FA apologises for Kane/Smalling pocket tweet

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Football Association has written to the club apologising for any offence over a tweet sent after the FA Cup semi-final between Spurs and Manchester United.

A tweet on the official Emirates FA Cup feed showed United defender Chris Smalling replying “Harry Kane” to a mocked-up question which read “Chris, what’s in your pocket?”

The tweet came in the shortly after United’s victory and It was retweeted by thousands of Twitter users and was only removed from the feed on Monday morning.

This is the second time recently that Kane had been put in the social media spotlight having previously been the butt of jokes over claiming a goal that was initially credited to Christian Eriksen during their clash with Stoke City.

What are your thoughts on it, are the Fa right to apologise or was it just a bit of banter that is again being taken out of all proportion.

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  1. On its own banter BUT after the Stoke goal and weeks of trolling by professionals and media just a bit much….hope he gets an injury last game that makes him put he’s feet up for the World cup and nice and fresh for Spurs.

    • Agree, it’s just really coming off as petty at this point. It would be one thing if Kane lacked his other wordly work ethic and dedication to training and just bagged goals purely on natural skill, but it’s a guy who became great despite not having all the natural abilities a lot of top strikers have. His ability to convert at such a high rate and with both feet and his head is something that manifested through years of being the last one to leave the training pitch. No clue why England would want to potentially screw with the confidence of their best striker with a world cup coming up

  2. Don’t think the FA needs to be in the business of trying to be funny. It’s a bad look for an organized that oversees so many clubs, their seasons, and cup tournaments to be mocking the consistently best goal scorer over the past 3 years just moments after his club lost in the FA cup semifinal. It gives the appearance that certain clubs might be viewed as more or less favorable in the eyes of the FA and that could cause an huge issue with officiating and fixture dates. I don’t think that’s the case here, but essentially the FA needs to leave the banter to the ten of millions of people who are already good at it

  3. Is it banter? No, it’s belittling! However, sweet FA are known for their
    twats – sorry, tweets! So, Smalling had HK in his pocket? Disgraceful!
    No such comment, should emanate, from the body responsible for all
    things football, in this country!! They are a disgrace! The tweet was
    a disgrace!

    The not so sweet FA, are supposed to be unbiased – NOT! The tweet
    undermines their impartiality & their credibility! Not that that is a new
    phenomenon, for sweet FA. This is a ‘Spursy’ type comment and, I
    would suggest, a pro -MANU slant. Nothing new, under the Sun.

  4. Spurs and their fans are laughed at more than most because they are so defensive and precious
    It was a joke and I’m sure Kane has the strength of character not to let this effect his game
    It’s the same as the goal that wasn’t, Spurs asking the FA to give the goal to Kane was cringeworthy whether he did or didn’t Spurs shouldn’t be taking the goal from one of their players for another and certainly not try and influence the FAs decision. I don’t see other clubs doing it and that’s why people are laughing at Spurs over it
    Teams have to earn respect and Spurs want it just by moaning things aren’t fair.
    8 semis losses in a row is a joke and fits in with the Spursy mantle. Win something with this team to get respect
    Unfortunate but that is just the way it is.
    Laugh at the FAs joke as a joke or be seen as taking things to seriously. It’s just a joke about a game of football FFS


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