Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Let me start by addressing some facts:

  • We are not good enough to warrant a Champions League place.
  • No team should ever lose by 4+ goals on 4 different occasions in a season.
  • We have no leaders & no fight
  • We have gone backwards in the last 5 Years as a First Team.

Capitulation, capitulation, capitulation; it’s getting boring now. No team should ever lose like this, especially not 4 times in the same season. If anybody sits here and tells me this team is a Champions League side they are either deluded or kidding themselves. A top side has leaders, fighters and exceptional players; we have none. This is not a Spurs team. We have little attacking flair, we don’t excite, we don’t tear teams apart, we don’t fight, battle, scrap. We’ve lost our identity. You cannot lose like we did today against Chelsea over and over and over.

Sherwood made these facts pretty clear in his scathing post-match interview with Sky Sports. He knows the problems, but will he get the chance to address it? As romantic as it would be, I doubt it, we need experience and a finished product now to sort this mess out; enter, Louis Van Gaal.

I made the point that we’d gone backwards over the last 5 years in my previous article ‘Time for Change? Levy & ENIC’, and this season does everything to confirm it. I’ve been challenged with points surrounding our greater squad, position as a club, youth system etc etc. But no; open your eyes everyone; if you buy players for in excess of £18mil you should expect big contributions, we’ve had little or none from Paulinho, Lamela & Soldado. Others have made such an impact that Sherwood favours a kid in Bentaleb over them. Frankly our transfer dealings have been derisory. We’ve bought rubbish and now face another rebuilding job; but yes everyone our squad is bigger, and we have lots of good under 15’s, yippy! Guess what: an enlarged squad of mediocre players doesn’t bring success. You have to buy players with key attributes such as leadership and resilience on top of talent; just look over to the dark side- Flamini returned and toughened them up no end.

You can excuse players and teams for making a mistake but the same mistake again and again and again? Disgraceful. Players are making wrong decisions (Walker) and are looking more and more disinterested and isolated (Vertonghen). The fact is that it is embarrassing; I can take losing, but not like this, its’ like a bad nightmare repeating itself over and over again.

Is this a Tottenham team? No. This is a bunch of above average individuals being above average in the Premier League. We’ve gone backwards, we’re meandering nowhere but at least the club as a whole looks better? The club is only as good as the First Team everybody, remember that.

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  1. Well said. I am getting old and very, very tired of living in hope from one transfer window to another. Something malodorous about our club. AVB set about ruining Chelsea, yet ENIC invited him to repeat the act with Spurs. Signor Baldini was undistinguished when assistant manager of a mediocre English national team. He fails to excite me. Tim Sherwood is a good bloke, but top four management material he is not. What now? The August transfer window? And pray tell me, what club with a decent manager would want the AVB/Baldini misfits strolling the hallowed turf of White Hart Lane

    • Abysmal display in the second half. Being reduced to 10 does not excuse it. We need to rebuild the entire back 4 let alone address the inept attacking talent we spent a small fortune on; Dawson a liability, Walker has the brains of a rocking horse, Rose not good enough and Vertongen is already dreaming of playing alongside Kompany next season. Sell Lamela, Chadli, Capoue and Paulinho. Bring back Caulker and go all out to bring in young, hungry talent like Lalana & Shaw!

    • Come on man, don’t keep blaming AVB for the constant failures. The players we got was not AVB’s choices, and the wrong buys has now probably ended the run for two managers. Time to open the eyes and give the manager the responsibility of buying players. That way he know who will fit into his style of play.

  2. completely agree Ben I said to a cheatski supporting mate before the game I would take a 2-0 defeat now fearing a mauling and that is exactly what we got . The penalty / sending off ended any slim chance we had but yet again we started off sloppy and were punished for it as good teams do . Top 4 not worthy with this team most of them look like they do not want to be there , as for Vertonghan I,m sick to death of his attitude , thinks he is too good to be there a one paced poser who is not good enough to play at a higher level . This season has been torture and embarrassing enough said , Gutted !

