Divided we’ll fall

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Where do we begin? Is our ‘predicament’ down to AVB? Tim Sherwood? Baldini? Levy, 4-4-2 or any of our current squad members who, one way or another, have taken some stick over recent performances.

If we start by looking at the bigger picture I think it’s fair to say, given what the club is going through, we’re not fairing too badly. Of course, as fans of Tottenham we strive for the best but sadly, and I really does hurt to say it, at the moment we’re expecting too much. I feel like the club has no direction, objective or long term plan & that for me has to be down to something terribly wrong behind the scenes. The cold, blank look on Daniel Levy’s face, win, lose or draw is deeply concerning. He doesn’t seem to engage with what the club needs on all levels. Yes, ultimately he is a businessman & desires profit as all good businessmen do but from my experiences in life, it’s a darn sight easier to lead a march if your soldiers are on your side.

The never knowing what’s coming next is in my opinion the most disruptive influence you can have in any organisation. One result away from another managerial shake up, one transfer window away from losing our best players & so on. Does he really care about the club? When it’s not working (& for the most part I feel it was working) the quick answer is to throw it away & buy a new one which just leads to instability & rebuilding every 18 bloody months!! While bums are on seats it will never be a problem I’m guessing but for the greater good of the fans, the club & all the staff it’s time Mr Levy took a long hard look at what’s going on & make a decision based on Tottenham from the other side of the fence. The side where the fans stand & together endure the ‘maybe next year’ season upon season. Where despite all the other expenditure in their lives they still find a way to stump up the money week after week to go along & support the boys & for what? Sure, some weeks you leave the ground feeling great as we’ve performed well against decent opposition but it’s all too short term because a week later, a result or some back room news will leave you feeling like you’ve been punched in the gut…..again. Then we get the line about if the board have no long term plan then there wouldn’t be talk of a new stadium & so on but that just leads me to thinking that a new stadium would not be for the greater good of the football club. It would go to service the demand for season tickets & matchday ticket demands……therefore lining the pockets of the ‘business’ even further.

I guess financial stability in this current climate is a good thing for the club but when you sacrifice the glory & desire for it you’ve got to ask yourself one thing. How much more is the every day fan going to tolerate before it all comes crashing down? Do you want a successful business Mr Levy because if you do, sooner rather than later you’re going to have to give us a successful football team to feed it. Time to start becoming a Spurs fan as well as a businessman Daniel……….please. COYS

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  1. Levy is a cold, soulless and nerveless man – which is just the opposite type of owner a would-be successful team needs. You have to love your club, just like the supporters do. And just like the supporters, he has to go that extra mile. Not get in 'could-be' good managers and players, but 'good' ones. Spend that extra couple of million, cut your losses when you have to, stop doing everything on the cheap. And be like the best teams – demand better from the players, make them earn their millions. After all, kicking a ball around a pitch once or twice a week is a bloody sight better than working for a living!

  2. All I know is, is that the hope of CL football, which we've had for four years (the hope, that is) has now been extinguished.
    From looking like a CL team in all but actuality, in recent years, we now look no better than a top six side.
    I'm still convinced that if this squad had been utilised properly, by both AVB and TS, then we would be seriously in the mix for 3rd or 4th at least ..but too many mistakes were made in team set-ups, especially at home. AVB never learned from his mistakes and kept getting out-thought by other managers in mid-game, while Tim (same with him v Chris Hughton) has horribly compounded those errors, having never learned from AVB's mistakes of flooding the field with midfielders whose strength does not lay in 'creative' areas. Levy and Baldini have to take flak too ..for generally wasting all the money that came from Bale and Modric's sale (apart from Eriksen and Chiriches ..I'd like to say Paulinho too, but as classy as he is, what exactly IS his position, and what is he supposed to do on a fairly regular basis that is beneficial to the side?).

  3. The season was over when Levy bottled it and pulled the trigger on AVB and there were plenty that wanted him to do it so I guess they must be very happy now.

  4. We can't keep playing this awful unattractive boring slow non positional football,still no creative player (Ericsson ) .so far Sherwood's been lucky he must have a thing for Benteleb what I don't no he. Was awful.still there's always something to take from a season and that is wear not top 4quality and won't be in my lifetime,we're a club with no football identity no style Harry I miss you

  5. the result at norwich was a disaster , now we can moan about the players but only if we put out our best available team, t s didnt yesterday and when it wasnt working he had no clue to sort it . i have got on my orange box a few times ref team selection and please be patient im going to again. can anyone please explain why ts cant see hes mucking up completely, no erickson our best player is left on the bench he should along with lloris the first name on the team sheet , rose was a disgrace dawson apart from his heading and effort is no longer spurs quality bentaleb was like a headless chicken and lost and gave the ball away 90% of the game , against n/city we could surely have 2 strikers on this wasnt chavs or man city and the quality we have should see off teams like n/c without having 2 dms, and chadli was on a sunday afternoon stroll . come summer we need a new manager get rid of – rose dawson chadli livermore naughton kane gomes friedal fryers , build our team around erickson lloris verts sandro ade soldado (i feel he will come good )dembele lamela hopefilly will also shine tounsend if he stops trying to be gareth bale lennon chiri need him back asap sort kabs injury probs out and coupe and paulino buy a cb get a lb another striker keep bentaleb get t carrol back and have them in the squad and recall holtby asap out of the new guys we got paulo chri and of course our christian have earned our thanks and respect coupe and soldado are a work in progress lamela is obviously very talented and needs our support chadli can go back to anywhere but us a waste of 7m . thank you all for indulging me coys

    • I must say a major shake up is in order as you suggest. Baldini has a hard on for midfielders that is why we have 14 and only 1 decent full back (walker) and 1 decent striker (ade). In addition to those that can leave I would add Chiriches (too small to win aerial battles) and Capoue. I might add Paulinho if he doesn't start doing what it said on the label (a box to box player). So also add Baldini – he is clearly a plonker !


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