Dear Andre


Dear Andre

Ok, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I was one of those that didn’t fancy the idea of you becoming our boss.

You would never have been my first choice, my second choice, or even my third for that matter

Firstly because you took over from a manager who had a couple of 4th place finish’s and to finish higher than that would be a tall order for anybody, not just for you, secondly because the disaster that was Chelsea, I felt that would always be hanging over you, and both these reasons combined would give you absolutely zero room for error, at the first sight of any problems both the media and the fans would be all over you like a rash, demanding to know why Levy took you on in the first place. I felt you was on a hiding to nothing.

However, when you was announced as our new boss I also said “it’s done, so now lets give AVB a chance and just get behind the man”

The more you spoke the more I found myself liking you, the passion you showed on the touch-line I liked even more, your celebrations and love in with Bale just made me smile, and the never say die attitude of the players right to the very end of games came from you, and let’s be honest we’ve never had that sort of attitude. For me it was all looking very cushty. OK we missed out on Champions League (again) would sell our best players and buy some more (again) yet this time around we all felt it would be us – Spurs – that we was finally getting it right and was gonna take on all comers with our new 110 million pound signings. We all sat and laughed as Villa tonked arsenal on the opening day, we all sat and laughed as the goons phoned talksport crying whilst demanding “but why aren’t we buying anyone?” and we all sat and laughed when they signed their old has been on a free from Milan.
But Jesus Christ, HOW the hell we didn’t see it coming (again) HOW we was all so blind (again) HOW we continued to be loud mouthed Spurs fans (again) that true to form laughed at that mob up the road (again) only for us to go to their ground and lose (again) is beyond me?

To then hear they’d signed Ozil for 40 million, whilst we couldn’t even negotiate a single player from our special partnership that is Madrid, even on loan, “all” but spelt out exactly how this was gonna go.

With Fergie gone, Mancini gone and Wenger on the ropes our only real concern should have been your old pal Jose, yet with our new side we all thought we’d give him a run for his money too, with or without Will i Am.
However what we didn’t bank on, and what we didn’t see coming, was that you was gonna try to be a little clever, maybe even too clever, it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t strengthen the full back areas, it didn’t matter that none of our 25 midfielders couldn’t put a foot on the ball, or find that defence splitting pass we so desperately look for, simply because we was gonna play a high line, so high that our defence wasn’t even gonna be needed, if and only if the opposition would try a break away Sandro was just gonna – well – eat em. So all we had to do was turn up play high and then just – errrr – WIN!

As great as that sounds, this is Tottenham Hotspur, and we’re artists when if comes to shooting ourselves in the foot. We’re legendary at it, we’ve been doing it for years, in fact we’ve our own big red self district button just waiting to be pressed, and sadly all too often we’ve felt the need to press it.

Sundays battering didn’t surprise me, I called it mid-week, ok I didn’t dream it would be 6 i thought about 4, but nether the less I knew it was coming, not because Citeh are terrific, but because we haven’t been, although below us in the league they’ve been scoring willy nilly and we haven’t, I knew they’d rip our high line open and that my Andre is what they did, just like West Ham and just like many others will do if you don’t see the light and change what I’m simply put, a crap tactic – okay play high and they can’t attack, sounds logical, but since when has football been based on logic? clearly that system doesn’t work and on the other hand play high and we’ll also score a bucket load of goals, Well that clearly don’t work either..

As Spurs fans we all want you to succeed, we really do because if you succeed then we succeed, we want you to work it out, even go back to 4 4 2 if it means scoring goals and winning games, i don’t want Levy to pull the plug, I’m all for letting you see the season out and giving you the time it might take to get it right, but if you don’t ditch this high line rubbish, if you continue to play players out of position like Vertonghen at left back and Lamela left-wing, if you continue to play narrow with inverted wingers who have to run inside to an area that’s more congested than Ed Miliband’s nose, and if you make decisions to take off a midfielder to put on a striker then only 10 minutes later take off a striker to put on a midfielder ? Then Andre my friend all you are doing is playing yourself into the front row of the managerial sack race.

And I for one “don’t” want to be talking about yet another missed top four spot, yet more importantly another sacked Spurs manager!


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