Full Time Match Stats: Everton 0-0 Tottenham


Here’s the half time match stats from the clash between Everton and Tottenham Hotspur at Goodison Park this afternoon…

Shots Everton Tottenham
All attempts  8  16
Goals  0  0
On Target  1  6
Off Target  4  4
Blocked  3  6
All  321/411  296/378
Completed %  78%  78%
Possession  52.0%  48.0%
Territory  48.2%  51.8%
Attacking Third  85/132  106/149
Assists  0  0
Crosses  3/23  3/20
Take-ons  9/27  10/20
Corners  2/7  1/4
Offside Passes  2  0
Ball recoveries  55  61
Tackles  17/27  17/26
Interceptions  13 21
Blocks  6  3
Clearances  26/26  27/27
Headed Clearances  19/19  12/12
Aerial Duels  18/29  11/29
Blocked Crosses  3  6
Committed  11  9
Suffered  8  11
Yellow Cards  4  1
Second Yellow Cards  0  0
Red Cards  0  0



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  1. Anyone who knows about football would understand that Dembele and Paulinho are both poor in creating goal scoring opportunities and neither of them know how to get a shot on target. They both need to be sold in January because this midfield position is the reason why Spurs cannot score goals.

  2. Holtby is not good enough to play for spurs, 3 poor games his played, has not got the creative brain to play in the hole. Townsend is okay but too much hype, not much skill just pace n needs to learn to pass n not shoot all da time.has had more shots then the whole spurs team result one flukey goal. Avb it’s time to start with ericksen and play wingers in der natural side

  3. we can all slag off individual players cos they all put in the odd stinker, even Messi. For me theres not enough fluidity or mobility, whoevers in. It could be down to fact they're still bedding in doing that with 1 new player hard enough let alone 7. Hate to say it but look at the arse, the speed + variation of their attacks and invariably 1 touch 3/4 man moves. Teams are happy for us to play in front of em going backwards & sideways. Key cud be ericksen as he can unlock doors and be link man (aka rooney) but hes not adapted to pace yet. Something has to click sooner or later then watch out. Only takes a stroke of luck or injuries/suspensions to stumble on your best team and formation.

  4. While I appreciate holding onto the ball is important, I feel we waste a lot of time passing the ball around, either backwards or sideways, without having any focus/aim. We have shown time and time again that we can press ahead when necessary but we dont do it often enough. Most teams play extra defensively against us, so we need to be some players taking long shots at goal too as getting into the penalty area is often difficult due to overcrowding opposition players.


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