Five things Tottenham need to change for a top four spot

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Walking into work on a Monday morning and having two Newcastle fans goading you is not how you want the week to start. As if it wasn’t bad enough getting taunted by West Ham fans.
To be honest, IMHO I think Newcastle deserved the result on Sunday. Yes, maybe we should have got a draw with the amount of shots on target we had but yet again, their tactics worked and ours never (albeit because of a GOD mode Time Krul).

Below are 5 things I think we need to change in order for us to ascertain that top 4 spot.

5. Drop Michael Dawson. Yes, this will probably get a lot of criticism but Daws is just too slow for the premier league now. Anybody with a decent amount of pace is going to ‘skin’ him. I love Daws and I love his heart and soul he gives when wearing that Tottenham badge. But at the end of the day, he’s just not good enough for our squad anymore. Kaboul/Vertonghen is a better pairing in my opinion.

4. Play Erik Lamela. Erik showed us just a little glimpse of the talent that he is in the Europa League and how much he wants to succeed at spurs. Gylfi had a great start to the season but he is just not a winger in my eyes. He is a CAM / CM at best. Play Lamela and give him his chance. The more games, the more confidence he will build.

3. Make the wingers, play as wingers. NOTE TO ANDROS TOWNSEND – YOU ARE NOT GARETH BALE (YET!)… I fully blame the lack of goals from Soldado on Townsend, Sig, Erikssen, Chadli, Holtby, Lennon or whoever plays in those positions. The “wingers” would rather cut inside and shoot from 30 yards out with 1 a game going on target. It’s pathetic. Wingers should be judged on their assists and contribution, not goals. I hate saying this but look at Ozil – perfect example. The more crosses the more Soldado can get on the end of things and finish. Because that’s what he is – a finisher.

2. Unleash the beast. The Paulinho / Sandro partnership appears to work. They seem to have a great friendship and every time I have seen them play together this has benefitted the team. This also gives Paulinho the license to move forward and go up for headers on corners, free-kicks etc. I have seen a lot of Paulinho (pre-Tottenham) and his aerial ability was immense. I just think we don’t use this ability to good effect.

1. Priorities. I think AVB needs to get his priorities sorted in what he wants to achieve this season and what the fans want. What is more important? The Europa League or a top 4 spot? 3 losses this season and all after European games… Surely he can see that. We needed 1 point against Sheriff on Thursday and a near full-strength side was played. Why? … Were Newcastle underestimated or are we giving the players to much to do? …

Enjoy discussing. I still believe we can achieve top 4 or higher, I just hope it clicks sooner rather than later. COYS

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  1. Agree with almost all you say, Sandro has come back from a very bad career threatening injury and I wonder if he can mange 90 minutes, one wrong tweak with that knee and that could be his Spurs career over.


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