Erik Lamela: Should we be concerned?


After spending £30 million on the so-called dribbling wizard that is Erik Lamela some people are having some serious doubts about his abilities with the ball at his feet and his ability to make those defence splitting runs and passes we got so used to seeing with Gareth Bale. He has been sidelined for 90% of all our Premier League games and 10 matches into the campaign is yet to start. So what is going wrong? Is it Lamela’s poor attitude and ability which seems unlikely, or something else…

The first reason why I think Lamela has struggled with his opening few matches is extreme lack of confidence. It is a monumental task for a young 21-year-old player to change countries as a club’s record signing and expect to instantly impress. He needs time to adjust to the unique style of play that the world renowned Premier League offers for all players. And as the managing staff have realised the only way to cure a lack of confidence is to keep getting the games under your belt and albeit not in the league matches that’s exactly what Andre Villas Boas is doing.

In the Capital One Cup and Europa League matches he has played in, unfortunately he has still struggled to influence play until recently. I was at the recent League Cup match against Hull where it was by far Erik’s best game. He was starting to build confidence by going on runs, taking more shots and hitting more ambitious passes. But an interesting point I picked up on was that he was getting himself in to good positions, in space and he was rarely passed the ball unless it was the only option. So maybe it is more a case of building bonds with colleagues as well as ability. But despite this he is definitely showing glimpses of the football we all want to see. Sadly though, you could argue this new-found confidence was lost when he struck a disappointing penalty.

To conclude I really don’t think Spurs fans need to be worried about Lamela’s progress. I simply believe it is going to take a little more time for him to settle down into playing the football we all know him to be capable of, than a more experienced player. And hopefully he can take the good points from the midweek clash with Hull and carry them into the Europa League tie against FC Sheriff on Thursday evening.

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  1. Agree totally Michael – but you missed a point that he made himself – that the Premier League is far faster and more physical than he had imagined and he needs to get fitter and stronger to withstand the pressures of actually playing – let alone the mental pressure such a big price tag entails.

  2. Not another shameless headline to attract traffic. I think we should be more concerned about the attention-seekers who draw attention to a twenty one year old South American trying to settle in England after two years in Italy. It's not rocket science and one only has to look at the settling in time of Bale without the intercontinental upheaval. I'm afraid that this article and headline tell us more about the author than Lamela. The player appears to be a decent, intelligent young man who is maturing under the microscope of some classless, self-important "experts". Some people have no sense of shame thinking everything is about "me" and their great analytical skills. Give Lamela a break and let him get on with it without continually putting the desire for 15 minutes of fame before everything else

    • That's a bit childish response to such an well-thought out and balanced piece. You need to grow up and learn how to respect other's balanced opinion and not to attack such comments like a immatured young-star! Spursfan.

  3. Erik Lamela. Ossie Ardiles rates Erik as the ” Perfect 10 ”

    He is predominantly stuck out on the touch line. He cannot speak English, but I imagine is learning fast. He is young, 21, in a different country, & until last week alone without his family.

    You only have to watch him during warm up to see he is a wonderfully gifted footballer , with sublime technique. Like ERIKSEN he will take time to acclimatise. Remember Modders when he first arrived, & he went on to grace WHL. What we have to do, is nurture them, & allow them to mature into the stars of the future, but, this time hold on to them, rather than profit from them !

  4. Please lets not forget our past. Did G Bale not miss a penalty very early in his Tottenham career?. I seem to recall him missing a penalty and then his confidence went to rock bottom. Please lets all give Lamela some time and I am sure he will come good.

  5. Levy got the wrong advise with a lot of money spent this summer, it is going be a another winter of discontent. The only good thing to come out of it was Paulinho & then another summer without the Champions League. Like Soldado, he he very slow and he cannot direct other players to advise where he will be. I fear it be another Manager in Spring & the summer signs was get rich for some and was't Spurs.

    • Dear Friend, I agree wholeheartedly with you. We've suffered long and hard and what we hear is 'promises for tomorrow'. It's so painful to see the way Arsenal played against resurgent Liverpool. Do we have that kind of bloodymindedness to go forward and play to win for the fans? I didn't see that. £100m can't win matches, £40m can in Ozul. A pained long suffering Spursfan.

  6. Erik Lamela is a great player ! Perhaps one of the most talented young footballers in the world. Now need to acclimate . But AVB is a bad coach. sorry spurs and greetings from italy.

  7. Hi Sergione,
    Just reading 'The Dark Heart of Italy' by Tobias Jones. It has a great chapter on Italian football. Read it and you will realise that your opinions on football matter to nobody outside of Italy.

  8. It took modric roughly one and a half season before he started to preform in spurs. I believe in lamela and i believe in our squad. We have 7 or 8

    new players, if it takes a class player like modric over a season to adapt, then how long do you think it will take for a whole new team

    To adapt and find eachother on the pitch? It will take time, but the good news are that we will only get better and better. I wouldnt mind another striker tho in jan, one who has the ability to score from a distance and who dosent always need to get the ball inside the penalty area. We will do good this season.


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