Hell might freeze over, but it won’t be us that freezes in that hell; Arsenal’s Lukas Podolski on Spurs.

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There has been rumours that we might want Arsenal reject Lukas Podolski (who?). It seems he has been struggling to get into the Arsenal first team. That is because his manager doesn’t think highly of him. He’s 29 and on the slippery slope to being an over-aged has-been. So why would we want him? The German forward is in decline so he thinks Twitter is his answer; he went on twitter and said, “Hell will freeze over before this transfer would happen.” Well, he is playing for Arsenal so he obviously knows all about hell freezing over.

Lukas Podolski, who has been at Arsenal for just over two years, hasn’t played a single league game this season. The best he has achieved this season was being part of his teams defeat at the hands of Southampton in the Capital One Cup. Podolski was quoted as saying that he was “not happy with his current situation at Arsenal.” That is because he is not good enough. And we certainly don’t want him.


This is his record:

Years Team



2003 1. FC Köln II



2003–2006 1. FC Köln



2006–2009 Bayern Munich



2007–2008 Bayern Munich II



2009–2012 1. FC Köln



2012– Arsenal




As you will see by his record, he has been no longer at any club than just over 2 years. His goal tally has been in decline since leaving FC Koln. His record at Arsenal – scoring goals – since joining them has been only 19. Better goal scorers have joined and his ranking has been dwindling. Therefore, hell has been freezing over, but for him at Arsenal. It might have been wiser if he thought before shouting his mouth off. He supposed to have said “Once a gunner, always a gunner”. It is a bit like boasting that you’ve got the pox, but don’t want to get rid of it. So let us all watch with interest to where his next freezing hell will be, shall we folks?





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