Erik Lamela – Stick or twist?

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We’re all aware now that Erik Lamela isn’t worth the money we paid for him, but forgetting about that £30 million (sigh) for a minute, is he worth a place in Pochettino’s plans?

Plenty of people around me in the North Stand Upper have already made up their mind that he’s not. The pass with which he put Chadli in for the first goal against Hull was a peach and it’d great if he turned out to be capable of that more often however the number of times he ends up picking himself up off the floor having been strong armed off the ball due to his lack of pace and strength is ridiculous and these stick more readily in the mind than either this pass or his two (£15 million each) Premier League goals so far.

His avatar should be a picture of himself on all fours banging his palm on the floor as the opposition break from his failure to make the most of the latest opportunity presented to him.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he’s given the Bale/Kane treatment and bulked up during the summer, given how slow he is I think it’s the only way he’s going to ever gain the ability to hold on to the ball when challenged or learn to make space for himself.

I’m leaning towards the ‘keep him’ camp currently, unless a stupid (£30 million?) offer came in for him. There’s potential there as shown by his ball to Chadli, his work rate, and his ability to get into good positions even if he never makes any use of them. He’ll be a far better player if he improves his strength as I say.

Who knows, maybe the new style shirts will remind of the good times when he found the game a lot easier back at River Plate!


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  1. Keep lamela I don't care if he keeps falling over at least he tries and he gets stuck in one player that should go is chadli he's got no bottle how he gets picked in every game I do not know bring back Lennon get shot of chadli and get another winger but keep Townsend for backup can't Waite for all the loanees to come back and get there chances coys

  2. so when did u watch him anthony this kid has had a bit part yet has made the most assists in the spurs team than anybody else ,so wat he gives the ball away probably passes the ball fore- ward more than any one else Bentalab square/backward passes more than any one

  3. You must be taking drugs. The guy has no pace. No strength. Can’t shoot. Can’t cross. Can’t pass. And does an amazing headless chicken act every time he’s thrown on. It’s embarrassing. How anyone convinced themselves he is worth another season needs to be sedated immediately.

  4. Anybody with a bit of knowledge in football must see its the people around him that should be questioned. Pochettino in particular! Mason is hard working but weak and produces too much errors, Eriksen is only focused on Harry and don't interact with Lamela. We are dangerous again since Erik is taking the corners. He is not Messi, but nobody insist that. At least we need two experienced players who can take the guidance. Cause to play two rookies in the mid is just plain stupid! Eriksen is noticeably over challenged with his role as playmaker!
    I would give Lamela another season to see if he can improve. IMO he did. I only criticize his positioning.

  5. just sign konopayanker on a free, that'll mean we got our money back anyway. he'll be worth 30 million after a season with us. maybe lamella might have not shown us what he can really do, so for that we might aswell give him one more season. their was a time when if you asked any spurs fan would they have took 5 million for gareth bale and the answer would have been yes. we must not make a big mistake for the sake of one more season.

  6. I can't believe I am saying this, but I would keep his for next year unless anyone is stupid enough to offer £25m plus, in which case I would take it in a heartbeat.

    In the last few games there has been the very first signs he might be capable of being a PL player – no where near enough to make him a £30m player, probably not even a £10m one – but he might click this year,stop falling over, stop passing to the opposition, stop tuning inside EVERY time……… God the more I think of it the more I go back to saying "sell, sell, selllll".

    As for the comments about Chadli – get off his back. Tell me how many players we can buy for £7m and get 12 goals a season out of them? He has improved a hell of a lot this year and IF he is managed properly (a big "if" I grant you) and played properly, he will score the same again next year.

  7. Llamela at least tries for most of the game. Clearly he needs to bulk up a bit and also learn how to shield the ball better. He also needs to read the game quicker he takes far too long to assess what to do. However, the lack of movement makes it tough for the player on the ball. He has 10 assists so he can deliver but he needs to do it more often. Perhaps play him in the central role more often when Eriksen is inured or off form. The real issue is his resale value is potentially so low we have to keep him a bit longer and just pray he learns the game quickly.

  8. Gaz is right – plenty of players (Bale and Ronaldo included) have taken time to warm to the premiership, and he spent most of last season injured. His price tag is irrelevant – we paid a lot both for potential and because Roma knew we had £85m to spend. Selling him at a big loss just as he's showing signs of settling makes absolutely no sense – he has been one of our better players in the last three or four games. Unfortunately plenty of people have made their mind up and are completely unwilling to see anything to the contrary.

  9. During the season close, ie the last month or so he's been the only player worth anything on the pitch, rose and lloris aside. He's coming to grips with the BPL finally. His decision making has improved significantly, and he looks for more dangerous with his link up play now. Not to mention he works very very hard. Give the kid some time.

  10. They did take time gaz to settle but this guy although he has a trrick does look a little light . If someone offers 20million we should snap them up . Sell Dembele ,Capouhe,Stambolli ,Lennon,Soldado ,Paulinho ,Carroll,Kaboul,Chirches,Fazio and if he pushes for a CL move then Hugo .Add to that Townsend and it would bring in about 110-120million . Get schniederlin , Martinez(porto) the Thaurin guy and Bale back . Add a defender and Berkovic from Stoke and we have a much better squad . More pace ,more threat and stronger at the back and midfield . We get rid of the deadwood (Adebayor can go on a years loan to villa ) and use our youth to fill any other gaps .


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