The Only Dive That Mattered Was From Spurs

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A truly shameful ending to what could have been a glorious season. A man up and Newcastle were the ones doing the scoring and creating the chances. Spurs went on holiday the moment Sissoko hit the turf at St James Park—or was it the moment Mousa Dembele gouged Diego Costa?

It matters not, nor did this game and finishing second seem to matter to the manager or the players. But to be humiliated by a relegated side—a man down—in this fashion—leaves a bitter taste that no amount of new stadium cheerleading or transfer additions will easily remove. Poch lost the plot, and he seemed to have lost his team a month ago.

Let’s count the ways, because our newly signed manager has a lot to answer for. He could not control his side when, a man up and on top of the league, all they had to do was shut down Alexis Sanchez and Mezit Ozul for twenty minutes and second place would never have been an issue. He could not overcome a Tony Pulis scheme that allowed the Baggies to outplay Spurs at White Hart Lane for most of the second half. Nor could he properly warn his star 20 year old not to take the “wind up bait” and retaliate in a fashion that would hurt his team. He could not control his team in the cauldron of Stamford Bridge to stay above the fray and not lose their cool and lose another lead to Chelsea. And then as he signed his contract and they knew their money would be coming too, he could not produce the grit and discipline necessary to get one result vs either the Saints or the crap Magpies in order to finish above Arsenal.

We won none of the first four games of the season (and won’t have one of our best players for the first four next year) and none of the last four, and ended the season in humiliation—St Totteringhams Day came very late but with a cruel punch. I don’t care how good the thirty in between were because we are like that skier who thought she had Olympic Gold, tried one more trick, fell on her arse, and blew the whole thing.

So Poch—all you’ve won is a tougher schedule next year. You haven’t won our hearts, or minds, or trust. Not after today. And you had better figure out how to start next season out strong or you may not be around to see the new stadium.

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Paul is a respected U.S. political pollster (Democrat) based in Madison, Wisconsin and Los Angeles. His love for Spurs began when the Premier League games started appearing regularly in the U.S. and an American lover of football had to choose a side. Bale, Rushdie, Adele, Shakespeare, the Spurs faithful, The Lane, etc. were all irresistible attractions and have made Maslin a Spur for life.


  1. it´s happened again
    it´s happened again
    it´s happened again tottenham hotspurs
    it´s happened again
    what do you think of tottenham? shit
    what do you think of shit? tottenham

  2. Absolutely gutted! We threw it all away! I think that Poch made a big mistake when he omitted Kevin Wimmer from the team once Jan was back to fitness. Alright, I know we got a good result against Man U when Jan first came back, but I think that the defence lost a little bit of its steel once Kevin Wimmer was left out. On top of that, he had been performing superbly in the back four! The last few games and performances have been a total disaster. There are still a lot of concerns to be

    addressed and hopefully we will get them sorted before the new season kicks off. We are still in need of a Leader out there on the park; someone who can sort things out on the pitch when necessary, whilst keeping our over

    exuberant youngsters in check. Gutted to drop down to 3rd!!

  3. After a leg breaking style foul and a very dodgey pen the most disappointing thing is spurs just gave up, may be it's due to players not wanting to get injured before the Euro's, still no excuse as the sh+ts from up the road will make more noise than usual by undeservedly getting 2nd place and wanting to rub the spurs nose in it.

  4. Talk about fickle. You've had your best finish in several years and you're talking about sacking what looks like a decent manager?

    Tottenham Hotspur, it's happened again.

  5. Can't believe what I just watched…..if we lose that badly against a team that's relegated we have no chance in champions league next season…but head up we will manage..COYS

  6. I don't care about what the neighbours have done… It's time we stopped thinking what they're doing… We are a better team, We know that. We have to learn from this season…. We lost this season because we lost our heads at Stamford Bridge…. With Dembele and Alli there Is no way we would have let 2nd place slip… It's better to lose or draw a game than to loose players for 3 or more games. We would have taken points from Southampton and Newcastle with those players on the field or at least with as good as replacements… Pochi needs to decide who he wants to keep and then the players that do stay need to keep there heads In all situations… Chelsea wasn't worth the agro when you look at the bigger picture… 2nd place..

