Fork in depressing

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It’s hard to over emphasise how disappointing that was.

This had all the appearance of a fork in the road game, would the restoration of last season’s system and personnel lead to a resurrection of the power and intensity that led to so much last year or not?

Frustratingly and annoyingly, ‘not’ was the answer.

Whilst we clearly found a Man United team hitting a bit of form and all that sort of stuff, it was our own slow stodginess that cost us the game. The lack of surefooted passing from anyone forward of the back four was painful to watch at times and I don’t just mean the mistake from Kane that led to the goal. Our ability to penetrate the home team’s back line was non existent, and when we did get in or near the box we faltered. Wanyama’s free header from Eriksen’s free kick was the closest we came to a goal, and he should have scored.

Man United predictable tactic was to sit back and wait to hit us on the break and it worked as it was only thanks to Lloris and the post that we managed to keep the lead down to one goal. We just weren’t good or quick enough to force a mistake from them or get to an important ball into a dangerous area first.

Very very poor.

Walker, Rose and Lloris were excellent, Winks and Sissoko good when they came on and Eriksen’s free kicks were accurate even if his corners weren’t. Dele was energetic but ineffective, Kane was anonymous. Wanyama and Dembele were the main stodge ingredients, Son, Vertonghen and Toby were ok.

It was a quiet game, think seventy thousand ‘Mancunians’ having a snooze, but the result mattered more than the performance to the home side; sadly as the away team, we got neither.

Hull on Wednesday but if this is the best we can offer then we should start kissing goodbye to a top four spot and starting thinking cups I reckon.



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  1. Yes. dire. Got into trouble many times messing about in our own half. Poor technique.Poor spirit.

    I have been a big critic of Lamela. I am willing to be proved wrong and have him back asap.

    BTW, I wonder what is going on there … It smells fishy to me.

  2. Good analysis, it's like most of them are treading water at the moment and don't even look like they want to win the game! i can accept defeat if they have left everything on the pitch and gave it there all but what i can't accept is a total surrender which is what that was! we could still be playing now and still not scored! Man Utd are bang average at the moment and are nothing of the team they were years ago but what worries me is our inability to to get out of 2nd gear and up our game to the next level with a bit of pace passing and moving, it's like watching AVB's side them years ago possession with no cutting edge or directness or change of pace! why are we also scared to cross the ball into the box? the Moose beat one player on the wing should of crossed it, then cut back could of crossed again but no wanted to then hold the ball only to lose it FFS! and when we do where are the players in the box? so depressing because it is the simple things we are not doing right to start off with! look at the gulf between us and Monaco or Leverkusen and they will get nowhere near winning the Champions league i don't know why we have gone backwards and so stale? we seem to have no cohesion as a team and when going forward the moves break down so easily and we seem to lack movement or any plan when going forward, it seems like we are relying on our full backs for service to Kane which isn't happening! also why does Poch not change the formation when it is not working? i could yap on and on but i'm sure Poch will get it right one day maybe?

  3. The tippy tappy football is alright as long as you have an end result, which we don't seem to have at the moment. All of the possessions but none of the penetration.


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