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We look at our squad now and we can have healthy debate with the exception of one or two positions as to who should start each week. I have read and listened to excellent arguments for left back, centre halves, midfield and all the attacking positions. The beauty of the problem is that different combinations can be used and form can be considered along with fitness and reputation.

The position I want to look at here is our wide attacking options and not just personnel but the pros and cons of using the inverted system or the more traditional winger system.

So far we have been using the Inverted system and to be fair it has yielded results, with goals against Norwich, Chelsea and Cardiff all coming from wide positions using an inverted winger. The penalty against Swansea also came from an inverted wing attack. Have we missed the traditional winger beating full backs on the outside? Can we play with one inverted winger and more traditional one on the other flank? Do we need more of an aerial threat up front to capitalize on wide crosses? All are things to be considered. Let’s have a look at our array of wide attacking options:

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  1. I agree with this article.

    We have very good options. Sigurdsson and Rose on the left in the inverted winger system, with a real winger on the right. Townsend, Lamella or Lennon who is back from injury. And we have more options on the left side to. This tactics went to a good start and we saw against Norwich how this can work. Rose injured and having a RB the only option on the left gave us problems. Naughton was not a good fit for this position and Sigurdsson had less options on the left side because of that.

    Dembele/Paulinho partnership… i really don't know. We need to start Sandro with Paulinho in next game.

    Lamela will get his chances but Villa Boas does not pick his team by how much money the player is worth;) The player will have to impress when they get the chance, but that has not happened so far. Defoe against West Ham. Same with Lamela. He got 30 minutes and in 15 minutes it went from 0:0 to 0:3 – But the kid has talent, no doubt but he will have to wait for his chance in the first team. I think AVB should keep with Townsend and Sigurdsson on the flanks. And Erikson in the nr. 10 role behind Soldado. I really hope Rose replaces Naughton on the left. Dawson will have to step up his game. Same with more players. The second half against the spammers was not impressive.. :/
    I have full confidence in the team to bounce back and take 3 points against Villa on Sunday. COYS!!

  2. It surely must feel strange to declare Townsend our "best attacking spark so far" and "man on form" when in the league, he has less goals than Siggurdson, less assists than Lamela and Eriksen. He has no goals, no assists in fact. In fact vs West Ham he lost the ball more than any other player. He always is a shooting threat, but vs West Ham, he managed just one shot. He has given England what they needed: an upgrade on Walcott – who is never a right winger. He has done well there. It still remains to be seen in the league. Townsend is different, special and talented, but very random and rough. We should not be relying on him like QPR were relying on him AND Taarabt AND Hoillett.

  3. I don't like the term "assist" where it only applies the last player to touch the ball before the one that scores. In all fairness it should apply to any player that plays a key part in the build-up to a goal. For example, where the contribution is either a cross or a devastating pass which results in 2 or more players being involved afterwards before a goal is scored. Without that penetration the goal wouldn't happen so either drop the assist statistic or expand it's range.

  4. depends on what kind of players you have in striking positions, and who come on target from midfield. If they have good aerial ability traditional is better. If they are Defoe and Soldado who likes to keep things on the ground, then inverted is usually the best.

    • Agree that If Adebayor comes back in the squad we should play traditional and with Defoe we should play inverted. But I think we should play traditional with Soldado, as I saw his goals in la liga last year and a lot of them come from volleys on crosses.


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