Dilemma? Not With Lamela!

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Dom Le Roy

Where are all those haters who had written off Eric Lamela? The critics who disparaged our new winger will now be laughing at the wrong end of their mouths. His touch, his presence and more importantly the impact Eric made against FC Sheriff will give confidence to not only himself but to his teammates as well.

Just for starters, I am not in any way declaring Lamela is going to win the Ballon d’or because of his commanding performace but I am going to mention that he will grow and develop his undeniable talent with time. The glimpses of skill demonstrated against FC Sheriff, illustrates why Barcelona were so desperate to sign him from his native Argentina at the age of 12.

His moment of the match was the penalty he won and the mastery dribbling he exhibited. In a single move, the balance and composure he applied to bamboozle the opposition defenders had them at sixes and nines. The foul in the box was undeniable and the penalty decision was undisputed.

One hindrance to Lamela, which has been obvious, is that thing they call confidence. The only substance money cannot buy. In its possession you can do mighty things and without it you will be very desperate. But if these early signs are anything to go by, then we really have a talent on our hands who has in abundance a frightening depth of untapped potential.

Another hope of optimism is that our former No.11 Gareth Bale, like Lennon and other more text book wingers rely greatly on pace, agility and raw speed to beat their man. In games where space and time on the ball is limited, such qualities are nullified. Yet Lamela, has justified why he is known to be a dribbler and we will need a lot more of those twinkle toes, to work its magic in the league.

So is he now Messi or Ronaldo? No. We are being realistic here. The boy is a fighter with the courage to do what is necessary. After that awful penalty against Hull, I feared the worst for him to be honest. But he has not stopped believing and he is finding his feet with every passing game. Let’s expect the best from him but not too soon. One day for all we know he could be competing with Messi and Ronaldo and if you think Spurs lack the aptitude to develop players onto the world stage just ask Mr. Bale just how much we helped him grow.

Sometimes the real dilemma is, we see people we love as how we wish them to be and not how they really are. Let’s see Lamela and all the lads for who they really are and not the hype we create in our minds. Up the Spurs! To Dare is to do! Anything is possible!

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  1. It takes time for any new signing to acquaint themselves with a new team. If he cannot speak the language, knows the culture and is only 21 must make it difficult. If he is barely 9stone coming up against 13stone hulks it can seem impossible. Yet he is persevering and yesterday showed glimpses of his potential. I see a great future. Just give him enough time to acclimatise and develop. No pressure please.

  2. Early days but he seems to have the skills of Ronaldo, close control, foot rolling over the ball.
    Like i said early days but the kid has more than pace, he does look a real good prospect, & came highly rated by Ossie.
    In Baldini we trust….. COYS!!!!!

  3. No pressure – chance of a fine thing ? I think he'll thrive under it – remember although 21 he's been through a lot when he went to Roma – COYMS …

  4. I was one of the septic sceptics. But NOW, I am a believer! He's becoming of age, even if, whilst attempting those showboating stepovers to baffle defenders, he resembled a clunky Nazi storm trooper attempting a bit of goosestepping. And that great theatrical fall for the penalty (yes I know it was DEFINITELY a penalty)? Well, put it this way, if he'd been a doomed extra in a war film, he'd have been sacked, or his part cut.
    But all those heart warming and jokey things aside, the lad really started to show us he is the real deal!
    And things can only get better! I don't care if he goes down like an airy fairy bad actor in the penalty area (and I don't mean 'diver' either) or goosesteps his way past opponents, Erik has the potential to drive defenses mad ..and, by heck, Tottenham need that more than anything.

  5. This is not brain surgery!! just as many of us predicted last season Townsend has all the skill and drive necessary to get to the very top and it was just a matter of time. Lamela has real ability with quickness of mind to match. He will more than justify his price–there is no doubt about it.

  6. sing to "ooh wackado wackaday"………. We got a fella, his names Lamela, he plays for Tottenham at White Hart Lane. He's fast as lightning, his skill is frightening, Give us Erik Lamela every day

  7. AVB wasted EPL 10 games with Lamela – he never gave him any chance, with so many bullshit excuses. Spurs might be in a much better position in the table if he did give him a chance from the start. We might not have laboured so much in breaking-up defences – just one example.

  8. sing to "ooh wackado wackaday"………. We got a fella, his names Lamela, he plays for Tottenham at White Hart Lane. He's fast as lightning, his skill is frightening, Give us Erik Lamela every day.COYS


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