  3. Absolutely spot on. Been saying this for months. Didnt agree with the 'kiddie with christmas money' spending in the summer and been proven right. We are a joke club whose only success this season is bringing a smile to most every other clubs supporters !! PS hope Orient get promoted ! Come on you O's

  4. Vertonghen needs to go sooner rather than later; not because of his mistakes, bur because of his attitude. He clearly does not want to play for us so he should leave. I would be tempted however to send him to Russia or Turkey or something instead of Barca. This churlish behaviour should not be rewarded with a dream move!

    Sig cannot play on the left!

    I don't care if he plays regularly for Brazil, I fail to see what Paulinho adds to the team.

    Soldado should have been entrusted today after his goal last time out. He is one player that does actually seem to care!

    We desperately need a top quality centre back. We've got leadership in Daws. Physical attributes in Kaboul and technical ability in Vert….but should a centre back have all of these attributes…..we need one that does, then maybe Kaboul will be good enough to line up next to him.

    Lloris is a top quality keeper, that is clear; but he's gotta stay on his line once in a while. I'm getting fed up of these heart in mouth moments every time he decides to come and "claim" it.

    The team has no creativity, so we cannot drop Eriksen. No fight so we can't drop Sandro. No leadership so we can't drop Dawson. And no goal scorers so we can't drop Ade……it doesn't leave us with many options eh.

    From the little I've seen of Lamela he looks to be one player who can make things happen. Could be exactly what we need. If we sell him for a loss in the summer we might as well just hang up our boots.


  5. I agree on bringing in van gaal, we need a proven tactician that can at least make us play more exciting football (Dawson smacking it up to Adebayor will not do. Ever.). Keep lamela, PLAY him (stupid avb) so he can at least combine well with the others. If super jan is going to jump ship we shouldent be stopping him, if he is going to play like he did because he dosent want to be here we honestly would be better off. Kaboul out- we don't need a guy costing us important games when he's not injured (which is a lot of the time). Play eriksen for goodness sake. Get rid of Dawson, he's a great captain (I guess…) but not a good footballer. Our focus in the summer should be a world class left back that is reliable and not injury prone and a commanding centre half that knows not to tie their shoe lace when the opposition is attacking or pushes up to the half way line when the have no pace to run back.

    The rant is over, two rants in one link. :)

  6. Absolutely true! We're shite at the moment.

    In my twenty years as a yiddo I've never been more angry at the players and embarassed for the club. I'd rather they sell the whole lot of them, relegate and rebuild the club from scratch 'cause i can't take one more defeat like that. If you don't want to play proper football and give it your all, then f..k off.

    Btw. Lloris and Vertonghen wants ChL in another club? Pfff don't make me laugh. I don't think the likes of Juve and Barca are going after them in the state they're in. Absolute w.nkers

  7. Yes, embarrassing. 2 nil down with 2 minutes to go and concede 2 more. Our goal difference is terrible anyway. This is symptomatic of our whole season – just not scoring goals. 1 nil margins against team s like fulham, cardiff etc gets us 3 points but we've been hammered by top 4 sides consistently (and west ham). I don't know what Levy must be thinking right now about next season. We got 7 players in last summer and I'm not sure any have really excelled for us. Maybe next season….

  8. Get rid of all the show ponies and give a chance to hungry wannabes! Walker, Kaboul, Vertongen, Soldato, Paulinho, YOU ARE ALL RED CARDED! You are too good for Spurs! Go and find a club that can accommodate your egos and attitudes – You are a disgrace!

    Dawson you are too slow – you’re fired!

    Lennon you are not consistent – you’re on final notice!

    Benteleb you are not ready, too many errors – go with Sherwood.

    Soldato go in peace – have you ever considered ping-pong?

    Llorris we realise you’re too good for us, but you are getting PAID son so do your bloody job!

