I. Believe. That. We. Will. Get our S*&% Together!


As I type this article, I realize how long it has been since I have written for The Spurs Web.  I am not pandering when I say it is a great web site (and app) that allows us fans a chance to praise or criticize our beloved Hotspurs.  This season has provided both lows (losses at home) and highs (our away record).  When you take all this under consideration, we are currently only sitting 4 points behind West Ham in 4th place (I can’t believe I’m writing that) and only 2 points behind the Wanderers.

So, is this a time to criticize or praise?  Look, I am an eternal optimist.  I believe we can grab the elusive Arsene Wenger trophy (4th place).  I believe we can make deep runs in Europa League and the cup competitions.  In true US National team fandom, I believe that we will win.  In order to so, however, means I also believe we can play better.

Part of the reason I have not written more articles is I wanted to give the team and Pochettino time to really bed in and get their feet under them.  Now that we are entering the holiday season and Boxing Day is near, I think we should be able to legitimately judge where we are and where we fall short so we can make the proper adjustments in the upcoming transfer window.

Overall, I have been unimpressed by our style of play.  Since I am a Yank (as if the Texas part of TexasHotspur does not give it away) I had the luxury of choosing which team to root for in the Premier League.  I began to listen to podcasts and watched games on TV.  I loved watching Bale and Lennon sprint down the sides and see Modric provide outstanding outlet passes.  It seems like we played with our hair on fire, and I LOVED it!  Under AVB and Sherwood, it seems we lost some of that fire and simply worked on possession.  It was not as much fun to watch but it was something I could live with because I trusted the manager’s level of expertise was slightly more sophisticated than my own.

I was hoping when Pochettino came in, our players would play a more pressing, high powered game.  Again, I knew this would take time for our players so I understood why we only saw this in glimpses against the Wanderers, Chelski, and Everton.  What I do not understand is why we did not do this against weaker opposition like West Brom or Crystal Palace.  Since our lineup seems pretty much solidified (with only minor changes), why aren’t the players doing more pressing?  Are they out of shape?  Or, is it simply, they just are not good enough to play the way we expected of Pochettino?

Since we are fully invested in Pochettino and his style of play, the only problem that can be fixed are some of the players.  We have made good decisions thus far by selling some of our players (Sandro) and there are others who still need to go like ol’ First Touch (Adebayor).  Bottom line is this: if the current players are not playing the system Pochettino wants, we have to let them go.  We cannot have a coach pushing one system and players not playing in that way.  The whole team must be cohesive.

In the meantime, we knew the bedding in process would take time and it looks like it will take longer than any of us wish.  Like any good thing worth having, this will take time.  I believe we have the man for the job and I believe we have the backing of the club (I am not anti-Levy).  Not to sound cliché, but I believe that we will win and, most importantly, I believe we can pass the Wanderers by season’s end.  It’s bound to happen sooner or later, right?  Right?  Please tell me I’m right.

I am TexasHotspur.  COYS!

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