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As the U.S. men’s soccer team concluded their CONCACAF “Hex” schedule for World Cup Qualifying, my thoughts returned to my Spurs. With their trip to Villa Park on Sunday, I am hungry for three points and more hopeful than ever.

Now, I have to admit that “ever” is a relative term; my Tottenham fandom is still in its infancy. My first match memory is watching Bale sprint 60 yards, shift the ball to his left and place it far corner to preserve the point versus Norwich. For those drawing a blank, that was midway through the 2012-13 season.

So yes, I’m a new boy. More Spurs-seasoned than Erik Lamela, but not as much as Hugo Lloris. Let’s call it a Lewis Holtby amount of seasoning.

The good news for a young fan is that I don’t carry years of grudges or preconceptions of the team due to prior failures. Although I’m regularly reminded by my coworker that Spurs have finished behind Arsenal each season since 1995, that sad history doesn’t mean a lot to me. I swallowed a bitter pill this past May as the Gunners played out of their minds for half a season to finish fourth, but I’ve started my first full Spurs season with the most important of emotional weapons: HOPE.

Prior to the departure of talisman Gareth Bale, I was treated to an amazing bit of business by Levy, AVB and Baldini. In fact, I am told it was one of Spurs’ best transfer windows EVER. Shipping off one of the best players in the world for a treasure trove of talent has improved the club’s prospects for not only 2013-14, but for many seasons to come. HOPE.

Despite the 3-0 blip at White Hart Lane versus West Ham, the boys have played compelling, passionate football (fighting the urge to use my colloquial “soccer”) despite only scoring six league goals. Registering clean sheets in nine of the first 11 competitions displayed some much-needed spine and has allowed Spurs to earn points almost every time they take the pitch. HOPE.

Seven matches into the regular season, I’m full of hope and there is no reason Tottenham should not finish in the top-4. After all, the Spurs have never let me down.

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  1. Welcome young yid! Hope is all we have. I fully believe we will win the league every season on most occassions only till after the first game but alas now I have alot of hope for this season. Coys!

  2. Hope. It’s the best of things and can be the worst of things but it’s all that we have. As a seasoned spurs supporter of all of my forty six years I’ve witnessed a few false dawns and witnessed the rubbish that has walked thru our gates promised much and delivered nothing and even seen part of our future The very cornerstone that we planned to build from desert a ship that was far from sunk and strengthen our neighbours cause. And all the time the said neighbours were gorging on the riches football had to offer whilst we dined on scraps. Even our first taste of success for many a year was with the help from an old enemy. But this day we stand on the brink of truly being able to say that we are real contenders and believe me those that are old enough will know that that statement has not been uttered with any conviction in a very long time. This I have to say does not feel like a false dawn. It feels like justice for the years of heartache that has been endured by the faithful. So for the new faithful I wish for you better things than we’ve had to take down the years and know that we did it the spurs way. I am lillywhitetilidie. COME ON YOU SPURS.


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