    Heart broken yet again,


  9. Sadly we have a honest but novice manager who is not good enough,Vertonghen does not want to be at our club especially at left back.Mr Levy has signed players who lack guile and guts and our season is over.I think the performances this year have been as poor as I have seen at WHL.I guess for me I have had enough we play crap football and look as organised as a Sunday team.Can it get any worse yes the Arsenal next week hate to think what they will do to us.Get the Dutchman in as soon
    as possible

  10. unlike most on here, that when we win " put your blinkers on and ignore the problem" we are not good enough, from daniel levy (profit man) to baldini to the players, how has no i noticed we need 2 full backs a right winger a attacking midfielder and a striker is shocking, !

  11. We’ve got our tottenham back. Gutless clueless and fuckin useless. I thought these sort of performances had gone away but how wrong I was. I bloody love this club but I reckon anyone one of us on here could give more than that shower. I actually felt sorry for adebayor today. He did look to keep trying. Vertonghen has had the look for weeks of a player who thinks he’s above everyone else and don’t get me started on walker!! He gave up. We are becoming a joke and next season we start all over again and another god knows how many more transitional seasons!!!!! To top it all off I’ve got horrendous bloody heartburn!!!!

  12. We all know we’re not a CL side,anyone who has seen us play live just the once this season would know that. The summer arrivals increased our expectation levels that these players could never reach. We are a poor side and football has this habit of making us want to believe,unfortunately you only have to look at our goal difference to see how bad we are. I am not sure we are in a false position or that the rest of the PL is dreadful,probably both. I am not bothered if all the players went this summer,I was a fan of sandro but can you see him playing for a top team,I can’t!

    • Our players are good enough, we have a good team, players like eriksen and holtby consistently play killer passes for their countries , paulinho runs the game for Brazil , Sandro is a beast , dembele brilliant at taking the ball from defence to forwards, adebayor can be good , lamela consistently played good in Italy , it’s not these guys they have shit loads of talent it’s us our English players Dawson keeps kicking smacking the ball forward rose and walker have no timing on their runs in to the opposition half and then Lennon and Townsend have no end product ,even worse why do none of them make runs into the box so we can make space for our attackers . Under Harry redknapp everyone was running into the box that’s why their was so many chances created. Get rid of Dawson, Lennon, rose, naughton,Kane never gonna be for cl level

  13. Great Blog !!! Yes it was soul destroying. I’m not sure what others think when I say this, but do you notice much lesser seem to have more of a purpose in the final 3rd ? We are clueless. You expect something productive when we attack and end up with nothing time an Tim again. Whoever comes in will need to be strong in decision making take no shit and make the decisions that result in the club making a forward move !!! Welcome LVG. I really hope at this stage we just collect ourselves, avoid Europa competition and kick on with the league as the only distraction. Whoever wants to go, let them !!!

  14. I initially thought we had all the gear but no idea with avb. Now i can see its a mixture of both. 90% of the players dont give a fuck about the club and the ones who do are either not cl quality (if we truly are aiming for that) or they are all bark no bite i.e dawson

  15. That game was hard to watch, it was terrible. Vertonghen almost made it his mission to punish Sherwood because he played him on the left. Sigurdsson is not a left mid, he is a centre attacking mid.
    Tottenham need to hold onto some quality players like Lamela, Paulinho, Vertonghen, Lloris, Walker, Soldado, create a backbone to the team and get a really good manager to find the perfect tactic to get all these players in the mix. If Vertonghen and Lloris leave, I don't think Tottenham will ever make the top 4. Quality teams don't let quality players go

  16. I thought it was a rash decision to sack AVB – I know he wasn't a genius and the football wasn't great – but I'm not sure that since he's gone the football is any better, and the results aren't either.

    • The football is debatable. We are scoring more goals per game. On average the results are better, but it is marginal. if you take points per game the difference at the end of the season would be 68 points (AVB) against 70 points (TS), assuming the trends continued. Neither would be good enough for CL.

  17. I thought we played really well in the first half. Vertonghen made a silly error. Once the penalty and sending off arose that was it. Did every one feel that badly about our display in the first 45? I would be delighted if we played like that away to top teams. That does not mean I think we are CL material yet. I do think we gave a great performance in the first half and I think no one is giving credit for that or looking forward to that as a model for away play against really good teams. You cannot legislate for silly errors.

