MF’s Match Report: Tottenham 1-0 Everton

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

At half time my report would’ve used words like slow, dross, slow, slack, disjointed and slow. Especially slow. So very very slow.

Everton were by the far the better side, quicker in passing and movement, assured in defence and confident in their roles. We were the opposite, thrown together, unfit looking, narrow and (have I mentioned this before?) slow. That the Toffees didn’t capitalise on their superiority was almost certainly down to their lack of a proven forward and the difference at the end of ninety minutes, after a much-improved performance from us and a much more even second half, was our possession of one.

If Lloris’s reflexes and Osman’s finishing saved us in the first half it was Adebayor’s brilliance that won it for us in the second. His control of the ball coming over his head, his beating off of Coleman and then left foot drive inside Howard’s near post caught nearly everyone by surprise and it was a superb piece of alert and positive play. Kyle Walker deserves a huge amount of credit for his speed of thought (not something you hear every day) in taking the quick free kick and its fine execution. It’s not been a vintage year but the two players who combined for the winning goal here are my probable front-runners for player of the season thus far.

Games against Everton are rarely pretty ones no matter who their manager is. We’re generally closely matched and it normally shows in mostly attritional football, as was the case here. Hopefully Sherwood won’t use the result to hide what was a very disappointing show for most of the game. Their organisation was better and their work rate much higher. Osman could have had won it for them in the first seven minutes. Possibly.

As feared the sudden glut of midfielders at the manager’s disposal has left him with the same problems as AVB faced in terms of how to fit together so many similar players. The choice of Dembele to play nearer Adebayor than either Eriksen or Paulinho was a bit of strange one given his preference for five touches rather than one. I’d have thought the sprightlier and more one-touch inclined Brazilian would’ve been more likely to find and utilise space. His decision to take off Lennon at the end and play Bentaleb on the right when he brought Defoe on was also a head scratcher. The youngster is still learning his trade in the middle; he was lost on the right.

Still, moan moan moan.

It’s an excellent three points against a good Everton side. The Geordies next, COYS.

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  1. Brutally honest opinion and i fear Tims insistence on keeping young Benteleb on the field no matter how he performs will cost us if he picking him. Our team are being targeted because of our team being in Ufa Cup how that is will remain in my head for now. But i can tell you Everton Liverpool City and a few others high tempo is not from the training ground some teams are using 120 mins of energy in 90 mins shown so elegantly by Liverpool flyers in the demolition of Arsenal. Taking that aside playing with a lopsided attack is playing into the arms of this extra energy with Townsend on the left Lennon on the right would made the difference in both Hull and Everton games with Ady Soldado upfront we offer more of a goal threat Everton only had one side to worry about because Baines pegged Walker back Erickson not a winger My Team would make sure the opposition would be pegged back . Walker Kabs Daws Vert Lennon Erickson Dembele Townsend Soldado Ady only if Kabs is fully fit . I truly hope Tim dont start doing what AVB did trying to accomadate all or mids in wrong places all these are same place in middle Capoue Paulinho Erickson Siggy Dembele these can play wingers Chadli Lamela Lennon Townsedbut only two have real pace for wingers Lennon Townsed. So only place should have rotation is middle two in 442 or 4411 middle 3

  2. More Questions than Answers for TS at this point (1)The enigma that is Dembele should he be played further up the pitch? (2)Is Dawson Good enough or is he a mid table Defender? (3)is Rose better than BAE? (4)do we have another tactic other than go out there and express yourself? (5) Should Sandro Replace Bentaleb? (6) how do we build a Team that has to Incorporate and get the best out of Eriksen & Paulinho? (7)How Long can we ride our Luck!

    In my Opinion

    (1) no he is more effective when he picks up the ball from deep I would Play Paulinho further forward as he has had his best games here
    (2) Unfortunately Yes Daws is a quality mid table Defender
    (3) Debateable at this point needs to work on his whole game!
    (4) Sadly it does not look like it???
    (5) We need Sandro Back but that has no reflection on bentaleb good prospect for the future but at this stage needs to be managed correctly.
    (6) MyTeam from now on Barring Injuries 1-4-2-3-1 Lloris, Walker Kaboul chriches Vertongan, Sandro, Dembele, Lennon, Paulinho, Eriksen, Ade
    (7) Fingers Crossed COYS!!!!


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