean to offend and for that I would like to apologise to the chairman, manager, my team-mates and the fans. I’d also like to wish the lads good luck ahead of Sunday’s game against Newcastle.”

It has been reported by The Sun, the same outlet that conducted the interview, that Rose may be facing disciplinary action from the club of a fine of up to two weeks wages, roughly £130,000.

It has been suggested that Rose’s punishment stems from the fact that he did not secure the club’s permission to take part in the interview, and that the full-back is also set to contest the fine.

Do you feel any punishment is fair?

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  1. Oh Danny boy, what have you done?

    You signed the contract, no one else done it for you. As you and all the other players have become better players and proved their worth, Spurs have been increasing your wages and offering you new contacts on a regular basis to reflect that improvement. Daniel Levy is doing everything he can to improve revenues and profits for the club to reinvest in a new stadium and take Spurs to a new level while Mauricio Pochettino is doing everything he can to improve the players and build a team capable of winning the Premier league and competing with the very best in Europe. I am sure if you where to stay at Spurs and go out there and play every week and win some trophies you would again be rewarded with improved contacts.
    Spurs finished their season very strongly without you and I am sure they will do the same again, there are also other players in team that could make better wages elsewhere, If it’s about money why did you sign a new contract? You could have went elsewhere then.
    To go to a newspaper like the Sun and to make these comments just before the first match of the season says so much about your character and at a time when you could see the excitement growing in the Spurs camp.

    One Bitterly disappointed Spurs Fan.

  2. Players of equal or less ability than many of the Spurs’ squad are earning more than Daniel Levy is prepared to pay. Can you blame players for becoming disaffected (in plain English pissed off) when they know they can go elsewhere and double their money? Kyle Walker has already jumped ship. If Spurs aren’t careful others will leave and probably Poch as well then Tottenham will return to mid-table mediocrity. I HOPE I’LL BE PROVED WRONG but money talks!.

  3. The problem with the rich (and Danny Rose is rich) is they are always looking up at what others get, rather than down at what the majority receive. Worth is subjective. Is Danny Rose ‘worth’ in a week what a nurse or firefighter earn in two years – for 90 minutes of football (yes, I know he trains too). Is he ‘worth’ more than the average person’s lifetime salary per season? Hmm, I don’t think so! If he had concerns about his level of pay, why did he not express that in his recent five year contract extension, rather than in a red-top rag – presumably without discussion with Tottenham management? I know that the career of a footballer is relatively short, but many go into other lucrative careers afterwards, such as TV, coaching etc . And to make such statements two days before the season starts, one might think that he already works for Chelsea or Man U.
    I have always thought Danny Rose a superb player, but he has betrayed the club, the management, and the supporters. Danny you should have a chat with that other great Tottenham defender and ambassador, Ledley King regarding loyalty and team spirit – and learn!
    I have watched Spurs since before they did the double, and I have never been so let down by a Spurs player – not even Campbell!


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