    • So y keep making silly errors in da big games??? Sherwood is right,gutless characterless but LEVY is da problem people,NOTHIN will change till he fucks off !!

    • I am one of the very few who felt bad after 45mins. For one reason. We have no ability to finish against top sides. Mourinho said it perfectly, “we were never worried even though Spurs were in possession and dominating the game because they are a team that does not hurt other teams”

      Take that you bunch of gutless girls.

      Are we that bad?

  18. Jose’ summed up our problem today, but it’s been the same problem since Modric went two seasons back. Bale covered up for it, or bypassed it, last season, but it still existed as a problem.

    Quite simply we possess the ball, we build up slowly from the back, but we don’t hurt in the final third! We no longer ‘scare’ teams.

    That’s it!

    Barca, for example, possess the ball too but they ‘cut’ the opposition apart fluidly while doing it ..a thousand cuts they inflict ..and when they don’t have the ball, they swarm all over the opposition upfield to get it back. We have done this useless and dull possession thing all season, and Spurs fans are sick of it. We obviously don’t want to see hoofing it upfield, but I felt like screaming today as we showed absolute cluelessness in the final third as usual. Same pattern, slow deliberate build up from the back, passing back at every opportunity as we approached their box, or shifting the ball quickly onto the nearest player. All instead of someone simply having vision and spotting the forward pass that might, just might, cut open the Chelsea defense. Did we try, even? We used to have a cutting edge to our game two or three years back, and it was only our strikers, who couldn’t convert most of the chances subsequently produced, that kept us out of the title challenge.

    Now we are simply unattractive, continually unbalanced, and especially ineffective against the best teams.

    The hopes and dreams of the past 5 years have now been extinguished.

    OK, we don’t need atrocious refereeing decisions compounding our problems, eg Rose against City, and Kaboul today, but did we ever look like scoring?

    And why was this? Because WE HAD NO CREATIVE PLAYERS!!! Did we address that problem when Modric, our gem of a little playmaker, left? NO! We finally brought Eriksen in, who, even though cheaper than most of our buys last summer and almost an afterthought, has proved the best buy of all ..and yet how can we function as a typical Spurs team with only one playmaker (and often even HE ain’t playing) when all the top teams have many, and KNOW how to create and score goals!!?

    As usual today, we looked like a team that ‘hoped’ to nick a goal and get away with a result! We do that even against poor sides. A ‘result’ may have even occurred today, but the off-colour Chelsea side we were playing were then gifted a goal by our incredible Belgian sulk. Another Danny Blanchflower I thought our Verts would be ..what a joke! This immediately invigorated our opponents, with the referee getting over excitable too, as they got their second. And then the inevitable capitulation and yet another massive defeat this season!!

    Oh, it’s just too much! An unfulfilled era is over ..but even in that era it was decent football, with Modric, Bale and others ..and we dared to dream, because all that was required of our owners and managers was a little appropriate tweaking (here and there) of the squad and the tactics.

    But neither could do that. Talk about a simple game made complicated by AVB’s tactics, intransigence and prejudice, and Levy/Baldini’s sales and purchases and ‘shoot from the hip’ reactions. Tim, meanwhile, has gone to the other extreme and just shown heart-on-the-sleeve naivete. Unfortunately you’re dealing with 21st Century selfish (kiss the badge my arse) contract players, son ..with the exception of the loyal Daws and a few others.

    Now it’s no longer about ‘tweaking’ our squad, but ‘rebuilding’, and how long will THAT process take??

  19. Its all very well TS slanging the players about giving up(even though they did deserve it). It is as bad he made no tactical changes ( like the opposition) then just sat there and watched us like Nero watching Rome burn. Where were the tactical adjustments?

    • How do you make tactical adjustments to a team that lacks any cohesion,we might as well play the under 21's they couldnt do a lot worse and would certainly be keener,the seasons done so why not?