  7. I agree totally with this article, yet we will be called fickle for criticing everything that went on this season, the team was an absolute disgrace, no other words for it. The fans deserve an apology for that travesty, especially the ones who travelled to Newcastle. Abject failure, third means nothing.

  8. Take it easy, it sucks but thats no reason to dig in like this. They're not idiots up there, they know what needs to be worked on. Why don't you just start drumming up the "Poch out!" shouts now too while you're at it. Fake. Fan.

  9. Are you sure about that? Not idiots? Who are we talking about here? levy? Poch?. Levy has had too many of these events in his tenure, for this not to be a pattern.
    Listen, this hasn't been a good season, we never beat woolwich, Chelsea, Everton, Leicester, WBA, Everton, Liverpool, and lost twice to Newcastle, humiliatingly so. You can't put a shine on this at all, a bad day at the office,? How can anyone in their right minds defend conceding five goals to a team that has already been relegated. 70 points does not usually get you a third place finish. To put in a performance like this today, defies beleif and credible description. It was pathetic They ALL Played like they didn't care, it was one of the worst performances I have ever seen, by any team, and am not sure this harmony that Poch has supposedly created exists at all,and stand by what I have said earlier. The fans deserve a huge apology, they have lost our trust..

    • In past seasons we would be in 5th place around this time, or 4th on the last day just to lose and come 5th. It sucks, the team played like shit, it was a disgrace, but which team doesn’t have that horrible match in their season? It came at the worst possible time but this season was a success, the youth of the team and the promise they have is amazing and I look forward to next season. We can’t be putting him under this much pressure so quickly, give him the time, or else we’ll re enter the cycle of 9 managers in 9 years and continuing to come 5th

    • This is some wonderfully reactionary rubbish. It was a bad game, terrible in fact, yet somehow a season in which we've broken several of our own records, with the youngest team in the league, can be deemed as not good? Honestly, have a word with yourself.

  10. I feel your anguish guys, I really do…..Loudest the Emirates has been all season, when Newcastle kept scoring, a hilarious end to a crap season for us…chin up lol

  11. Oh shut up, best season in years, ruined can by the title talk. Yes it's disappointing but come on a bit over dramatic..

  12. If the excuse we lost is because of Alli & Dembeles absence , then Spurs have a lack of bench strength which won't cut it for CL play next season. Pochs earlier comments about not being concerned where they finish to Arsenal were shocking to say the least. This was nothing more then a gutless no show by this squad, and one of the reasons I would never sign any manager to a long term contract.

  13. This was a little harsh. But not harsh enough.

    MP was quoted earlier in the week saying he was not worried about Arsenal. And from that moment it was obvious that the squad would be phoning it in on Sunday.

    This better never happen again, such a blatant f-you to the supporters.

  14. Deary me, the doom and gloom merchants out in force. People pointing at yesterday's game as some sort of sign that we have no chance in the champions league. Yesterday's game was freak. Had Newcastle still been fighting relegation, they would have parked the bus when 2-1 up. Instead they threw men forward on the counter because it the result was irrelevant. Chuck in that Sissoko dived at a vital moment when momentum was back with us to win the penalty that killed us. No excusing the meltdown after that, but it matters little. All the last few games have shown that we struggle without Dembele and Dele. The backups don't cut it anymore.

  15. I really don't get this. At the start pf the season if you lot were told we'd finish 3rd, above Man U, City and Chelsea everyone would have jumped at it. Now, because of a few bad results at the end of the season you all start slagging off the manager. I for one think it's been a great season and am looking forward to next season and the Champions League. COYS

    • It's not about what you got. It's about what you could have had. If you are happy with what you got either you could never have done better or you don't care to try. They could have given the fans something to feel really good about and they blew it. And that failure to articulate and achieve a goal should be remembered next season.

  16. Everything went downhill starting the day after they were "banned" from going to the awards in order to stay focused. They came out of the tunnel for the West Brom. game looking off and played as if they were . If you look at footage of them in the tunnel at each game after that, the body language was not that of a confident, energized team.. Something had gone wrong that caused the dreadful pattern of the remaining games. I hope that Poch and the team can sort it out or we will start next season in a bad place and be rapidly exited from the CL.


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