Dnipro away report

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

We didn’t learn a whole lot yesterday that we didn’t know already but the main lessons were still unavoidable, ie that the attack’s not good enough without Adebayor and that the defence isn’t good enough without some new blood, especially on the left where Rose was in general the weakest link despite the nervous Naughton having to face the highly touted Konoplyanka on the other flank. Rose may use the excuse of an early injury to explain his periodic MIA episodes and given the state of the pitch and the laissez-faire attitude of the Spanish ref we can count ourselves lucky to not return with anything more serious to worry about than Rose’s niggle if that does indeed prove to be the case.

I said in yesterday’s preview that Soldado needed to be at his best if we were to come back with an away goal so let’s hope that this wasn’t it. His poor header from Chadli’s cross in the first half and skied effort in the second after some great work by Paulinho were our clearest chances and both should’ve been put away. If either of them had of been then it’s unlikely we’d have faced quite such an onslaught in the last quarter of the game and be far more sanguine about next week’s second leg.

As it is, Soldado doesn’t presently appear to be able to get a clean contact when near goal and thus, thanks in the end to some desperate last minute defending; Thursday’s rematch is set up nicely. Dnipro looked set up well and have pace on the break. It should be a good game.

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  1. That was perhaps the worst game I have seen all season. I just look it now and I'm in despair, no fight, no passion and no ideas. We couldn't seem to get our head up, pass it to another white shirt, the defending was shocking and the midfield was anonymous. It was appalling. I made the comment on the "Midfield Maestro" article about our lack of fight and Townsends appalling form, last nights game summed him up. Can't shoot, can't mix up his game, poor touch, can't get his head up, retain possession.

    All we seem to do is go for the wonder goal every time. Rather than hold the ball, be patient, look for runners, look for other options. Was absolutely awful! I am normally very optimistic, but this season has knocked it out of me. We need more passion, more fight to buck up the midfield, someone who says "If you don't show any desire, I'm going to knock you out when we get off of this pitch". I am sick and tired of us being described as "slow, ponderous, lacking ideas, lacking fight, no creativity, boring to watch" because it's starting to become truer and truer before my very eyes! We cant retain possession, we can't cut teams open, regain possession and press in any area of the pitch. Here's hoping for a change at the weekend. The thing that always makes me giggle is that despite this poor season, we are only 3 points off "genius Liverpool with their genius manager who has this genius system with the genius idea of playing 2 strikers", Brendan Rodgers, what an intolerable little buffoon he is!

    Oh well.

  2. yes what an appalling performance!

    tim starts of saying we looked too defensive under avb, but last night reverted back to same old rubbish….the 2 worst players on the pitch (apart from naughton who was torn apart by a very good winger) were benteleb and capoue – both played too deep, passing and tackling were poor, they did not break-up dnipro`s attacks and for midfield players they created absolutely nothing! – coupled with performances from townsend and chadli (the slowest player in the premiership?) made for very depressing watching

    i feel timmy needs to drop benteleb on sunday (along with capoue and chadli) and bring in erikesn, dembele and either sandro of siggy (surley one of them is fit by now?)


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