  20. We did NOT play well in the first half, Brian ..we merely kept the ball out of a tired looking Chelsea's reach. We certainly didn't create anything in the final third to exploit their below par performance, and THAT has been our main problem all season. I can't look at Spurs and all our possession and think anymore that we're playing WELL! Because I could see what was coming. Whenever we play the better sides (and even some of the poorer ones) we build up slowly from the back and then start passing backwards or sideways once we get near the opponents' box. ie we just play the easy ball! If Eriksen is playing we have that one player who can perhaps see the killer pass ..but when he isn't playing, it's all a total no-risk bore! How often we just play like a side that wants to try and nick a result from games! I'm sick of it. Once we played a fine passing game and hurt opponents, but Jose's right ..we no longer hurt or scare teams, despite all our useless 'possession'.

    • Actually, CB, I think you are right. Let me rephrase. i thought we did a lot better in the first half than I had expected. If we had continued like that I would have been pleased, but, you are right, our bluster led to no end product.

  21. As I said to a friend earlier we wouldn’t best them with 5 men. Something seriously not right. Where’s the captain, where’s the leader, where’s the planning, where’s the back bone ?? It’s a rudderless ship. Jan is doing my head in sulking around that said with all the money spent he shouldn’t have to put him there. That sums up the perfect example of how badly we invested all that money. Another club would have at least improved their teams performance but not is. I think we are cursed I really do. I can’t fathom the happenings
    Most times !!!

  22. I would like to know who was really responsible for buying so many misfits. What a wonderful opportunity Spurs had with a hundred million pounds to spend. Where was the sense in buying so many players all at once and players who in fact were worse than those we already had. There was no thought for blending players into those positions that really needed improving. We spent one hundred million to get a team that was worse than the one we had last season. We should have let Harry continue for a few years to see how far he could have taken us. Come back Jimmy Greaves, Cliff Jones, Dave Mackay et al.

    • We didn’t buy misfits, as you say. With maybe one exception we bought world class players. Most of them rip it up for tier one nations (Brazil, Argentina, Spain, France) or have bossed it in the CL with their ex clubs yet when they wear the Spurs kit they forget how to play. OR we just don’t play them. OR they have mysterious injuries.

      The fact that not one of the £100M played on Saturday is a disgrace.

  23. Overpaid Prima Donnas. If they concentrated a bit more on doing their jobs than posing with the Tattoos ,new stupid hair do's and playing with the Twitter and face book accounts then maybe we might get half a team. lets bite the bullit and try to get a settled team for next year.

  24. We are playing Russian roulette. We keep on changing the team every match and it shows the manager lacks any plan. Why not play dembele. The worst decision was to play lennon through the middle. Bentlab Why not substitute? 100m odd spent and this team looks like shambles. Sack Baldini, Sherwood, Ferdinand, and most of all LEVY.

  25. This is the worst I've seen spurs play,they just can't hack it against any top four team.
    Arsenal and liverpool at Anfield and overtaken by Man utd

  26. So many posts in here that I keep re reading and have to check that I didn’t write it. I’m an optimist but yesterday was the last straw. We wil be rebuilding again in the summer no matter who’s in charge as those players brought in bar perhaps a couple aren’t good enough. We have no fight and no passion and god I wish the players were made to read these comments. I have no doubt we’ll here the same old “we must bounce back” comments from the players but actions speak louder than words. This season has been one big mess and with injuries piling up it ain’t gonna get any better. Ah the joys if being a spurs fan!!!

  27. Personally, things need a change at the very top….ENIC OUT!
    Stadium dragging on…all to do with…Pitching THFC to potential buyers at the highest price

  28. Apologies if the following points have already been made but only looked st main article.

    My thoughts…….I think individually we do have the players, and of course some of the new guys need time. However the amount of changes cannot be accommodated and consistency of team selection is key…look at the Arse, Wenger gets slagged for not buying but invariably the team he puts out play to their potential because it is consistently the same team (bar injuries). Ferguson and Jose the same.

    On yesterday’s performance I don’t believe I have seen a team and a system that looked so wrong and I did call it from the start so none of this moaning after the event.

