Does Roberto Soldado deserve a break?

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Dom Le Roy

Soldado has been under extreme pressure as of late. After a rather speculative goal drought recently he has been the target of strong criticism, prior to mistakes that were made by the striker in the Europa League against FC Dnipro away. Despite this, if further inspection is taken, you will realise that when he missed the supposed ‘sitter’, the ball actually bounced off of Soldado’s knee and flew out of play after a bobble on the turf. During the past week he has been linked with a swap move with Atletico Madrid for hit-man Diego Costa. In my opinion, this would not be the best of deals and would be unfair on Soldado. After scoring 80 goals in 3 seasons with Valencia, it is clear that his spirit and efforts in training will pay off, and to tease Atletico with a move will only affect the striker’s morale.

During the match versus Cardiff City, Soldado bagged the only goal. He scored with a slick movement inside the box and a trademark Soldado strike neatly prodded the ball into the corner. Manager Tim Sherwood claimed that Spurs “won ugly” and the performance wasn’t great overall. On the other hand, it was obvious due to his celebration after scoring that Soldado was overwhelmed. Instead of celebrating he just clutched his temple in relief. Also something to mention would be that despite not scoring against Dnipro in our 3-1 win to send us through, Soldado did have a goal disallowed due to being offside. His finish and movement was sublime.

When a fan watches football, for obvious reasons, their eyes remain fixed on the ball. But if the centre of attention was suddenly turned to players without possession, you will realise that Soldado’s movement around the pitch is second to none. When he spots a run, he instantly makes it his task to meet the pass and get in space to receive the ball. He has the classic striker instinct. It is questionable whether or not he is receiving the right through balls to suit his play by the supporting players. For example Eriksen is already a very hands-on player who isn’t afraid to take chances. He has his own style of play, however if he ever feeds the ball through, it would be mainly to Emmanuel Adebayor. It is clear also that Adebayor is the favourite in the pecking order above Soldado.

Overall, is this fair on Roberto Soldado? Personally, I believe he deserves a break and that some of the Tottenham fan-base are not getting behind him enough. A striker out of form needs one key element over the rest. Support. Upwards on onwards for the Spurs!

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  1. I’ve been watching him all season and he’s a whole lot smarter than he’s given credit for. If he was our only signing this year and our sole focus on making the side better, there’s a fair chance that he’d have scored quite a few more goals. This guy is class, make no mistake, I think another season and there won’t be any questions asked, the fact that it seems Roberto isn’t going anywhere next season until he’s proved he’s got it, make me think we’ve got a rough diamond that needs a bit of polishing

  2. Seldom do I post responses but this one caught my eye!

    A break, seriously??? He looks like he may finally hit form… An offside goal but great finish in Europe then an actual open play goal against Cardiff. And you want to give him a break now to get him nice and rusty again. While the pressure of earning so much a week is hard to imagine and for most a ridiculous concept, I don’t think he deserves a break and I don’t think it would help at all. He just needs to focus on his football, his movement and his finishing surely

    • I think you misunderstood the term "break" in this context. It should have been made clear if you read the article. It doesn't mean a leave. It means we need to support him and lay off the abuse he seems to get. A sentiment I wholeheartedly agree with. His off the ball movement is absolutely excellent. All he needs is some service when he makes the runs. Aka Don't play him with Townsend and Siggurdsson.

  3. Roberto Soldado is a cracking player , it takes time to settle in, his play all over the pitch is brillant he has a lot of vision , he will become a great player for spurs. Good luck Roberto i wish you well

  4. I agree Soldado does have good movement and I am a firm believer that he "will come good" but we really have to look at why all this fuss. It is rarely that a player comes into the EPL from abroad and does well – Giroud being the obvious example and Rebrov another (no- just joking about him!). Buying 7 new players from abroad in one season is basically stupid !

  5. Soldado terrific,some of the Spurs fan base not the word I'd use,why they think that moaning about everybody and everything is going to help I have no idea.Get behind our present manager and the squad.COYS


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