Some thoughts on Hull City 1-1 Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Hull City game encapsulated Tottenham. Not just Spurs this season or last, but for years. Just when you think ‘all we need to do…’ they can’t be bothered. Quite how this happens collectively is a mystery to me. Seeing it happen so often, I’ve even questioned if it’s a ploy, like some internet fuelled conspiracy theory. It’s the most logical explanation.

They started badly and maintained that level hoping to achieve… I’m not exactly sure. This is about the players, not the manager. If you’d told me that Adebayor and a young nineteen year old midfielder from the academy were going to be our ‘triers’ every game after splashing out £100 million pounds I’d have laughed my head off.

The one question mark over Tim for that game was subs. Paulinho looked spent after kick off and yet he obviously enjoyed the team performance he was watching. The only reason the ball landed at Paulinho’s feet for the goal was that he was too tired to start chasing back. Vertonghen and Dawson swapped shirts or something because there was serious role reversal going on there, and Lennon, best deployed as a sub because he gave possession away more than a lifetime of exorcisms.

Credit it to Hull though, the front two looked lively. Wish we could play with two up front. Sorry Soldado but you asked for that one!

Everton at home next. No prediction possible due to Tottenham using the ‘improbability drive’ in the tunnel before each game. Please delete as appropriate: sublime/predictable/embarrassing/hapless

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  1. "The only reason the ball landed at Paulinho’s feet for the goal was that he was too tired to start chasing back" Nonsense. Did you watch the game? We had a free kick in the Hull half. Spurs players went forward into the Hull penalty box to take advantage of any ball played into the box. Why would Paulinho start chasing back when Rose was intending to play the ball into the Hull box? Rose might have intended a shot rather than a pass, but he meant to put the ball into the Hull box.

    • I did watch the game and I do agree with you. I exaggerated to make my point (tongue in cheek), I know he wasn't really too tired to chase back but I couldn't believe he was given so long in a game where he was clearly not match fit.


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