    Defence, vertongen on left, whilst he can do we know it is not his strongest position (leaving the centre weaker). Dawson should not play against a top 4 team. Love him for effort but not good enough. Kaboul not fit or up to speed. naughton, never, never, never. Add to this how we can expect Lloris to build an understanding with his defence is pretty obvious and why he looks so pissed off.

    Midfield Sandro yes but still not back to his best, pre injury. Benteleb, one day will be good but too much exposure and has definitely not performed against the big boys yet. Lennon, played out of position and can’t remember him ever playing this central role. Walker right midfield FFS. Sigs, not fit and ineffective. Ade, well he did try but without a good number 10 it leaves whoever we put up front isolated and towards the end he gave up completely and this goes back to what bugs us all about him.

    With all that said look at the goals and mistakes, all from players not playing in their natural position or just back from injuries: Vertongen, Kaboul, Sandro, Walker.

    For Tim to try and shift the blame is not on. Did anyone pre game think, yes this looks like a good team and system? Therefore it is really his call and therefore his fault. His remarks will not help and players are selfish enough to throw their toys out of the pram, especially in World Cup year and look for reasons not to give 100% for fear of injury.

    Finally, agree we have no leaders, transfer buys may not be good enough and we as fans need to realise teams are built not changed every year, so buy quality and stick with them, no fight / pride, backwards in 5 years even with the money spent, manager merry go round has to stop and Levy needs to realise this.

    Keep the faith!

  29. I think sherwood is doing a great job. i look at the players that Baldini bought and AVB sold and my stomach drops.

    what if Sherwood got a run, buy some players he can trust to put in a shift then suddenly a forward line of robbie, lamela, eriksen and ade looks tasty..

    sell all the wannabe’s (chadli, sigi, dembele, lennon, rose,etc) and Timmy can buy..

    We could be looking at the same manager for a decade.. a team built he can trust??

    Just my opinion but Van Gaal and baldini makes me shudder, and thats if we even get Van Gaal…

    Saw nothing wrong with Tims performance.. set up a great tactic with a very uninspiring team sheet…..and they let him down in the worse way….

    I would love for the supporters get right behind Tim and put the failed and stupid AVB experiment and everything that contained behind us…

  30. Everyone is getting a bit hysterical. We were on top until the stupid mistake from Vertongen, ironic as he's hinted he will leave with no CL.

    And a dodgy penalty and sending off and another stupid error from Walker, who makes too many.

    The real scandal yesterday was not one of the seven summer purchases starting.

  31. Quite frankly Harry built the best team we had in years and missing one quality striker. That team has now been ripped apart not built on

  32. The title of this articles says it all. The team should be taken to games where realy sportmen such as Rochdale and Leicester City are playing, in fact I wouldent rate our chances against teams like this with thier fire and passion. our players just dont seem to care – we cant keep blaming the manager either.

  33. I agree that we have lost our identity. But that said the stamp of style comes from manager. Sherwood doesn’t have enough knowledge or experience of management to have an identity. Against weak teams we attack and against strong we sit back. A bad manager will come unstuck when it’s hitting the fan & Sherwood is hitting out rather than trying to coach a team. Redknapp took on Ramos’ team, Rodgers has taken on Dalglish mess & Moyes has done exact opposite with Utd.

  34. What a bunch of s##t. Tim is the genius when Spurs win, but takes no responsibility when they lose. As for gutless, the starting XI that Tim picked was all but admitting defeat. Did anyone think that we had any chance of winning after the starting XI was announced yesterday? Tim picked that team hoping for a 0-0 tie; not to win, and then rips the team as gutless. Lets look at the facts before we blame all the players and give Tim a pass on his tactics and team selection ability.

    Fact: We lost to the team with the best record in the BPL and the best record at home. Did we think we were going to beat Chelsea at home yesterday?
    Fact: We are not MU with a history of winning titles every year. Spur fans have unrealistic expectations if they think we should be at the top of the league. Fifth place is still a very respectable position. Most teams would kill for fifth.
    Fact: Tim did not start one of our summer transfers yesterday. Now ask yourself why? Is Tim using team selection to make a point.
    Fact: Tim played Lennon behind Ade, Walker as a midfielder, Siggy as a midfielder (who hasn't been on the field in a month), Vert at left back, Naughton at right back, and Sandro and golden boy at DM. Did he try to play as many players out of there normal position as possible? If you put Messi as center back, I'm sure he would be rubbish. Is that the players fault or the genius that put him there?
    Fact: We have excellent players that need a Manager that can put players in position to be successful. That is the managers job. Evaluate talent and put them where they are going to be the most beneficial in a team. Tim doesn't have a clue.

  35. It all comes down to Levy really. He’s to blame for this mess. Everytime we’ve hit peak and needed that one player to get us over the finishing line he has said no. We’ve then failed to reach our goal and players have left/been sold.

    For the record the team that got us into the champions league was: Gomes, Corluka, Dawson, King/woodgate, Assou/bale, Lennon, Huddlestone, Palacios, Modric, Crouch, Defoe.
    Subs: Walker, Kaboul, Bentley, Jenas, Bassong, Krancjer, Pavlychenko, gudjohnsen, Cudichini, rose

    Is our team really much better now 4 years on?

  36. To all my great passionate Spurs brethren, writing to you from cold. Mississauga, Ontario Canada where winter is still with us, and the cold chills continue through WHL. This team, as you have portrayed, has no backbone, no identity and the players have heartless. I have never liked Walker, lots of pace but too many defensive blunders, and I agree, bring in a damned goalkeeper who will hold his line and stop going for strolls like Lloris. No creativity as indicated by Morinho, and let's hope next season, we can bring back the exciting brand of Spurs football that we have known and loved. I have been a Spurs fan since 1962. What we need are players who would play like the great Jimmy Greaves. Come On, you Spurs…from Canada.

  37. Now I bet we all wonder y we let holtby go to Fulham on loan cos it f…….king amazes me he’s one of the only midfielders that we got that busts a gut every game and he’s proud to put on the shirt they rushed the transfer through last jan played him minimal and then stick him on loan f….king clueless letting him go

  38. I agree with nearly everything said above, but would add that you can’t blame the manager for 3 stupid give-away goals from defenders that should know better. Kaboul was unlucky with the penalty & the red. I want players who are willing to die for the shirt, & just about the only one like that seems to be Michael, who is rightly critised for his turning circle of a battleship, but at least shows guts. And as for Vertonghen, he is looking like Berbatov is his last weeks at the Lane. He has let us all down badly. If he continues to show form like this, nobody will be in for him! I’m for keeping Tim Sherwood, at least for the time being, he hasn’t had enough time to prove himself yet and there’s no guarantee that the likes of Van Gaal will want to manage a team of gutless gits that turn out in white shirts ….

  39. All was going well untill Vertonghen’s horror slip and back pass changed the game.

    The game was balanced before that. Afterwards, one cannot blame the manager as Tottenham stars assisted the other 3 goals as well.

    Still, they do need managerial change. Not starting summer signings did not make any sense and they are quality players. Someone experiences is required to gel them

  40. I am a Spurs fan for over 40 years. The vast majority of those years have been spent in expectation. I have said to myself that this is the year that my Team finally rise above the dross and achieve something. I have to tell the the truth and say that under AVB I felt that we were getting somewhere. I know that the build up from the back was ponderous and we did not score many goals, however we were not conceding until the players let him down v City and Liverpool. To sack a Manager mid season or before is insane. I certainly do not think that AVB would have been as bad as it is now. Levy has ruined another Season and I am getting really pissed off with another failure. Please fellow Spurs fans get off your asses and complain to our Board about playing financial suicide with our Club. I am from Dublin and spend a lot of Money travelling to see my beloved team and now I feel totally let down with this fiasco. I have a big heart and so have the vast majority of our fans, why do our players and board let us down constantly. Norwich at home, Chelsea away need I say more. AU revoir fellow yids I am going to commit Hari Kiri or Harry Redknapp as they say.


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